Gay Tourism in Malaga

Malaga is a gayfriendly city “by nature”. In this city we can find an open and cosmopolitan atmosphere in which the LGTBI community feel free and comfortable in its streets and places. In addition to its proximity to Torremolinos, Malaga has an excellent offer for gay tourism.

There is a great atmosphere of freedom and tolerance that is noticeable in the city and the general climate is very open on this subject, something that is very much appreciated.


Gay pubs and bars in Málaga

If you feel like going out and getting to know the atmosphere of Malaga, you should visit Peter Pan, a place where you can have a gin and tonic.

If you are in the mood for a livelier atmosphere in Malaga city, you will find the Plaza de la Merced, where the largest number of gay bars are concentrated. El Carmen Gay Bar or Bar La calle de Bruselas are some examples of where to have a drink.

Focusing on the female public we find the Safo Café, an atmospheric place that opens from 18:00 hours and where you can have a coffee or a beer.

If you are looking to party until dawn you can always go to La Nogalera in Torremolinos, which is very close if you take the C-1 train or the bus. Most of the clubs there are gay-friendly and the variety is huge.

Plaza de la Merced en Málaga


Gayfriendly Accommodation Offers

When it comes to gayfriendly accommodation in Malaga city we are going to recommend you the 4 most acclaimed among the wide variety that you can find.

  • Hotel Mariposa: is one of the best elegant and stylish gay friendly hotels in Malaga. Specifically located in the emblematic area of Soho. In this hotel you will be delighted by its culinary and architectural delights. It also overlooks the harbour and is within walking distance of all the sights of the city. As an important fact you should know that it is only a 15-minute walk from the gay scene, so if you like nightlife, this is the hotel for you.
  • The Room Mate Lola hotel is another gay-friendly accommodation that is also located in the heart of Malaga. You can enjoy interiors are decorated by designer Lorenzo Castillo, which are inspired by the summer houses of the east coast of the United States with unusual colours.

  • The elegant Boutique Hotel Teatro Romano:  is one of the most popular gay friendly hotels in Malaga. Not only is it located in the historic city centre, but it is also right in the middle of the gay scene of La Merced. In fact, it’s just down the street from the fun El Carmen Tapas.
  • The AC Hotel Malaga Palacio: features on almost every list of the best gay hotels in Malaga, and for good reason. The hotel is located above the port area and the old town, with most of the best things to do in Malaga within walking distance.  Not to mention its amazingly beautiful amazing rooftop terrace, impeccable service and elegant spaces.

Hotel Mariposa Málaga

Culture Gay

Among the LGTB associations in Malaga are Colega, which has a stand during the Malaga Fair, in the Youth area, and the association Ojalá Malaga. You may be interested to know that Librería Luces has a small gay section and carries publications from the Egales publishing house.

During Gay Pride in Malaga, held at the end of June, the city takes part in the demonstration and there are also parallel events: film cycles, flashmobs… every year it is celebrated in a different way.

Orgullo Gay en Málaga


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