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Malaga is known as the City of Museums and also has a rich historical heritage that make it one of the most emblematic cities of Andalusia. With an important cultural heritage dating back to Phoenician times, through the Muslim era to the present day, Malaga is a must when it comes to take a tour that reveals all its corners and secrets.

Tours for Groups in Malaga

From OWAY Tours we have the best tour guides who are specialized in their discipline, which offers users an enriching and cultural visit that satisfies the most demanding visitors. We organize numerous excursions and guided tours around the city of Malaga, and we are characterized by a wide experience in organizing trips for all types of groups.

Visitas Guiadas para Colegios

In our tours oriented to school children, from OWAY Tours we offer the fun and interesting possibility of cultural Gymkhanas in Malaga, so that the little ones can enjoy wonderful guided tours so that they learn while having fun, making the day something fun and educational. It is also possible to arrange end-of-year trips in Malaga, a tempting and suitable offer thanks to the numerous advantages it presents, since the entrance fees are reduced, the itineraries are quieter and clearer, and the times and schedules are much more flexible than choosing another option. OWAY Tours will manage all these issues in order to provide you with a memorable experience with your companions discovering this enchanting city.

Visitas guiadas y tours para Asociaciones

Associations, clubs and even groups of friends who want to benefit from our guided tours of the city of Malaga, can also come to us without any problem. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the culture of Malaga accompanied by our friends and colleagues of various activities, such as soccer clubs or associations, clubs, etc.. From this organization we will be able to offer more economic budgets, as well as interesting bonuses for the visit of the monuments. It is also possible to organize day trips for groups, providing our help and experience to make the itinerary, get the tickets and we will also recommend the best restaurants in the city to put the finishing touch to a perfect day.

Agencias de viaje

If in your case you come from a travel agency and you need to schedule guided tours that are attractive to your customers, you can also count on OWAY Tours. In our case, we do not limit ourselves only to guided tours in Malaga, but we can program itineraries throughout Andalusia, which makes us a competent and attractive option, thanks to our groups department that is dedicated to the management of cultural tours in Malaga. In addition, you can also enjoy the service we offer to take with you an accompanying guide, who will manage the itinerary of the group throughout the tour.

For higher education institutions coming from universities, international students coming from Erasmus, language schools and other options, OWAY Tours also has a wide experience organizing this kind of tours, so you will only have to worry about enjoying yourselves to the fullest. Guided tours are available in both English and Spanish, but it is also possible to arrange for guides in Italian and French upon request. It is interesting to add that our guides are historians, experts in the field, who are fully aware of the historical and cultural heritage of the place. We will prepare the guided tours according to your needs and we will adopt the content according to the requested level.

Tours Privados para Empresas

OWAY Tours specializes in MICE tourism in Malaga, with a great experience to meet the many demands that come to us from companies, both nationally and internationally. From these events we seek to make visitors participate in the customs and traditions of Malaga, immersing them in the local culture and making them feel like one more. Our activities are oriented towards experiences within the city, gastronomy, communication and dynamism.

The best guided tours for groups in Malaga

The palatial fortification of the Muslim period that represents the Alcazaba of Malaga is an indispensable point of our itinerary that, without a doubt, you will not want to miss. Its Phoenician-Punic origin and its location on Mount Gibralfaro make this construction one of the most beautiful and emblematic of Andalusia. At its summit is the Gibralfaro Castle, from which you can get unforgettable views of the entire city of Malaga. The corridor that runs through the fortification from one end to the other is La Coracha, and is located next to the Roman amphitheater, opposite the building of the Customs, now the Museum of Malaga.

Gibralfaro Castle is located on the summit of the mountain of the same name, and has a long history and cultural heritage dating back to Phoenician times. Its name comes from the fact that it contained a lighthouse, and it was Abderramán III who transformed this fortress, which had been in ruins since the arrival of the Romans to the city. The functionality of this castle was to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba, which was a frequent point for sieges by enemies. In addition, the castle has an Interpretation Center where we can find an interesting exhibition on military life in the castle during all its historical stages. A visit you won’t want to miss!

This amphitheater is the main vestige of the Roman presence in the city of Malaga. It is an architectural jewel that you should not miss on your visit. It is located at the foot of the Alcazaba, and dates back to the early years of the Roman Empire. It was discovered relatively recently, in 1951, and has an interpretation center where the materials with which it was built, and the functions it originally housed are explained.

This street is the nerve center of the city and the main shopping street of the same. It is a nineteenth-century street of great elegance, pedestrianized in 2002, which brought about a profound revitalization of the historic center of the city. It is named after the Marqués de Larios, whose sculpture presides over the beginning of the street that intersects with the Alameda Principal. You will greatly enjoy visiting this street, delighting in the many stores that are located on it and, in addition, has some bars with upper terrace where you can have a drink with friends while watching the stunning views of the cathedral, which is nearby. Visitors also marvel at the Christmas lighting, which has made this street and the city of Malaga very famous.

The Picasso Museum of Malaga is a gallery dedicated to the Malaga painter Pablo Picasso. It contains two hundred and eighty-five works in its collection, showing the great pictorial innovations brought by the artist, from his beginnings in nineteenth-century painting, cubism, ceramics, and his reinterpretation of great masters. It is located in the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista, a historic building built in 1530 by the ruler of the city, of Renaissance architecture and great beauty.

The Carmen Thyssen Museum, opened in 2011, is one of the main museums of Malaga that give it its name as the City of Museums. In its collection it houses important Spanish and Andalusian paintings within the current of costumbrismo and landscape, dated from the early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. It also has an important collection of old masters, with works by artists of the stature of Zurbarán. It is located in the Palacio de Villalón, an important historic building of the sixteenth century that was rehabilitated to accommodate the current museum.

Private Tours Malaga

If what you prefer is to have a personal guide only for your group, so you can enjoy a more intimate visit, deciding the number of people who will be part of your group, and having the possibility to customize both the beginning and the end of the route through the city of Malaga, we also have options for you. This modality of reduced group makes it possible to consult the curiosities that arise during the visit.

Customized Tours Málaga

OWAY Tours also offers the possibility of personalized tours of the city of Malaga, a good decision if you know exactly what you want to see and what you can do without, so that we adapt to your preferences. You choose the itinerary and we do the rest. It is a good option for celebrations such as anniversaries, bachelor parties, gastronomic itineraries, etc. You won’t regret it!

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