Visiting Malaga at Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friendship, home, living together… And finding a place outside the home to bring everything together is sometimes very complicated. But we have the solution: Malaga. This city presents itself as the best destination to enjoy the magic of this festivity, combining the hospitality that the city offers throughout the year, together with the wide range of activities that will make you live this season with the magic and enthusiasm of the children. Here are some of the options that will make your decision stand out.

Walking around the lighting of Calle Larios 

If you ask anyone who has visited the city at this time of year. The first thing they will probably tell you is about this famous street. Every year, thousands of visitors and locals flock to this street to enjoy the combination of music and colour that is projected in a kind of cathedral nave with domes that houses nearly five hundred thousand points of light. There are three time slots for the show (18:00, 20:00 and 21:30) which has become a reference point for the media and tourism in Spain. It is especially recommended for children who will be enthralled by this symbiosis of light and sound. Among which will sound everything from traditional Spanish carols to world-famous Christmas hits.

This central street is within the Malaga Free Tour that will immerse you in the most beautiful streets of the center of Malaga.

Larios street lights in Malaga

Visiting the Christmas market

In all Andalusian cities, traditional Christmas stalls are set up at this time of year, attracting the attention of both the city’s inhabitants and the visitors who spend their holidays here. Malaga is not an exception, it is located in the Paseo del Parque, that is, right in the centre of the city and it is made up of hundreds of small wooden stalls that house crafts, decoration, gastronomy… The most important stall in the whole market is the “Correo de los Reyes Magos” (The Three Wise Kings’ Post Office) where children who have not yet decided to send their letters can do so. This market will be open throughout Christmas and will close on January 6th, so don’t hesitate to buy some souvenirs of the city, this is the place!

Christmas market in Malaga

Discovering the route of the Belenes (nativity scene)

If anything is typical of Spain at Christmas time, this is the portal of Bethlehem. In Malaga a route has been organized to enjoy the great work that the residents of this city do. Sometimes taking up to two months to set up the whole thing. They even reserve garages or complete rooms to house them. There are more than 60 of them and among them the one in the Town Hall, the one in the Cathedral or the one in the different Holy Week brotherhoods stand out. The most curious and the one that children and adults will like the most is the one made with playmobils and with medieval decoration, a real treat!

Nativity scene portal of the Malaga contest

Get to know the Verdiales festival

If up to now we have commented on activities that are repeated throughout Spain, this choice that we develop below is one of the cultural elements that form the roots and identity of the people of Malaga. 

This festival takes place on 28 December and aims to highlight the folkloric elements of this aspect of flamenco. The verdiales are fandangos accompanied by a dance and three instruments: a tambourine, a violin and four guitars. This dance goes back centuries and comes from the countryside and the mountains. It is accompanied by the typical costumes that are full of colour and joy, which is why it has been declared of Cultural Interest and has already been performed more than 50 times. You cannot leave Malaga without having seen this important part of the city’s DNA.

Two people in typical costume dancing verdiales in Malaga

Enjoying a break at the beach

Even in winter, the temperatures in this corner of the Mediterranean are so pleasant that you can walk along the incredible beaches of fine sand, you can even take a dip in the waters that bathe this incredible city. This break will make you take strength to face the rest of the days of the Christmas calendar full of activities with family and friends. 

If you are looking for exercise, tens of kilometres of beach will open up before you for some early morning walks as the sun rises over the horizon. Or if you prefer, the promenade can become the best track for a bike ride with the family. 

If you think that nature is your thing, we advise you to go to Caminito del Rey. A steep route with incredible views of the mountains. We have a Caminito del Rey Guided Tours where you will find more information.

Clear day on the beach in Malaga

Seeing the parade of the Three Wise Kings

If you decide to extend your visit until well into January, on the eve of Three Kings Day (5 January evening), the Three Kings from the East enter the city to hand out sweets and toys to all the children. Together with them, an entourage of postmen, royal pages, and even fantastic animals on large floats ride through the main streets of the city. The children wait anxiously for the Three Kings who that same night will be in charge of leaving the gifts they had previously asked for in the homes, so that in their faces you will see the illusion after a year waiting for the moment, an illusion that is spread to the older ones who are waiting to greet Their Majesties the Three Kings from the East with the same joy. This experience will undoubtedly be the final culmination of a dream holiday – don’t miss it!

Three Wise Men arriving in Malaga

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