What can you do in Cordoba in a day?

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What to do on a weekend in Cordoba?

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Los mejores regalos turísticos y recuerdos de Córdoba

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Los Mejores Planes Románticos en Córdoba

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What to do on the Guadalquivir River in Cordoba

From the Arabic al wadi al Kabir or great river the Guadalquivir is one of the main jewels not only of Andalusia but of Spain Cordoba has

Cordoba known for its traditional food its gastronomy is one of the attractions that visitors look for during their visit to the city Cordoban dishes such as

What to see and to do in Belalcázar Don 8217 t you know the town of Belalcázar Then you are missing out on one of the most

Did you know that Cordoba has 4 inscriptions on the Unesco World Heritage list The first one is the Mosque Cathedral in 1984 the second one is

The history of the archaeological site of Medina Azahara began with Abderraman III He decided to build a city away from the capital between 936 and 976

Cordoba is a wonderful city that should not only be enjoyed during the day but also at night Cordoba 8217 s nights have a special charm all

Cordoba is a city with a cultural and artistic heritage that makes other Andalusian cities envious The city dazzles with its art its gastronomy and the sense

In Spain the tourism sector is the main economic engine and although its boom and beginnings started in the 60s in the last decades we have seen

It is well known that Andalusia has a unique and unique beauty from impressive monuments such as the Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba or the Alhambra of Granada