Private and personalized tours for groups in Cadiz

One of the best ways to travel and soak up the culture and traditions of a place is to do it through the best tour guides. In this sense from OWAY Tours we guarantee a quality service from the hand of professionals in the sector that will make you enjoy your visit even more. So if you are thinking of seeing Cadiz do not hesitate and hire our services by phone or through our website.

Tours for Groups in Cadiz

Regardless of the type of group you are or the relationship you have OWAY Tours is ready to organize your guided tours.

Los mejores guías locales encanta transmitir sus conocimientos Conocen todos los rincones de la ciudad y les Nos adaptamos a ti y qué deseas visitar Escoge la hora de inicio, punto de encuentro ¡Reserva un Tour Privado con Oway! inglés, francés, italiano y otros Puedes reservar la visita en español,

Guided Tours for Schools in Cadiz

Our services fit perfectly with the specific requirements of the group. No matter what the school level or type of educational center, itineraries and visit models can be changed to match your needs. We have a long history of providing tours for educational groups in Cadiz. Precisely for this reason we can solve all kinds of doubts and we know perfectly the schedules of visits, the discounts applied in the entrances, routes, times, etc. In order for the students to learn about the heritage and have fun at the same time, we have developed other types of activities such as cultural Gymkhanas in Cadiz. Cadiz is an incomparable destination when it comes to make an end of course trip and also with OWAY Tours you can forget about the hassle of queues and reservations.

Guided Tours for Universities and other educational centers in Cadiz

We offer tours to any type of educational center regardless of the grade, from universities to academies including foreign groups, such as Erasmus students. Therefore we adapt our level to the type of knowledge you expect to achieve. All this from the hand of highly qualified professionals who are experts in history, art and other subjects.

The guides are available in different languages, both Spanish and English are guaranteed and can also be ordered in French or Italian with prior notice.

Guided Tours for Associations in Cádiz

Regardless of the nature of your Association, sports, cultural, neighborhood, ... you can count on us. Through the discounts on the entrance to the monuments we are able to offer you a visit suited to your interests with an affordable price. The tours can also be daily, so that you can count on our support to decide the route, get the tickets or the establishments where you can stop.

Private Tours for Companies in Cadiz

We also offer our services for events related to the business world. In this way we develop activities for companies, both domestic and foreign, so that our customers can know Cadiz both patrimonially and culturally, through the local and traditional heritage. In this type of visits we emphasize that they are dynamic, communicative and with close and culinary experiences so that you can participate in the idiosyncrasy of Cadiz. We have been performing these functions for a long time and we are specialists in MICE tourism in Cadiz so if your company is thinking of holding conferences or meetings in Cadiz look no further and contact OWAY.

Guided Tours for Travel Agencies in Cadiz

OWAY Tours has guided tours in the main tourist destinations in Andalusia which is a great advantage for travel agencies that need to coordinate activities in different locations. Not only that, but we also have a section specialized in the management of cultural tours. We also offer accompanying guides that during the tour can help you with the group. With a great value for money you can count on OWAY Tours to take care of everything. All you have to do is select the destinations you want.

The best guided tours for groups in Cadiz

Cádiz is one of the most diverse destinations in Andalusia. In this city you can enjoy excellent beaches where you can sunbathe and at the same time you can also make routes for its great heritage. It is called the "tacita de plata" (silver cup) although here theories differ as to whether this is due to its commercial past, the etymology of its name, the orography, etc. What is certain is that Cadiz is attracting more and more tourists who now come more and more through its port by cruise ships. Cadiz with its long tradition has several monuments that you can not miss:

Barrio del Pópulo

One of the oldest areas in the city and in all of Europe, it houses some of the most important monuments.

Roman Theater

Dated in the first century BC is one of the oldest and largest theaters in Spain that denotes the importance of the city and long.

Cathedral of Cadiz

Visible in almost all the city this huge sacred temple of baroque style rests almost on top of the sea honoring its name, Santa Cruz on the waters.

Falla Theater

Reddish in color, imitating the old Mudejar style, it serves as a residence for the renowned Cadiz carnival.

San Felipe Neri Oratory

Of baroque style this building contained in its walls one of the most important events in the history of Spain, the signing of its first constitution, the Pepa in 1812 and contains one of the most recognized works of Murillo.

Private Tours in Cadiz

To be able to enjoy the city of Cadiz closely while knowing all its secrets the best option is a private tour. In this modality your group, much smaller than the previous ones, will have an exclusive guide. This way the relationship with the guide will be much closer, which will help you to solve all your questions and curiosities. In addition, this type of tour allows you to decide when and where you want to start the route. It is a much more personalized tour modality so that it adapts perfectly to your requirements allowing you more freedom. This way you won't have to worry about waiting in line at the entrances and you won't have to worry about reserving seats. All this is taken care of by OWAY Tours, which also has preferential entrance to the monuments, allowing you to concentrate solely on having a good time.

Customized Tours in Cádiz

Customized tours are the best option when you are planning a trip with friends or family. They are a much more flexible mode of visit that suits your preferences in such important matters as starting times or itineraries. To ensure a great memory of this trip we provide you with an exclusive guide. All this guarantees that you can create experiences that will remain in your memory, making it an ideal alternative to celebrate an important anniversary in Cadiz or share moments as a couple. The ability to customize schedules and themes makes it an option to have fun with friends for events such as bachelor parties in Cadiz or similar. It also allows you to combine culinary discovery with cultural learning. So if you are one of those who like to get the most out of your experiences, personalized tours are your best option.

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