The most famous streets of Cadiz

As one of the others Andalusian city, Cadiz offers a unique experience to enjoy its identity and its people. If you’re wondering which streets are a must-see, here’s a selection of some of them we find in this seafaring city:

Barriada de la Paz Promenade

You shouldn’t miss this place out on a visit to Cadiz. Bordered by the Carranza Bridge and the Constitution Bridge, popularly known as La Pepa Bridge, the Barriada de la Paz has grown exponentially in recent years to become a fashionable area. Here you can find restaurants where you can enjoy seafood specialties, stores where you can spend your time and green parks where you can rest from the activity of Cadiz. In this area you can also find the Levante, which that seafaring air of Cadiz.

Barriada de la Paz Promenade

Fernando Quiñones Promenade

From this area you can enjoy the views that are offered to the beach of La Caleta, one of the most famous and visited beaches of Cadiz. The Paseo de Fernando Quiñones offers a unique experience to walk calmly finding a typical coastal landscape of Cadiz.

If you want to enjoy a unique moment in this city, we recommend visiting this area at sunset. The reddish color of the sunset, the sound of the waves breaking on the fortress and good company will show you the flavor of Cadiz in its entire splendor.

Fernando Quiñones' promenade

Virgen de la Palma Street

This street is named for the Virgin of La Palma. At the end of the street is found the church of Nuestra Señora de la Palma, very dear to the people of Cadiz. A legend tells that this virgin was the one who stopped the waters that destroyed the street in 1755 because of the tidal wave of Lisbon.

Today it is a lively street, full of bars, stores and restaurants where you can enjoy the essence of Cadiz by ordering tapas and fried fish. It is also well known, as it leads to the famous La Caleta beach. So don’t miss out on some good snacks and drinks after enjoying a good swim at the beach.

Virgen de la Palma street

Cadiz Seafront

As one of the most typical activities of Cadiz, the promenade is one of the most visited areas by tourists. Walking through this area is both enjoyable and enriching, as it will give you the feeling of being transported back in time in the history.

The old part of Cadiz, the smell of salt and the sound of the seagulls make this place a magical place to walk. Although the landscape is spectacular at any time of day, at sunset you’ll find a view that will leave you wanting to return. As the Singer from Cadiz, Niña Pastori, wrote: “Cai, cómo me huele a sal”.

Cadiz seafront


Cuesta de las Calesas (Calesas’ slope)

This one kilometer long street links the areas near the port of Cadiz with the historical center of the city. It is interesting to talk about it, as it is one of the most emblematic and historic areas of Cadiz. It takes us back years to travel by horse and carriage to understand the essence of this street.

This street was a power zone restricted to the exclusive passage of horse-drawn carriages that had a permit. From there it receives the peculiar name that reaches our days. Nowadays, everybody can go for a walk, although some people are unaware of this history.

Slope of the Calesas

Columela Street

Located in the historical case of the city, there are several stores of different brands of clothes, shoes, etc. It is one of the most famous streets of the historic center of Cadiz, as it is a multitude of possibilities to enjoy. It is an ideal plan for a day of shopping in the perfect company. Always full of life, you can enjoy a day in the historic center of Cadiz and the joy of the people of Cadiz. There are also small stores where you can buy souvenirs of the city, bars where you can enjoy a beer in the center of Cadiz, etc.

Columela Street

Calle Ancha

Its width gives name to this central street of Cadiz. In the center of the city of Cadiz, it leads to the church of San Antonio. As its name suggests, it was the widest street in the city. It is a commercial street where you can find different places to enjoy both shopping, as the typical fried fish of Cadiz or a fresh beer while the rest of the people walk. They are home to the most beautiful palatial homes in the city. It is possible to enjoy different architectural styles such as baroque or neoclassical.

Calle Ancha 'Wide street'

Don’t miss out on any of the wonders that Cadiz has to offer from the hand of our experts to any of the cities in Andalusia, specially with guided tours in Cadiz and personalized guides such as the guided visit to the Cathedral and the Roman Theatre of Cadiz or the trip to the White Villages of the province. Cadiz is culture, sea and joy.

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