Travelling with my dog to Granada

In general, Andalusia is making a lot of progress in the pet-friendly movement, as society is improving and accepting the idea that our furry friends are our best friends. Therefore, everyday there are more places where you can take your pet and enjoy your trip with him or her. 

Granada is a special place because of its views and for all the culture that its streets radiates. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and it has a lot of history. 

If you want to go to Granada with your pet, you will find here all the information you need for both of you to enjoy your trip. 

Hotels that accept pets in Granada

You can choose either a hotel room or a country house. Here you have some options: 

Hotel Catalonia Granada

With an ideal and very central location, just five minutes from the train station, in this hotel you will be able to enjoy in the swimming pool, fitness area, massage service; a what else do you need? But don’t let the desire to go out and walk around the city go away! You will not regret it. 

It has family rooms and pets are allowed if they weigh less than 20 kilos. They ask for an extra 20 euros per night and per animal, and you will have to pay a deposit of 200 euros. The hotel is located at Avenida de Madrid (avenue), number 10. If you want more information, call +34 958 27 79 60 or visit the website https://www.cataloniahotels.com/es.Hotel Catalonia Granada

Apartments Inside Realejo Suites

If you would like a more intimate atmosphere with your family, lover or friends and, of course, your pet, you can also choose an apartment. This one in particular has everything you need to feel at home even if you are in another city. It is a very cosy apartment and has a fully equipped kitchen. Besides, it has an ideal location, right in the centre of the city.  

You will be able to take your pet with you and you won’t have to pay any extra, which is fantastic! You can also choose between a one or two bedroom apartment. It is located at Molinos street, number 18 and you can call +34 615 38 46 84 if you want more information. Apartamentos Inside Realejo Suites

Casa de la Lonja Apartments

In the centre of Granada you can find these apartments with everything you need to enjoy a few days in this beautiful city without missing anything. The apartments are very cosy and bright. Some of them even have a terrace or a balcony, and you can choose!

It’s a super pet-friendly apartment, as you can take your pet with you without being charged any extra. You have no reason not to go to Granada! If you want more information about the Casa de la Lonja apartments, you can call +34 958 25 04 62 or visit the website https://casadelalonja.com/. The apartments are in two different places, but both are centrally located: San Jerónimo street, number 2, and Marqués de Falces street, number 2. Apartamentos Casa de la Lonja

The Huerta del Cura

However, if you would like a more rural environment to spend your holiday with your pet, you will also find several options in Granada. If you go to this rural house, you will enjoy a natural environment, and it is only half an hour away from the city of Granada. It also has accommodation for a total of eight people, so you can take your whole family or a large group of friends. It also has a swimming pool and gardens; you and your pet will not be bored. 

They even allow pets that weight more than 25 kilos. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s bed, because at night they will be tired of running around all these natural facilities. 

The apartments are located in Nigüelas, a village in the region of Granada. If you want to know more about this rural house you can call +34 647 48 49 69 or visit the web page https://lahuertadelcura.com/. La Huerta del Cura

What transports are allowed?What transports are allowed?

Although Granada is a perfect city, dogs are not allowed in the bus or the subway. There is still a lot of room for improvement to make the city really pet-friendly. It would be ideal if they let us travel on public transport with our pets. However, if you don’t want to walk all the time or the weather doesn’t allow it, you can count on Taxiguau service. It works very well and you can take your best four-legged friend with you without any problem.

What can you do with your pet in Granada?

The best thing you can do in this beautiful city is walk around its streets. We recommend you to go during spring; this way you will not be cold or hot. We say this for you and your furry friend. Another thing you can’t forget! Always take a bottle of water suitable for dogs; we don’t want your dog to get thirsty. What can you do with your pet in Granada?

Where to buy with your pet?

It will always depend on the owner of the establishment, but it is usually possible to enter shops with your pet. Even so, Granada is still in the process of adapting to the pet-friendly collective. 

On the other hand, you can eat in various places accompanied by your best friend. Some of them are Café Baraka, in San Jerónimo street, El Cortijo Sin, in Pintor Zuloaga street, or the Retrocan, the first pet-friendly bar in the city, in Doctor Barraquer street. Where to buy with your pet in Granada?

What can you visit?

Unfortunately, furry four-legged people cannot enter the tourist attractions, such as the Alhambra. However, you can walk around the city and visit the different viewpoints, such as San Nicolás or Los Carvajales. Your dog will love the tour of the city on foot; what better than a good walk with good views?

However, if one day of your vacation you would like to visit the monuments, we understand you. After all, going to Granada and not visiting its most beautiful spots is unthinkable. To enable you to do this, we recommend that you find out about dog handlers, such as Gudog. They assure you a quality service and will treat your best friend very well. You can visit the website for more information: https://gudog.com/

We cannot forget Sierra Nevada Natural Park, one of the most important places in Granada. Pets are allowed in two of its lifts. They have no additional cost and you can make a trip in the Borreguiles cable lift and Veleta II chairlift. Your dog will only be able to go up on the dates between July 6th and September 1st, don’t forget that.What can you visit?

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