Best recommended places to swin in Cadiz

Cadiz is well known for its beautiful and wonderful beaches that are visited annually by millions of tourists, but if you fancy doing something different or just don’t like the idea of going to the beach, don’t think you’ve run out of plans. This summer you will be able to refresh yourself in Cadiz without having to go exclusively to the beach, as we bring you some ideas for visiting the interior of the province in natural settings with fantastic rivers, natural pools or reservoirs in which to spend an incredible day with your loved ones. 

Majaceite River

The Majaceite or Guadalcacín river is the main affluent of the Guadalete river, and its path is one of the most famous belonging to the Grazalema Natural Park, very visited by families and of great beauty. The path is located between Benamahoma and El Bosque, and we can enjoy its estuaries to be able to bathe in them, especially in summer, because its waters are very cold. 

It is easily accessible from El Bosque, behind Las Truchas hotel or directly from Benamahoma, accessing it from the lower part of the village through Venta El Bujío. The visit can be completed by visiting the two mountain villages and visiting the botanical garden or the Molino del Agua Ecomuseum

rio majaceite

Lake of Arcos and Santiscal beach

The beaches of the sierra are a great option for surviving the heat. They are artificial beaches that allow you to enjoy a day in nature while you can cool down with a swim. The artificial beach of Santiscal is located in the Natural Park of La Cola del Pantano, and it is in a natural place of great beauty that transmits tranquility. In addition, it has different animal species, it even has an observatory to watch the water birds, and also the migratory ones like the osprey. 

It has shower service, security and even a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake. It is allowed to bring food from outside, and during the weekends it is better to arrive in the early hours, as there is no shade in the whole enclave and this way will ensure a shady area under the tres. It is open until 9 pm, and there is a parking area where we can leave our car all day long. 

lago de arcos y playa del santiscal

Santa Lucía Wells in Vejer 

Located in Vejer de la Frontera, Santa Lucía has some 15th century water mills 3 km away. They are still preserved, and the route of the water mills we can follow is shaped by the water coming from the spring of La Muela. The route is about 5 km long and usually starts at the Santa Lucía Church.

Arriving at the Aula de la Naturaleza, taking the first detour to the left, we will find El Hoyo mill and next to it a first waterfall. After this first mill we will find a second one called the mill of El Batán, which is located next to a Roman aqueduct that will show us the way to the third mill, the mill of El Garrobo. The last of the mills on the route is called Miraflores. All of these mills belonged to the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, and were used by the producers of the area under their income

Santa Lucía has a population of approximately 200 inhabitants, its economy is mainly based on agriculture since the lands of this beautiful natural place are very fertile and contain many different species of fruit trees and orchards that give the best vegetables.

pozas de santa lucia en vejer

Bornos Reservoir

The Bornos reservoir is located in the town of the same name, and has a great wealth of plant and animal life and a high ecological value. It is protected, however, a high density of livestock endangers the proliferation of some species and the healthy state of the water. Therefore, it is especially important that those visitors who go to the Bornos reservoir this summer are careful and respectful of the environment, picking up any rubbish they produce and trying to keep its impact to a minimum, as there have been problems with pollution in this area. In the Bornos reservoir we can find a free swimming area and, in addition, there is a sailing club, a centre for tourist activities that allow for windsurfing, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, kite surfing, etc. 

embalse de bornos

Zahara de la Sierra Reservoir

Zahara de la Sierra is located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, between the Guadalete and Bocaleones rivers, and on its banks is the Zahara-El Gastor reservoir. It is part of what is known as the Route of the White Villages, which offers fantastic views of its surroundings and is, without doubt, a fantastic place to visit due to the beauty of the natural area in which it is located. 

Rural and adventure tourism is one of the main economic pillars of the town, and that is that this reservoir or artificial beach offers many activities that can be practiced in free time: hiking, climbing, biking, archaeological routes or 4×4, kayaking, etc. In addition, the enclave is equipped with lifeguards, restaurant service, beach bar, tables in a picnic area and plenty of shade provided by the many trees in the area. Access is by ticket, although the price is affordable: 4.50 euros is the rate for adults on weekends. 

embalse de zahara de la sierra

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