School Activities in Cordoba

School trips are the learning moments that children enjoy the most. Sharing with their teachers and classmates outside the classroom is much more fun. Getting out of the routine also has many benefits for the children. Among these benefits we can find the improvement of social skills, as they are out of their comfort zone and surrounded by people outside their family nucleus, they need to develop social skills, for example, team work, more tolerance with their classmates as they get closer, more learning as they enjoy learning at the same time.

Getting to know Prehistory

To do this excursion, focused on the youngest, we must visit the Caracró Mañon settlement in the cortijo del Esparragal or in the Alamillo park, where we can find out what man was like and how we have changed over time, i.e. how they ate, how they dressed, hunted, talked, decorated their heads and faces in a different way. We will also get to know the gods they worshipped during that historical period. There are many things that have changed and this place is the right place because everything is as if time has not passed. It will be a unique, realistic and fun way to teach children about prehistory.

Conociendo la Prehistoria

A Unique Experience in Nature

In this adventure, pupils, whether they are in infant or primary school, will be able to experiment with all their senses, as they will touch, smell, hear and taste nature in a different way. Some of the activities they will do will be to recognise a footprint, know what it sounds like, taste the hundreds of plants that can be found in nature, visit an animal shelter… in short, they will learn about the important relationship that exists between human beings and nature and what they feel in it, because as we know nowadays the importance of sustainability and the importance of caring for the environment is very present and we must instil this in children from a very young age.

Experiencia en Sierra Morena, Córdoba

Photo Gymkhana

This will be a dynamic and enriching activity to get to know the city’s heritage. In this way the pupils will enjoy the heritage at the same time as they get to know it. In this way the pupils will have to pass tests in emblematic places of Cordoba while taking a group photo in each place they stop to do the test.

In this way, students are made aware of the importance of respecting our heritage through knowledge of it, making them see that history is something fun and closely related to our present, through this gymkhana that will encourage cooperation and work and instilling a sense of belonging and with them respect for the city

Gymkana por los lugares emblemáticos de Córdoba

Climbing, Rappel, Hiking and much more

This is another incredible experience in nature, but more energetic and daring, an activity in which sport will not be lacking, enjoying the Sierra Morena. This sporting activity helps children to develop both physically and mentally, as on a psychological or personality level, sporting activities help children to reinforce their social self-esteem, and allows them to understand the importance of rules and respect for rules. In this experience the pupils will enjoy rope descents, climbing in different difficulties and a route through the surroundings of Sierra Morena, an area with a lot of visual richness and where we will learn about the fauna and flora of the place.

Experiencia realizando escalada y rappel en Córdoba

Visit to the Farm School

In this fun excursion where the children will learn a lot, they will meet the animals of the farm such as chickens, cows, horses, sheep, goats… and they will take care of them.

They will also get to know and take care of the vegetable garden, the greenhouse and the nursery, picking fruit from the trees that can be squeezed and the adventure doesn’t end here, they will also go horse riding, as well as food processing: cheese, bread, jam, jam, pastries? In addition to the farming activities, the little ones will enjoy a fantastic story full of surprises and characters that will make us spend a very special time.

Experiencia en Granja Escuela, Córdoba

Visita Castillo de Almodóvar

This visit is especially aimed at infant and primary schools, so that pupils learn by playing with history.  In this excursion they will be able to meet the ladies of the Court and the different characters that live in the Castle, as well as His Majesty King Peter I. They will make the little ones understand the ways of life and customs of the Middle Ages, living an adventure in an idyllic environment with great beauty, where even the well-known series Games of Thrones has been filmed. This visit is designed and studied to enhance the learning acquired at school.

Castillo de Almodóvar, Córdoba

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