7 Plans to do a rainy day in Cordoba


It is not very common to have long periods of rain in the city of the Mosque, but if your visit to Cordoba coincides with a rainy day, don’t worry! Cordoba has many options to enjoy the day, doing different things that you might otherwise miss and to take shelter from the rain in unique and charming corners. We tell you about them in this post.


The Mosque-Cathedral

Yes, the main monument of Cordoba, declared World Heritage in 1984, is also the best option to visit on a rainy day since the outer courtyard, the Patio de los Naranjos, can be walked under cover through its arcades until you enter the Cathedral, the old mosque, to admire the splendor of the most relevant building in Cordoba and one of the most unique places in the world. Walking through its forest of columns, discovering the beautiful mihrab and being surprised by the luminosity of the cathedral’s transept while sheltering from the rain is the best plan for a rainy day in Cordoba.

mezquita catedral de cordoba


Museums are always our best allies on rainy days as they allow us to take shelter while discovering the rich heritage of the cities we visit. And as you will see in Cordoba there is a lot to choose from. We recommend the Archaeological Museum, with an interesting and significant collection from the city’s past, which also contains the remains of the Roman theatre. As if this were not enough, entrance is free. In the Plaza del Potro two of the most notable museums in Córdoba share the same building: the Museo de Bellas Artes and the Museo Julio Romero de Torres, which was the house where the painter was born and currently displays the most important collection of his paintings.

museos que visitar en cordoba

Enjoy a bath in Hammam

One of the most special and romantic options to do in Cordoba on a rainy day is to spend a couple hours relaxing in a Moorish bath. Tradition tells us that these buildings were not only used for personal hygiene during the Caliphate period but were also true business centres.

Now they have recovered their splendour and in their thermal baths at different temperatures we can enjoy them like a true caliph. We recommend Hammam Al Andalus because one of its pools has small openings in the roof so that drops of rain fall while we bathe. A quitte unique experience.

hammam cordoba

Chocolate with churros

When was the last time you ate a snack without hurry? If it rains during your visit to Cordoba, you can find a cafeteria where you can tone up your body with some delicious churros and hot chocolate while you wait for the rain to pass and continue walking around the city.

churros con chocolate

Going to a tea shop

In cities with an Arab past, such as Cordoba, it is common to find these spaces, decorated in the Moorish style with comfortable sofas and cushions, rich curtains and lacquered wooden furniture, where alcohol is not served. The teas presented in silver teapots and carved trays are usually delicious, much more so if we accompany them with a traditional sweet made with nuts and honey.

teteria petra cordoba

Tapas at the Mercado de la Victoria

In the Paseo de la Victoria and a few meters from the Roman mausoleums, is the first gastronomic market in Andalusia. It has recovered the building of forge and glass that from the end of the XIX century was used as a Stand for the members of the Real Círculo de la Amistad when the fair of Cordoba was celebrated in that area. Today you can have breakfast, tapas, lunch or even a drink by choosing from a variety of spaces that offer your meal cooked on the spot.

mercado victoria

Take advantage of Cordoba’s cultural offer

Rainy days offer us the possibility to make plans that we would not otherwise make when we travel. It’s a good idea to find out about the cultural offerings of the theatres and venues in Cordoba to take advantage of the rainy afternoons and nights. The Gran Teatro de Córdoba offers a varied cultural programme that includes music and theatre in all its forms. The nearby Teatro Góngora usually offers good shows at very reasonable prices and the Filmoteca de Andalucía, a stone’s throw from the Mosque-Cathedral, gives us the opportunity to see films and documentaries in a beautiful historic building from the 16th century.

teatro gongora cordoba


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