Astrotourism in Cordoba

Contemplating the starry sky during the warm summer nights is one of the favorite activities of the cordoban population. This is because Cordoba has some ideal places to do this activity, allowing you to escape the heat and enjoy the breeze of nature next to yours. Do you want to know the best places in Cordoba to enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars? Well, read on and discover all the information.


Where to enjoy star tourism in Cordoba?

Currently, in Cordoba there is the so-called Starlight Reserve (being the official certification “Starlight Reserve and Tourist Destination”), that is, a series of protected natural spaces where a commitment has been established to care for and defend the quality of the night sky and access to contemplate the light of its stars. The city has two places protected under this name: Sierra Morena and the Comarca de los Pedroches. As requirements to achieve protection, in them there must be the minimum light pollution and 60% of the nights of the year must be clear (which is perfect for Cordoba since it hardly rains in the city) and also requires the duty to take care of the environment, fauna and flora.

Below we present a compilation of the best and most recommended places in Cordoba to observe the stars. If you are interested in a night getaway to nature… you can not miss them!


Sierra Morena

The Sierra Morena of Cordoba has an immense expanse with countless open spaces free of vegetation and light pollution for your perfect contemplation. Its night skies allow you to observe the stars as in few places, not only because there are high areas that protect the extensive area of the lights of the caliphal capital, but also has a dry climate that prevents the formation of night mists and much of the year its skies remain clear. Sierra Morena  was declared a Starlight Tourist Reserve and Destination in 2014,a certification granted by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by UNESCO. And not one more, but the largest in the world. Since this appointment, they have been organizing excursions to the Cordoban mountains to observe the stars during the summer months and enjoy the rain of the Perseids (the most claimed and known that occurs during several days of the month of August)

Astroturismo Cordoba Sierra Morena


Los Llanos de Espiel

It is one of the largest Starlight reserves, and is considered one of the most propitious places to observe the stars on summer nights. As its name suggests, it is located in the municipality of Espiel, and to get there you must take the exit of Espiel by the national N-502, before kilometer 388 you will find a large field devoid of trees with an open vault of celestial color called “Los Llanos”. It is an ideal place to go one night in August, because at that time the passage of shooting stars is very frequent. Many of its visitors set up tents, some set up picnics and the most amateurs carry their telescopes. In addition, the most appropriate way to go there is by car, since that is formed by a flat and wide terrain where you can park easily and without any problem.

Astroturismo Cordoba Llanos de Espiel


Paraje Molino de la Nava

In the village of Montoro we find this natural place (about 10 kilometers from the town) recommended by the Starlight Astronomical Guide itself. You can access it by traveling the A-3102 motorway towards Cortijo Molino de la Nava (it has no loss, everything is signposted). After passing through the entrance of the farmhouse you must drive for 1’5 kilometers more until you see a small widening to your left, it is an open area with little vegetation where you can enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars. The area is easily accessible for vehicles, although we recommend that you do not go there in days after it has rained, since that is not paved and there may be areas full of mud.

Astroturismo Cordoba Molino de la Nava

In addition, if you want to enjoy your astrotourism experience for longer, both in Montoro and in the area around the place you will find a wide range of great accommodations where you can rest.


Los Villares park

Los Villares park is one of the few places in Cordoba free of light pollution, from 2015 it got the official certification, thus being considered an exceptional enclave to contemplate an extraordinary phenomenon such as the rain of stars or tears of San Lorenzo. Since that year they have been carrying out visits with prior reservation to observe the stars with the aim of observing, admiring and identifying the most famous constellations (along with their mythology, stars that form them …)

Astroturismo Cordoba Los Villares

Los Villares park is located at a distance of about 8 kilometers north of Cordoba, and in the area you can comfortably leave the car since parking lots are available with spaces enabled for the general public, for people with reduced mobility and is also adapted for the arrival of buses. Access is free and there you will find a picnic area where you can settle comfortably to see the stars.


Camping of Villaviciosa of Cordoba

Better known as the Camping de Puente Nuevo, it is located in the municipality of Villaviciosa, north of the city and in the Sierra Morena. It is a fully equipped place with accommodation areas (bungalows with rooms), swimming pool, picnic areas and a restaurant, so it is a perfect place if, in addition to going in search of stargazing, you want to spend a few days of tranquility in contact with nature.

Astroturismo Cordoba Villaviciosa

Being located in the mountains, light pollution is minimal and every night the sky is painted stars creating a spectacular image that will put the icing on the cake of your holiday at the campsite. There are already many visitors who have come to the accommodation looking to enjoy the beautiful sky that its offer promises. The campsite is located about an hour from the city of Córdoba and you must take the national N-432.


And if you are looking for a complete experience in the city, do not hesitate to make some of the best guided tours in Cordoba with Oway Tours:

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