The 5 Best Plans and Activities to do in Cadiz

Cadiz has that special “something” that many Andalusian cities have, that passion and feeling that you can see in its streets with its people. This city is spectacular and in it you can enjoy the most different, incredible and curious plans that you can imagine, activities that will make you feel when you return home that all the time you have been there has been worthwhile, and that you want not only to repeat, but to live more different experiences.

Cádiz has a historic center worth visiting and is full of monuments, beaches where you will want to sunbathe and viewpoints that will leave you speechless. In fact, we are in front of what is considered to be the oldest city in the West as it was founded by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC.

Are you ready to discover the 5 best things to do in Cadiz? Keep reading this blog and make room in your calendar because they will make you want to go as soon as possible.


The beaches of Cadiz

The large number of incredible beaches that this city has means that anyone who likes to sunbathe or just relax and enjoy the sea and the sand must visit one of them. It is true that in this city sometimes the wind can play a trick or make the experience uncomfortable, but what better plan than to take a dip in the sea and then see the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. This is possible at Bolonia beach, what beach can claim to have such an element of interest?

Another beach that is truly spectacular is Los Caños. Its sand is fine and golden and its waters are of a green and blue color that make a fabulous sight. Although if you want something more adventurous and you like water sports, the wind blows very often on Valdevaqueros beach, which has turned it into a paradise for surf lovers thanks to its fantastic waves.

Las playas de Cádiz

Enjoy the views from the Tavira Tower

It’s one of the great attractions of this great city and it certainly makes sense. The Tavira Tower has the best views of the whole city, with its 45 meters above sea level. This tower is really just another of the 126 viewpoints in the historic center of Cádiz, but this one has something special that sets it apart from the rest: the camera obscura. It is a mechanism that projects moving images of what is happening outside.

It is a must-see, so you have to book in advance otherwise you won’t be able to see the camera obscura (although you will be able to go up to the viewpoint). The price is 7 euros, although it is 5.50 euros for the over 65s, students, large families, groups of more than 10 people and people with disabilities. The opening hours are from 10am to 6pm from October to April, and from 10am to 8pm from May to September.

Torre Tavira Cádiz


Tasting the gastronomy of Cadiz

Do you like to eat the traditional food of the place you are visiting? Are you a lover of good food? Well, you’re in luck, as Cádiz has an exquisite gastronomy that is hard to match. For this, you have plenty of areas with bars and restaurants in this great city.

Here we are going to recommend streets where you can find some of the best places for tapas, such as Calle Virgen de la Palma, Plaza de las Flores, Plaza de San Martín or around the Cathedral. The Mercado de Abastos is also a highly recommended place, as it has its own gastronomic corner.

But what foods are typical of Cádiz? There really are a lot of traditional Cadiz dishes that are delicious. The shrimp omelette, a portion of marinated dogfish or a plate of fried fish are some of them that you must try. Fish is the essence of Cadiz’s gastronomy and if you like it you’ll be delighted.

Cazón en Adobo Cádiz


Hiking in Los Alcornocales

If you want to experience and enjoy nature in this city, the Alcornocales Natural Park is the place for you. It is the third largest park in Andalusia and is a real lung for the community. Besides, the cork of the region comes from this park, so it is very important.

The park is characterized by having the largest cork oak forest in Spain and one of the largest in the world. As for its fauna, it is largely determined by its geographical position. This place is a real paradise for birdwatchers, where you can find gliding birds such as storks, kites, honey buzzards, vultures, Egyptian vultures and a host of other birds.

Some of the most recommended trails in the park are: Río de la Miel, Río Hozgarganta, La Calzada Dehesa Boyal or Garganta del Puerto Oscuro. All of them are incredible and you certainly won’t regret doing them.

Los Alcornocales Cádiz


A route through the White Villages of Cadiz

A must-see in Cádiz are the Pueblos Blancos (white villages), which are beautiful towns with snow-white houses, located in the middle of nature, each one more fascinating than the last. The route takes you through these villages that make up a beautiful postcard landscape where you will surely want to stay. In fact, if you want to follow this route in the best possible way, don’t hesitate to take our Guided Tour of White Villages, where you will experience and discover these villages with our specialised guides.

But why are they white? This color is given to them by the lime. These graffiti became popular in the 19th century both to protect from the heat and to disinfect the streets and houses. And how many white villages are there? There are 19 and they are the following: Arcos de la Frontera, Bornos, Espera, Villamartín, Algodonales, El Gastor, Olvera, Torre-Alháquime, Setenil de las Bodegas, Acalá del Valle, Prado del Rey, El Bosque, Ubrique, Benaocaz, Villaluenga del Rosario, Grazalema, Benamahoma, Zahara de la Sierra and Algar.

Our recommendation and the ones we liked the most are Arcos de la Frontera and Setenil de las Bodegas, so don’t hesitate to visit them.

Pueblos blancos Cádiz


Do you want to discover more of Cadiz? Don’t worry because with our guided tours you will be able to do so:

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