Summer in Cordoba | Top activities to spend an unforgettable holidays

3 July, 2019
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Summer holidays in the city of the three ancient cultures

Cordoba in summer? We don't even know where to start, as the offer is so varied that it all depends on what you are looking for or what you need. And although that is difficult to guess, surely there is something you need: to avoid the heat in summer in Cordoba, one of the hottest cities in Spain. In this sense, although the thermometer can show over 40 degrees, it is possible to enjoy your unforgettable holidays in Cordoba, you just need organization for the heat to become an ally.

Once we have organized, Cordoba offers activities for the whole family, culture, history and a natural environment that will make you forget the thermometer.

Thinking of visiting Cordoba in summer? Today in Oway we give you some ideas to plan an unforgettable trip in a city that, no matter how much we know, never ceases to surprise us.

How is the weather in Cordoba in summer?

The reality is that the summer in Cordoba is very hot and dry, with temperatures above 40ºC during the day, which makes it one of the hottest cities in Spain.

As for the average temperature, it is 21, 7 º C, where the sunset gives a truce to the heat: an hour in which the city comes to life, people go out to the street, and the city is surrounded by a magical atmosphere. In addition, the influx of tourists is lower precisely because of the daytime heat, which allows you to enjoy Cordoba without crowds and even with cheaper prices.

Guide| Activities in Cordoba in summer

Cultural life that doesn't sleep in summer

The cultural offer, the fruit of a millenary history, offers essential visits: - The Mosque-Cathedral and its guided tours at night, for example. The coolness of the marble walls will make you forget the heat. - Medina Azahara at night or first thing in the morning - Viana Palace, 12 courtyards with fountains and vegetation - Air-conditioned museums

Nature that gives truce to the heat

To speak of Cordoba is to speak of history and culture, but also of magnetic nature.

We recommend the following summer activities: - Walk through the Natural Park Sierra Subbética - Salto del Caballo Waterfall - Route through the Gorge of the Rio de la Hoz - A horseback ride through the Andalusian countryside

Adventure in the Guadalquivir

The Guadalquivir is for falling in love - and also living the adventure of your life: - Canoeing - Paddle surf - Kayak

Refresh in the Aquasierra water park

For the whole family or why not? Alone or with a partner. Aquasierra water park is perfect for cooling down without giving up the fun.

Recover forces thanks to the local gastronomy

The gastronomy of Cordoba is suitable for all palates: from the well-known salmorejo and its versions, to the flamenquines. And all this surrounded by historic taverns that do not lose their family essence in the heart of the old town.

For the whole family

Close to the zoo and botanical garden is the ‘Children's City’. A park of activities and games with various areas served by instructors.

Beaches-refuge to escape the heat

There is also a beach in Cordoba... From La Colada beach, passing by La Breña, or Valdearenas. Take some flamenquines, salmorejo and a cooler with cold beer to enjoy the worldly pleasure.

As you can see, the most summer Cordoba awaits you to spend some unforgettable days-between culture, thousand-year-old echoes, salmorejo and wild nature.

What are you waiting for to explore Córdoba?



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