Horseback Routes in Ronda

Ronda has countless routes to enjoy its landscape on horseback. Here is a list of the routes that will allow you to get to know the surroundings of Ronda. Read on for more information!

What are the best areas for horse riding in Ronda?

Horse riding is wonderful and what better way to do it than in Ronda. It has a beautiful landscape, including its beautiful Mediterranean forest. Unique in this area and in spring or autumn you can enjoy its colours and climate.

Another area where you can go for a walk is the Tagus, where you will have a magnificent view of the New Bridge from the lower part of the bridge.

We cannot forget the horseback riding in the centre of Ronda where you can learn all about the history of the walls that surround this town. In addition, You will find in this area the Church of the Holy Spirit.

How much does it cost to do Horse Riding in Ronda?

This municipality has special routes to do them together, whether you want to do them with your family, with friends or even for more specialised riders.

Mediterranean Forest Route

On this route on horseback, you will ride through the beautiful Mediterranean forest that surrounds the town. This route can be done for groups as well as for individuals.

There are three types of duration, 1 hour, from 2 people the price is 25€ per person and for 1 person the price is 40€. For the 1.5 hour trip the price for 2 people is 35€ per person and for 1 person the price is 50€. And finally, for the 2 hours trip the price for 2 people is 40€ per person and for 1 person the price is 55€.

The Tagus Route

In the following route on horseback, you will be able to enjoy the Hoya del Tajo. This route can be done either in groups or individually.

The prices of this route depend on the duration of the route. If the route has a duration of 2 hours, if it is done in a group the price would be 50€ and if it is done by one person the price would be 60€. While if the duration of the route is 3 hours the price for groups is 60€ per person and the price for one person is 90€.

Ruta del Tajo

Lunch at the Tajo

We move on to the next route which takes you to the base of the Tajo de Ronda where you will enjoy a small lunch surrounded by trees.

This route has a duration of 4 hours, and a minimum of 2 people can participate, and the price is 90€ per person.

Picnic in the forest

There is no greater pleasure than to have lunch in good weather surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean forest that surrounds the town of Ronda.

This beautiful route includes a picnic with a duration of 3 hours, is one of the routes that can be done in a group and costs 80€ per person.

Romantic gorge

We move on to one of the most romantic routes to do as a couple. This horseback riding route takes you to the base of the Tajo de Ronda and includes lunch and wine that you can enjoy with your partner.

This route lasts 4 hours and the price is 90€ per person.

Children’s ride

This horse-riding route can be enjoyed with the little ones of the house. They will enjoy the nature and the climate of this town.

This route goes through Paddock Paradise and lasts half an hour and costs €15.

Children's ride

Medieval Walls

In this route on horseback, you will discover the monuments of Ronda such as the medieval walls that surround the city. This route has a duration of 3 hours and the prices for groups from 2 people is 75€ and for a single person is 95€.

Tapas in the forest

Ronda is well known for its gastronomy, so we could not miss a route that combines horse riding with tapas and wine in the middle of the beautiful Mediterranean forest.

This route has two different durations. The first of these durations is 2 hours in which the route on horseback would last an hour and a half and the tasting of tapas half an hour and the price depends on the groups are a minimum of 4 or 2 people.

While the second duration is 3 hours, in this case the route on horseback lasts 2 hours and the tapas tasting lasts 1 hour. The price of this route also depends on whether the minimum number of people is 4 or 2.

Cave of the cat

We move on to one of the routes with a medium-high difficulty, this route has a duration of 6-7 hours and this route goes to the incredible Cave of the Cat.

The price of these routes for one person is 150€ and the price for 2 people or more is 95€ per person. To complete your visit, we remind you that we have Free Tours.

Sierra de las Nieves Trek

The last route is a horse trekking with a duration of 3 days and 2 nights. This route takes place in one of the last forests of Spanish firs in the world, which is in Ronda. With a medium high difficulty, the price per person is 395€ and the minimum group size is 6 people.

Travesía Sierra de las Nieves

All the Riding Centres in Ronda

Ronda has numerous equestrian centres. Among them we highlight 5 of them. To complete your visit, we remind you that we have guided tours in Ronda.

El Saltillo Riding Centre

This company is located 17 km from Ronda and is dedicated to the teaching of horse riding and equestrian tourism. Its aim is to promote horse riding, both as a sport and as a leisure activity. It offers riding lessons for both children and adults.

Royal Cavalry of Ronda

This riding school is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Spain. The Royal Cavalry of Ronda was founded two years after the School of Vienna in 1571. It is only 13 minutes away from the Ronda Bullring.

It has a consolidated trajectory in the professional teaching of dressage and offers technical and sporting training, giving the possibility of obtaining a qualification in professional equestrian education.

Paddock Paradise

This small company located in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda offers horse riding routes in surroundings where peace and quiet reign. These routes are accessible to everyone, both for groups and individuals.

Horses and Wine

This company offers the possibility of combining horse riding with gastronomy. On their routes you can enjoy both the beautiful scenery that surrounds Ronda and the local wineries in the area. This allows you to taste the wines both during and after the ride.

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