Zuheros Cave

History of the Caves of Zuheros

If you are a cave lover, Cordoba has these wonderful caves and galleries in Zuheros, located into the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbeticas. It has been declared a Natural Monument in 2001, for this important in providing knowledge and development of the Neolithic Middle and End of the southern peninsula. It is one of the largest caves in the city of Cordoba. It is not only an archaeological site, it can also be determined as a geological jewel, as it houses several limestone formations inside that water has been generating. 

Its name is not random, within it live up to four species of bats, although they are found in areas of the cave where they are not visitable, but who knows if you will be able to see any?

historia de las Cuevas de Zuheros

“Formation Room” and “Organ Room”

It originated due to a rock collapse that ended up originating a series of caves, highlighting within all of them the Sala de Formaciones, due to the finding that is found inside, with a body lying face up, on top of an old puddle; and the Sala de Órgano, where you can enjoy a wall full of different rock formations. It has paintings that are more than 18,000 years old, from the Paleolithic period to the Roman era, which was used as a refuge when there was a conflict. 

Sala de Formaciones

Entrance, Price and Schedule 

The schedule from Monday to Tuesday that are not holidays or part of a bridge, is not open to the public. For weekdays (Wednesday-Friday), a previous reservation is required, with two types of schedules:

– Summer schedule (April 1st to September 30th): 12:30 pm 

– Winter Hours (October 1 to March 31): 12:30 pm 

For the weekend or holidays, there are also two types of schedules, but like the previous one, it is also recommended that you make a reservation:

– Summer Schedule: (April 1st to September 30th): 11:00, 12:30 and 17:30 pm

– Winter Schedule: (October 1st to March 31st): 11:00, 12:30 and 16:30 pm.  

For the weekdays (Wednesday-Friday) that are in groups, of more than 30 people, it is necessary to make a reservation so that the schedule of visit is proposed. 

On January 1st, the afternoon of December 24th, December 25th, the afternoon of December 31st and January 6th it is closed. 

If you arrive later than the agreed time for the visit, you will lose your reservation. You must be punctual and not be more than 15 minutes late. 

The prices of the tickets vary depending on the age, if it is of individual form, for greater of 13 years the price is 7`50 euros, and for minors from 4 to 12 years to 6 euros. If you come in a group, the price is 6 euros for those over 13 and 5 euros for those under 4 to 12. 

If you are going to make a joint visit of the Cave and the Archaeological Museum, Castle and Museum of Customs and Popular Arts, individually for over 13 years would be 10`50 euros, and for minors from 4 to 12 years would be 8 euros, but as in the previous case, if it is a group of people, over 13 years would be 8`50 euros and for minors between 4 to 12 years 6`50 euros. 

To be considered as a group entry must exceed the number of 30 people. No group tickets are sold for holidays, only individuals

For people who suffer from claustrophobia it is not recommended that they visit this route. 

Entrada, precio y horario


The total route is 2 kilometers, but you can only visit 450 meters, although it has an Ecomuseum about 200 meters from the entrance of the cave, which serves as a prelude or introduction before entering this magnificent cave. 

It is necessary to descend 65 meters and 700 steps to be able to appreciate the beauty of its rooms, and since it is a guided route, any type of public can go, including children, since for them there will be didactic and interesting activities focused on their age. 


How to get there 

It consists of several access roads like the Malaga A-45 or the Seville A-318, but it also has the disposition to travel by train with Renfe, where on the web you can see the different schedules. At ALSA you can also see the different timetables and routes that can be taken by bus. 

If you are from the province of Cordoba itself, there are some coaches that leave from the city to Zuheros, with Autocares Carrera and Autocares Valenzuela. On their web pages you can choose the timetable that suits you best. 

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