Bathing places in Málaga

Málaga is known for being one of the favourite places for visitors in temrs of sun and beach tourism, but we can find other surprising and not so busy places in Málaga where we can cool down this summer. In this article we will unveil some Málaga Rivers for swimming, as well as Natural Málaga Pools of great beauty and where you can do many activities, from hiking to fishing and swimming. 

It is important to check the state of these places periodically, because depending on the rains of each year they can dry out. In addition, we must take extreme precautions with regard to the natural area, since these enclaves are not supervised as beaches and artificial pools can be, so it will be important to check the depth of the water, the existence of dangerous rocks, and respect the enviroment by collecting the garbage we produce. 

Natural Pools in Málaga 

Natural swimming pools, ponds and waterfalls abound in Málaga, so it is not difficult to find the ideal place to go with family and Friends to spend a spectacular day in these places of great beauty. Below we will show you some of the most famous natural swimming pools in the province so that we don’t run out of plans this summer. 

Natural swimming pools in Barranco Blanco Blanco, Coín

The village of Coín is located in the Sierra de Mijas, in the Guadalhorce Valley at a distance of 33 km from Málaga city. Coín, besides having a great history and numerous monuments and places of interest to visit, also has two natural pools and waterfalls that we can locate in Barranco Blanco, a place that crosses the river Alaminos, main affluent of the river Fuengirola. 

With cristal clear waters and great beauty in its fauna and flora, composed of barbels and otters, honneysuckles and willows, wáter emerges underground coming to the Surface through some magmatic impermeable rocks called peridotites in the area known as La Fuente. In the bathing area there is a great chromatic contrast between the white of the limestone and the different shades of green that emerge from the vegetation. In addition, the area is the habitat of several protected species, so we must be especially respectful of this enviroment. Access by vehicle is not allowed, so you will have to walk or cycle to get there. 

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga

Charco de las Mozas, Benahavís 

Located between Marbella, Estepona and Ronda, Benahavís is an inland town 7 km from the Málaga coast south of the Serranía de Ronda. Three rivers cross the territory: the Guadalmina, the Guadaiza and the Guadalmansa. 

Specifically in the Guadalmina River we can find the Charco de las Mozas, an ideal place to practice canyoning surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. It is a very popular and visited pool within the territory of Málaga, in addition to leading one of the most famous Sporting descents of ravines in Andalusia. The pool is formed by a pot which can be accessed by jumping, but we must be careful if we decide to jump, as there are great heights. If we have the necessary equipment (helmet, wetsuit and rope) we can make the descent of the Guadalmina canyon, a journey of about 2 hours that ends in an area of great beauty. 

It is not difficult to reach Charco de las Mozas. You can get there by taking the road to Benahavís (A-7175), parking in the village and arriving on foot through a path. You can also go hiking from the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Hermitage, 1.5 km from the pool, a path that follows the course of the river in a parallel way. 

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga

Otter Pond, Estepona

Estepona, located in the south-western part of Malaga, covers the mountainous area of Sierra Bermeja and is a very popular tourist spot because of its beaches and the beauty of its historic centre, which has many places of interest such as the district of La Villa that preserves the fabric of the medieval fortress. Crossed by the Castor River we can find the Otter Pond, which can be reached by the A-7 taking exit 160 and following the Alberdina path. Crossing the natural park Los Molinos-El Nicio during 2,5 km, we will arrive at the Castor. 

The pool is deeper in the central areas, and some bathers even jump off the side walls, which is not at all advisable as it is very dangerous. The descent of the river is of great beauty and interest, as it leads to other pools. It is important to be especially careful with the sun in this area, as it falls almost all day. 

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga

Natural Pool in El Chorro

El Chorro is a mountainous place located between the regions of Guadalhorce and Guadalteba, specifically in the Natural Park Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, a protected area where we can find the famous Caminito del Rey that so many tourists visit annually. Supplied by the waters of the river Guadalhorce, the natural pool has impressive views and you can practice many activities in its waters

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga

Rivers of Málaga for swimming

The river routes are also one of the best options to do in good company this summer. Although some may be especially hard, we can find options for everyone. From some more complex routes for the most demanding, to routes that can be done comfortably with small children and aimed at amateurs or nature lovers who want to spend a great day. 

In order to do these routes it is advisable to take the appropriate equipment, specifically footwear. We can find specific shoes for the realization of these activities, although we can also use those closed and comfortable shoes that have become old and we are not afraid of wearing them out. 

Route along the Chillar River, Nerja

In Nerja we can find one of the most famous hiking routes in the province. Also known as the route of the Cahorros and located in the town of Nerja, is characterized by being a very busy walk and very popular in Málaga. It is located in the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, an area characterized by the beauty of its natural landscape. It is important to be well prepared, although the journey to the first pool is easier and more accessible for the average visitor. Access is via the N-340 road in the direction of Nerja, taking the turn-off to the Parque de la Naturaleza. 

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga

Guadalhorce Mouth

It is one of the least known enclaves for bathers, but access is enabled by the Guadalmar widening. It is also transited for birdwatching. There are two hiking routes that lead to this natural spot, both of which are about 2 km long: the Sendero del Río viejo and the Sendero Laguna Grande, which can be done either on foot or by bicycle. It is also possible to visit the ruins of the Cerro del Villar, a Phoenician site of great cultural interest.

Sitios para bañarte en Málaga


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