Best surfing beaches in Andalusia

For true lovers of surfing, adventure and nature, surfing is not just a mere sport in the sea, it is not just standing on a board, it is not just salt water, it is not just wind and waves… it is much more than that. Surfers see the sea and the waves in a special and different way, and more than 35 million surfers around the world see the true meaning of surfing.

Andalusia has a lot of incredible and perfect beaches for surfing, especially on the coast of Cadiz, whether you want to start in this sport, as if you are already an expert. Do you want to enjoy the best waves and beaches in Andalusia for surfing? Stay with us and we will tell you much more.


El Palmar Beach, Vejer (Cadiz)

El Palmar is one of the best beaches in Cadiz, Andalusia and Spain, as it is one of the iconic surfing spots in Spain. It is the place where most surfers gather in Spain. This beach has a deep-rooted surfing culture, so much so that even bars and shops have specialized in this sport.

El Palmar is an area with a white sandy beach of 4 km and southwest orientation, in addition, it has 330 days of sunshine a year, which is a very pleasant weather for surfing. The best time to surf this beach is from October to April, where you can get waves of up to 3 metres. Not to be missed!

Playa del Palmar is one of the best surfing beaches in Andalusia where you can find waves of up to 3 metres.

Los Lances Beach, Tarifa (Cadiz)

It is such an ideal surfing destination. It is located just 14 kilometres from Africa and is a place of continuous pilgrimage for surf lovers. This beach has a strong wind almost all year round, which creates great waves that are perfect for all kinds of manoeuvres.  In addition, this area combines wonderful scenery with very pleasant water temperatures and atmosphere, which makes this sport very easy to practise. In addition, the city has a surfing atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent.

If you are a surf lover, do not hesitate and come to this beach, you will enjoy the experience to the fullest.

El Palmar is one of the best beaches in Cádiz and one of the places where most surfers gather in Spain.

Yerbabuena Beach, Barbate (Cadiz)

Surfing in the province of Cadiz is worldwide famous, and this beach is perfect for it. It is located in the Breña Natural Park. The Yerbabuena beach is great for surfers, as while you practice the sport you can enjoy a magnificent view of this natural spot. If you are not an experienced surfer, do not get caught up in its natural beauty, because the current can carry you to the rocks and it can be dangerous. It is also a difficult beach to access, which makes it ideal for surfing without competition to catch the best wave.

Do not hesitate to come to such a special beach, where you can enjoy your sport while you enjoy a magnificent plate of red tuna from Almadraba, which will help you regain your strength.

The Yerbabuena beach is perfect for surfing while enjoying the beautiful scenery of this natural spot.

Mazagón Beach, (Huelva)

Mazagón has the most unspoilt beaches in the whole Huelva. It is located next to the Doñana Natural Park and is well known for its immense dunes and the pine forests that guard it. It has an exceptional atmosphere where surfers from all over Spain gather to enjoy its waves. The best time to surf in Mazagón is in the autumn and winter months, when the swells and big waves are much more frequent.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, this beach is suitable for all levels. You can’t miss this beach where you will enjoy an incredible experience. Moreover, after a hard day of surfing you can recover your strength with a good dish of white prawns typical of the area.
Mazagón beach is one of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in Huelva where you will find an incredible surfing atmosphere.

Cabopino Beach, Marbella (Málaga)

This beautiful beach surrounded by pine trees and dunes is perfect for people who want to take up the sport of surfing, as it has a moderate swell, as well as sports schools that teach surfing. This beach is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and works best when there is half tide and a westerly wind. Cabopino beach has a sandy bottom and short waves, but there are many peaks perfect for catching waves.

Cabopino is the ideal beach if you want to travel with children, as they will also be able to have fun with their boards. In addition, you can also practice in your free time the fashionable sport called Paddle surfing. Cabopino is waiting for you!

Cabopino beach is a perfect beach if you want to get started in the sport of surfing, as well as being ideal for travelling with children.

Punta del Río Beach, Salobreña (Granada)

This beach can be found in a hidden corner of the coast of Salobreña, located on the border with Motril. It is situated at the mouth of the Guadalfeo river. It is a shallow beach and is ideal for beginners and for those who have already reached an intermediate level of surfing. The waves tend to occur almost every day of the year, as well as having a maximum height of one or one and a half metres, and breaking close to the shore. Waves for expert surfers occur infrequently.

In 2020 it was awarded the ISO flag, an environmental label that reflects its commitment to improvement and pollution prevention. Do not miss this unspoilt natural area where you can have an incredible surfing experience!

This beach was awarded the ISO flag and is considered a natural and unspoilt area perfect for enjoying good surfing.

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