Tours in Seville


The Best Guided Tours in Seville

Know the most emblematic places in Seville with the best guide. Enjoy the main monuments of the capital of Andalusia, and discover why “Seville has a special colour“. It is a city that has three World Heritage Sites: the Cathedral, Alcazar and the Archivo de Indias (Archive of the Indies).

Our guides will show you Seville with different tours in both Spanish and English every day of the year. You only have to go to our website or call us by phone and book your favourite guided tour in Seville. Take advantage and don’t wait of long queues and get tickets to the main tourist attractions by booking our guided tours.  

With OWAY Tours you can enjoy the best tourism in Seville 

Know Seville with our guided tours and fall in love with this city with the best tour guides. We will walk around its streets, monuments and main buildings, enjoy the typical gastronomy of Seville, we will tell you the history of this millenary city, and we will know the most charming streets.

Don’t hesitate, go ahead and to book your guided tour in Seville and let you be guided by passionate tour guides of the city. Furthermore, you will have the privilege of forget about waiting in long queues.

Make the most of your time in Seville to get to know Seville’s entire artistic and cultural heritage with OWAY Tours. Enter without waiting in the Cathedral or the Alcázar and ask the guide any questions you may have.

Not only will you learn about the history that is in books, but you will also hear curiosities that you will not find in any history book. Our guides will also know to locate the best places to eat, drink or finish a wonderful walk through the streets of Seville. Take advantage of this opportunity and do not hesitate to book the best tours in Seville with us. 

The Best Tourist Guides to Visit Seville

Enjoy Seville to the max accompanied by an expert guide of the city, booking the guided tours with OWAY. Go into the most emblematic monuments and avoid the queues with our guides. You will learn about the Roman, Muslim or Christian heritage and history, as well as the legends and curiosities of the city.

Live an authentic experience by booking any of our tours in Seville. Let yourself be guided through the Cathedral and the Patio de los naranjos, the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, the Alcazar with their fountains and courtyards, and discover the millennial historical centre of Seville. 

We encourage you to check out the opinions on Tripadvisor or Google of all the travellers who have enjoyed the guided tours with OWAY Tours. It will help you to convince yourself and book your guided tour of Seville.

Tourist Map of Seville

If you want to get a map of the city to locate you without problems, you can get one free at the tourist office located in the Plaza de Triunfo. It opens every day from 9 to 19.30. But we also recommend that the best way to walk through the city is to book a guided tour.

The tourist guide will give you a map with all the main places indicated, as well as excursions in Seville and other interesting tours in Andalusia. Don’t forget to ask for your map to the guide or at the tourist information points, so that you don’t miss any site of Seville and can enjoy this wonderful city at all.

toursit map of Sevilla
Tourist map of Sevilla provided by Oway Tours

The Best Tourist Places to Visit in Seville

Whenever we go to visit a new destination we usually ask people we know who have already been there, or we look for guides and opinions on the Internet about the main places to visit. Although it is really the safest and most accurate thing to do is to consult a company that offers tour services in Seville.

This way you won’t have to worry about the timetables and tickets for the monuments.If you travel to Seville you have to go in order of priority to the following places:

  1. Catedral and Giralda
  2. Reales Alcázares
  3. Archivo de Indias
  4. Plaza de España
  5. Torre del Oro
  6. Barrio de Santa Cruz.

All these places are located in the historical center of Seville or very close to it. The first three that we propose are declared World Heritage, although the rest would also be worthy of being so. You can also visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Palacio de Dueñas or Casa Pilatos in this area.

Know everything that Seville has to offer with the best guided tours and fall in love with the explications of our tourist guides and their passion for this city.