Cabildo Square in Seville, a place with its own essence

26 April, 2019
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Halfway between the cathedral and separating the famous Constitution Avenue from the Arenal neighborhood, is the Plaza del Cabildo, one of the last bends of tranquility for the travelers and locals.

This semicircular square with airs of the most neighboring Seville, in Summer is an oasis to escape the heat and submerge in its cool and serene atmosphere.

A tranquility that, by the way, is lost every Sunday morning to welcome the life of the market: a numismatic stall here, another one there of freshly baked cakes. Thus, the square is filled with the local crowds with the presence of some curious people who come to visit one of the most unknown, but most imposing squares in Seville.

For this reason, Cabildo Square is one of the obligatory stops in Seville, a place where the squares have shaped their way of life: either to relax or to meet the neighbors and thus maintain the ties of the community, something essential among the Sevillians... And what would Seville be without the Sevillians?

On the Cabildo square

Cabildo Square is almost always a deserted place, except on Sunday mornings, when the market hosts the stalls and the shops in the square receive more visitors than normal.

We say square, but in reality, its shape is halfway between square and private courtyard, which gives it a very characteristic air. A work by the famous architect Joaquín Barquín y Barón, it has a semicircular floor plan made up of a series of arches decorated with frescoes by the Sevillian painter José Palomar, supported by red and white marble columns. Thus, its portals host small local businesses and its upper floors are inhabited by neighbors, so the access is closed at night.

Cabildo Square in Seville: where time stood still

A few meters from the impressive Cathedral of Seville is this unknown oasis with semicircular plant and airs of particular courtyard that can be enjoyed by the traveler. The three accesses to the courtyard are through Constitución Avenue, Almirantazgo Street or Arfe Street.

Thus, once entered by any of the entrances, the traveler is face to face with a quiet atmosphere where the rumor of the fountain is the only sound that accompanies throughout most of the day. In the portals there are shops that resist the passage of time, one of the most curious is a confectionery that dispenses all kinds of sweets made by nuns of the different convents of the city.

But not only that, in the shops and flea market it is possible to dive into the history of Seville through unpublished objects such as old photographs and a whole series of vintage objects for collectors that can only be found in this square.

Visiting the Cabildo Square in Seville

In short, the Cabildo Square is a curious place that, despite its central location emanates an unusual tranquility in Seville. Little known by Sevillians and travelers, it is a place where you can rest from the central bustle to take a sweet made with the affection of a cloistered nun, while you enjoy the peace of the sound of its fountain.



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