Plaza de Santa Marta in Seville: a charming spot

In the shadow of the Cathedral of Seville is this corner, known by locals, but little traveled by travelers: the Plaza de Santa Marta in Seville, one of the most charming corners of the city of flowers.
Intimate, historic and deep, the Plaza de Santa Marta is articulated around the typical Sevillian houses, with a cruise in its center from the sixteenth century.
As you will see, this square is an almost obligatory stop on your visit to Seville, although if you let yourself get carried away walking through its streets, you will surely find this magical place. Want to know more about the Plaza de Santa Marta in Seville? Today in OWAY we take you on a tour and tell you some curiosities of this nook that is sheltered by the Cathedral itself. Don’t miss it.  

A journey through the soul of Santa Marta Square

  After leaving the Cathedral, the majestic breath of the Cathedral contrasts with the intimacy of the square, which exudes an aroma of history.
With a cypress tree as a guardian, the Plaza de Santa Marta is located next to the convent of the Encarnación, in the heart of Seville,
The Plaza de Santa Marta takes its name from the old hospital of Santa Marta, founded in 1385, which existed next to the convent.

Curiosities and legends of the Plaza de Santa Marta in Seville

  • According to legend, it was here that Don Juan Tenorio abducted Doña Inés… True or not, it is easy to imagine it thanks to the magical atmosphere of the square.
  • Between the 1930s and 1980s, stamp and coin collectors sold their wares here. Later the market moved to the Plaza del Cabildo.
  • The houses surrounding the square belonged to the cathedral chapter, as can be read on the commemorative plaques that remind us of the death of Vázquez de Leca, Canon of the Cathedral, or the death of José Torres Padilla, spiritual director of Santa Ángela de la Cruz.
  • The stone cross that adorns its center, the cross of San Lazaro, comes from the old hospital of the same name, and was designed by the same architect as the bell tower of the Cathedral.
  • In the Plaza there are four orange trees, which, curiously enough, are the tallest in Seville.
  • The name of the Plaza is due to the old hospital of Santa Marta, founded in 1835 and was located next to the convent of the Incarnation.
  • By the locals, it is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the city. And speaking of Seville, this says a lot…
As you will see, the Plaza de Santa Marta in Seville is a magical corner where you can sit and rest from the intensity and passion of its monuments and its people. In short, the corners and monuments are reasons why Seville was chosen by the prestigious travel portal Lonely Planet as the best destination in the world to visit. With this information in your possession… What are you waiting for to explore Seville?  On the other hand you can consult all the information regarding our guided tours in Seville in the link, and you can find all the information regarding: And much more…

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