Málaga Fair

Before knowing the famous fair of Malaga you should know that this festival is celebrated alluding to the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, on August 19, 1487.
Malaga not only enjoys a sun and spectacular beaches, but also has its famous fair, which will make you want to repeat every year.
You can enjoy the good atmosphere, good music and the rhythm of the people who often enjoy this party.
You will get to know flamenco and copla, you will fall in love with the lanterns that hang from balconies and terraces and you will want to get on the horse-drawn carriages, so as not to miss any detail.
Bullfight lovers can take the opportunity to attend the occasional bullfight that takes place in the famous La Malagueta Bullring

These events take place during several afternoons during the week of the fair, so that the most bullfighting lovers can take advantage of the moment.
If after knowing all this information you want to continue to know the city you can always hire a guided tour of the city or a Free Tour.
Malaga is also home to the famous “Caminito del Rey” an outdoor route that you can not miss.

Illuminated cover photo of the fair (Málaga)

Malaga is special even for its fair! Do you want to know why?
The fair of Malaga is one of the few in Andalusia that is held in summer, specifically in the days from 15 to 24 August, giving the opportunity to all visitors to know the most beautiful traditions of this place in the fair itself.

This fair is held in two different places, during the day it takes place in the Historic Center, to take advantage of its light, enjoying the wonderful views, it is better known by the fairgrounds as “the day fair” and in the afternoon and evening it is held in the famous cortijo de Torres, named as the “night fair”.
You can take advantage during the “day fair” to dance surrounded by lanterns and gypsy dresses and during the “night fair” to visit the different “casetas” that you will find in an orderly and comfortable way to walk among them.

How to get to the fair of Malaga?

It will not be difficult to get to the fairgrounds because the City Council of Malaga has the perfect plan for you not to get lost until you get to the fair, and has tried to make a comfortable way by any means of transport.
You have several ways that will be very comfortable to get around and you will not be able to say no because the mobility and accessibility to the place is very simple.
Here are some ideas on how to get there:

  • For the most flamenco people, by horse-drawn carriage.
  • For the lazy ones, by bus and cab.
  • On foot, taking a pleasant stroll

The fair of Malaga has enough accessibility to reach the fairgrounds without any problem.
Come on, you can’t miss it!

Fair map (Malaga)

Celebrations and events of the fair of Malaga

The charm of the fair of Malaga can be seen in every corner of the fairgrounds and also this famous fair enjoys live performances, music and you will see many familiar faces that will cheer your ears with current live music, all ready to enjoy!

Still hesitating?
Relax, we help you a little more to decide with some of the events that are repeated every year.
Here are some of the most important events and festivities of the Malaga Fair:

  • Inaugural act of the Fair where you can enjoy the famous opening speech at 23:50h.
  • The incredible and wonderful pyromusical show where all your senses will enjoy how they are flooded with emotion to see the famous entrance to the fair illuminated.
  • The opening ceremony of the fairgrounds is one of the most important moments of these days because it gives the official passage of visitors to the fairgrounds.
  • Various copla and flamenco perfomances represented by acclaimed artists from the world of entertainment. You can spend a pleasant time dancing and singing with the artists.
  • In the afternoon, some bullfights in the majestic Plaza de la Malagueta, where the most bullfighting fans can enjoy watching the most famous bullfighters fight.
  • Equestrian performances, where horse lovers can enjoy a show with these animals.
  • Children’s entertainment, so that the little ones can have fun and be part of this festival, watching shows dedicated exclusively to them.

Bullring (Málaga)

Each year a multitude of artists from the world of entertainment have visited the fair to liven up the days and make them enjoyable for residents and visitors.



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