Private and personalized tours for groups in Granada

OWAY Tours offers you the best guided tours with a highly qualified and attentive staff. . We have a great experience in the sector and numerous reviews from thousands of customers who have enjoyed our services. If you are thinking of doing a group tour in Granada you can contact us either through our phone number or through our website. We assure you a unique and extraordinary visit.

Tours for Groups in Granada

Our tours are not only limited to individual and personal services but we also arrange group tours

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Guided Tours for Schools in Granada

Regardless of the educational institution and educational level, we have a guided tour for you. Each of them are adjusted to the demands of the group, modifying the routes and the modality of the visit. Our long experience coordinating different school groups in Granada makes us experts in the schedules for visitors to monuments, reductions in entrance fees, itineraries, times or any other questions or suggestions that you may have. Also to better adapt to the profiles of schools we offer recreational activities such as cultural Gymkhanas. Through them the students will participate and have fun while learning about our heritage. Also, if you are organizing the end of the school year trip to visit Granada, contact OWAY Tours and forget to think about tickets, schedules, etc.. We manage everything and offer you the best possible result for your trip.

Guided Tours for Universities and other educational centers in Granada

We also have specialized programs for higher education students. No matter what the training center, university, Erasmus programs, language schools or other educational projects, we adapt to your needs, we guarantee you professionals with extensive knowledge in the subject in question. All of them perfectly qualified to discover the whole of Granada's heritage. The visits can be adapted to the difficulty and training requested. In this way we create a tailor-made experience that everyone can enjoy.All our tours can be adapted to the difficulty and training requested.

All our tours are available in Spanish and English. We can also arrange for guides in Italian or French.

Guided Tours for Associations

Also Associations can hire our services. We shape our tours according to your requirements to match your interests. In this way we can get a more economical budget, reducing costs through the main bonuses when visiting monuments. We have the necessary experience to take care of everything. There is also the possibility of arranging day trips for groups. Through them you can create your own itinerary according to our indications and advice on where to get tickets to monuments or where to eat.

Private Tours for Companies in Granda

OWAY Tours can also take care of specialized tours for companies or congresses in Granada. We specialize in MICE tourism and have a proven track record that can meet the requirements of both national and international companies. In this type of tourism we create the activities around three basic axes: dynamism, communication and local and gastronomic experiences. In this way we not only intend to show our rich heritage but also to get them involved with our culture, customs and, ultimately, way of life. So if you want a suggestive and effective program for your conference or business event, do not hesitate to contact us.

Guided Tours for Travel Agencies in Granada

Travel agencies need guided tours that are attractive and coordinated in different destinations. If you operate in Granada, OWAY Tours is an excellent option as it also offers itineraries in other points of high tourist interest within the Andalusian community. For this type of specific activities OWAY Tours has at your disposal a department responsible only for the management of cultural tours in groups. Our proposals have high standards at an affordable price. We also have accompanying guides, who facilitate the attention of the group throughout the tour. The only thing you have to do is to contact us.

The best guided tours for groups in Granada

Granada is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its main tourist attraction is the Alhambra monument. Although not everything in Granada is limited to the Alhambra you should undoubtedly approach these other landmarks:

Cathedral of Granada

It is one of the best examples of Renaissance of all the peninsular contorna. Attached to the sacred temple is the Royal Chapel where the remains of the Catholic Monarchs, Philip the Handsome and Joanna I of Castile rest.

Albaicín and Sacromonte

Two of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Granada. The Albaicin responds to the ancient Muslim structure containing most of the monuments of that era. It is located within the extension of the World Heritage Site of the Alhambra. The Sacromonte is a neighborhood of gypsy origin ideal for watching a flamenco show and famous for its inhabitable caves.

Sacromonte is a gypsy neighborhood ideal for watching a flamenco show and famous for its inhabitable caves.

La Cartuja

Monastery founded in the sixteenth century owes its name to the monastic organization of the Carthusians and although it mixes several styles is one of the culminating works of the Spanish Baroque.

Historical center of Cordoba

Private Tours in Granada

Private tours, where you have a personal guide for your group, are an excellent alternative that offers many advantages by adapting to your preferences. This way you and your companions decide when and where our route starts. Through this option you create a closer relationship with the guide, since the groups are smaller. This gives you the possibility to ask any questions or doubts so that the knowledge will be better adapted to you. This way you can get to know first hand and to a greater extent all that Granada has to offer. As the guide goes with you you can relax and focus only your attention on the visit. We will reserve the tickets in advance and we also have priority entrance to the visits. So you can forget about the long lines and the hassle of buying tickets.

Customized Tours in Granada

A personalized tour allows a better knowledge of the heritage and all the corners and streets of Granada. It is a way to make the most of your trip. If what you are planning is an informal visit with family or high school friends this is your best option. The customized tours are created according to the client's requirements so that the places, breaks and even the schedules are adjusted to your preferences. It is the ideal choice if you want an unforgettable trip to surprise your loved ones because the itinerary is chosen by you. From a romantic point of view, it is great to celebrate your anniversary in Granada, since it is totally personalized and will give you more guarantees to live it together and the exclusive guide provides more intimacy. Highly recommended if the idea is to celebrate it among friends because by customizing schedules and themes you will have unique moments with your friends. In addition, regulating the start and end times is essential when it comes to bachelor parties. In general it is a very good tour if you want to mix cultural content with gastronomic tasting.

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