Barrio de Santa Marina, the cradle of bullfighting in Cordoba 

The neighborhood of Santa Marina in Cordoba is one of the essential visits of the city: multifaceted and historic, it has points of interest as varied as the sculpture in honor of Manolete, or the Palacio de Viana with its twelve courtyards, among others.

Located to the north of the downtown district, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it captures part of the essence of one of the oldest and largest historical centers in Europe.

As a curiosity, this was one of the largest neighborhoods of Cordoba, both in extension and importance and number of inhabitants.

Historically, its streets have been inhabited by neighbors of all kinds: from the aristocracy to the middle class. In addition, it is known as the neighborhood of the bullfighters, because of the tradition that this spectacle has in the neighborhood and is materialized in the sculpture dedicated to Manolete.

Whether for a visit to the Palacio de Viana, the sculpture of Manolete or for a leisurely stroll through its streets, the Santa Marina neighborhood is part of the essential essence of Cordoba.

About the Santa Marina Neighborhood

This neighborhood concentrates a historical importance comparable to other relevant neighborhoods such as the Jewish quarter. Partly because of the position it represents in the deep-rooted tradition of bullfighting in Cordoba.

Bordering the neighborhood of San Lorenzo or San Miguel Capuchinos, it has monuments such as the Torre de la Malmuerta, the Church of Santa Marina or San Agustín, among others.

Mandatory stops in the Santa Marina Neighborhood

Extending from the northern part of the Old Town to the Avenida de las Ollerías, it concentrates monuments such as the Church of Santa Marina de las Aguas, from which it takes its name. A church that was originally built in the Visigothic period and was later rebuilt in the Ferdinand style.

In front of this church is the Plaza de los Condes de Priego, where there is the famous statue in honor of the bullfighter Manolete, favorite son of the neighborhood. But not only Manolete, also other bullfighters were born in this neighborhood, so it is not surprising that it is known as the cradle of bullfighting.

On the other hand, the Palacio de Viana, is an authentic historical vestige with its twelve courtyards, each with a different personality.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the Torre de la Malmuerta…a name inherited from the history, now legend, which, according to legend, its walls enclose.

Nearby neighborhoods

North | Ollerías neighborhood

East | Boroughfare of San Lorenzo

South | San Andrés-Palo neighborhood

West | San Miguel Capuchinos and Campo de la Merced-Molinos Alta

Monuments and places of interest in the Santa Marina Neighborhood

  • Axerquia Wall
  • Convent of Santa Isabel de los Angeles
  • Palace of Viana
  • Church of Santa Marina
  • Church of San Agustín
  • Santo Cristo Gardens
  • San Agustín Square
  • Plaza del Conde de Priego
  • Plaza de la Lagunilla
  • Tower of the Malmuerta
  • Colodro Convent
  • Casa de aso de Lagunilla
  • Olimpia Cinema
  • Streets: Verso, de la Cepa, Horno del Veinticuatro

Visiting the Santa Marina Neighborhood

In short, the birthplace of bullfighting is an obligatory stop in the city of three cultures.

Nothing better than spending a day in your tour of Cordoba to stroll through this neighborhood and soak up its folkloric and Cordovan atmosphere, all without skipping the visit to the Palacio de Viana, to marvel at each courtyard and move to another place thanks to the floral aromas of the place.

As you will see, the Santa Marina neighborhood offers everything you need so that you only have to worry about enjoying Cordoba, the city of light.

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