10 Things to Do in Tarifa

In the extreme south of the Iberian Peninsula we find a land that offers a multitude of activities that will not bore you all summer long. This land is called Tarifa and attracts a multitude of visitors every year who don’t want to miss the experience in the south of the south.

If your place is the sea, but you also enjoy indoor activities, this post will tell you how to make the most of your summer in Tarifa and its surroundings, with multiple ideas of plans and activities ranging from whale watching to cultural excursions, don’t miss it!


1. Play sports in the open air

Thanks to its privileged location separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, there are plenty of possibilities. With strong winds and big waves, Tarifa is considered one of the best places in Europe for water sports.

There are many spots along the beach where you can rent your windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment, or take lessons for beginners. If you don’t want to do extreme sports there are also options for snorkelling in crystal clear waters.

Deportes de Agua


2. Be amazed by whales and dolphins

If you are in the area between April and October you cannot miss the magnificent spectacle of whales and dolphins swimming between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

There are many companies that organise boat trips to enjoy these animals, but we recommend non-profit companies whose main purpose is to protect these beautiful creatures.

Ballenas y Delfines


3. Relax on the beautiful beaches                 

The province of Cadiz is famous for the stunning beaches that make up the Costa de la Luz. Several of them are located in Tarifa, such as Bolonia, Los Lances, Valdevaqueros or Playa Chica. Their warm temperatures, crystal clear waters and fine white sand make them unique environments where you can relax and spend a day you won’t forget.

Mirador El Estrecho


4. Breakfast in Tarifa

If your plan includes spending a night in Tarifa, you can’t miss a delicious breakfast in one of its typical cafés. In fact, the bars in Tarifa offer you the possibility of tasting delicious milkshakes, tasty gourmet experiences and ethnic fusion food. But that’s not all, most of the bars include a beautiful view of different corners of the town, so start your day in style with breakfast in Tarifa!



5. Dance the night away

If you want to enjoy the above mentioned breakfasts but don’t want to sleep the night before, don’t worry at all, Tarifa is known for its numerous parties and clubs where you can dance until your body can’t take it anymore. It doesn’t matter what kind of music or atmosphere you like, because there is something for everyone. Go to Calle Santísima Trinidad and Calle San Francisco around 11 pm and let yourself be seduced by the bars and clubs.

If you fancy a quieter drink without loud music and dancing, there are also options of terraces and places where you can sit and chat with your friends while enjoying a delicious cocktail.



6. Experience a typical religious celebration in Andalusia

The Tarifeños and Tarifeñas spend the year waiting for the first Sunday in September, the day on which the Virgen de la Luz, the patron saint of the town, walks through the streets. In addition, throughout the week, Tarifa celebrates its fair with many stalls where you can eat, drink, dance and laugh non-stop.

Virgen de la Luz


7. Visit the Guzmán Castle

Considered one of the best preserved castles in Andalusia, the Guzman Castle is one of Tarifa’s main attractions. It was built in 960 by the caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III. However, it is named after the Christian ruler Guzmán El Bueno, who defended the town from Muslim invasion in 1294, even sacrificing the life of his own son. The best part is walking along the castle walls, from where you can see Africa, located just 15 km from the castle.

Visiting hours are daily from 10am to 4pm, with the last entry time at 3:15pm. The best thing about it is the symbolic price of 4€.

Castillo de Guzmán


8. Enjoy the views from the Mirador El Estrecho viewpoint.

This famous viewpoint is located 7 kilometres from Tarifa town centre, and its fame is due to the breathtaking views it offers. In fact, from here you can see the coast of Africa and one of the so-called Pillars of Hercules, the 851-metre-high Jebel Musa. In ancient times, the Pillars of Hercules, Jebel Musa and Gibraltar, were considered to mark the end of the world.

Mirador El Estrecho


9. Travel back in time through the Ruins of Baelo Claudia

Located in Bolonia, a small town near Tarifa, the majestic ruins of Baelo Claudia are an important Roman remains in Spain, whose period of flourishing dates back to the 1st century AD.

There, you’ll see the ruins of a Roman theatre and an old basilica, along with several workshops that produced salted fish and a delicious sauce called garum, a condiment made from tuna, one of the specialities that drove the Romans crazy.

Ruinas Baelo Claudio


10. Take a trip to Morocco, Africa

Tarifa’s proximity to the African coast makes it a regular point of departure and entry for tourists from one continent to the other. There are many companies offering boat trips to and from Tangier, so you have multiple times to choose from.


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