The Best Hiking Routes in Granada


If you are a nature lover read this article in detail, because you will discover the best hiking routes in Granada to spend a different day with your friends or family.

In Granada, apart from its immense historical heritage, you will be able to enjoy its most wonderful landscapes and walk around them peacefully surrounded by pure air. You can find several hiking trails throughout the province of Granada, from the mountains to the coast. 

Give a different touch to your trip or to the weekend by going through these routes; it is the best way to do sport: walking through the natural areas of Granada, a province rich in culture and good views… 

Los Cahorros Route

The Monachil river gorge, also known as Los Cahorros, is one of the most attractive hiking routes in the province of Granada. Many people choose this route because it is a good place for climbing enthusiasts and to spend a day in the countryside with your family. 

This route is only 11 kilometres from Granada, as the route starts in the town of Monachil, in the urban area of the village. When you reach the Paseo del Río and pass the Maño bar, you will have to cross the river over a bridge. On the left you will find a path that is marked as “Sendero Circular de Los Cahorros“. 

Some stops on this route are the Cortijo de la Umbría, the Barranco del Encantado and the Monachil river itself. At the Cortijo de la Umbría you can enjoy the views of the city of Granada and all the surrounding villages. On the other hand, the path reaches the Monachil river and there you will be able to get your adventurous side out. If you want to continue with the route, you will have to continue through the gorge on the left side and sometimes you will have to bend over or crawl, as the gorge is a little narrow.

This route has four suspension bridges, including one that is 55 meters long and 15 meters high over the river. Finally, the route is 9.5 kilometers long and normally takes four hours to complete. In addition, on the Wikiloc website you can find a map of the route of Los Cahorros, click here

Las Mejores Rutas de Senderismo de Granada

Castril River Trail 

If you like hiking and you want to leave one day of your trip to enjoy the natural landscapes of the province of Granada, you can’t forget the Natural Park of the Sierra de Castril. There you can find the river with the same name and also the municipality. While you are there, you must visit the village of Castril, which is “sheltered” by a big rock.

The Sendero de la Cerrada is a perfect walk to go with small children, as it is a well-cared and it is protected path on a hanging footbridge; however, all the protection measures you can take are useful. It is a short, easy route to do and, without a doubt, it is spectacular. The path begins and ends in the village, and the route is only two kilometres long.

Along the way you will find a hanging bridge, one of the attractions of this trail, and also a tunnel. The only difficult part of the route is the last one, as you will have to walk uphill for about 20 minutes. However, it will take you no more than an hour to complete the route. If you want to have a map of the route, click here

Las Mejores Rutas de Senderismo de Granada

Pico Veleta’s Route

Granada has a fantastic place that is the biggest attraction for people who visit it: Sierra Nevada. Therefore, many hiking routes will be in its surroundings and there you will be able to enjoy unique and surely snowy landscapes. One of the mountains that dazzles all those who travel through Sierra Nevada is Pico Veleta. This is the fourth largest mountain in Spain, with a height of about 3400 meters. However, climbing the mountain peak is relatively easy despite its height; it is a unique and unforgettable route. 

The route starts in the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, specifically, the Hoya de la Mora. The itinerary of the route consists of 14 kilometers in total, and during the tour you will be able to see other of the highest peaks of the sierra, such as the Mulhacén. In addition, you can see the famous image of the Virgen de las Nieves

Don’t forget to take the appropriate equipment, as this is a high mountain route. In case there is snow, we recommend that you take snowshoes and crampons. Besides, control your breathing well, as it is a route in ascent. In total, it will take you about three hours to climb Pico Veleta; going down is easier and faster. Many people have already done this route and you can find many maps that will help you.

Las Mejores Rutas de Senderismo de Granada

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