5 Cheaps plans to enjoy in Cadiz

Are you going to spend a few days in the city and don’t know what to visit? We recommend the best plans that you can enjoy alone or accompanied to visit this magnificent city.

Enjoy the best beaches

Ideal for relaxing lying on the sand with a good book, stroll along fine sand or take a swim. There are several options, the most recognized is that of Bolonia, where you can also enjoy some Roman ruins, something that is not usually common when we go to other beaches, therefore, it is a highly recommended visit.

The Caleta beach is located in the historic center of the city, and very important for the tacita de plata. It is flanked by two castles, on the one hand the castle of Santa Catalina, which is shaped like a star, and the castle of San Sebastian.

The sunsets in Cadiz are almost magical, if you have the opportunity to stay and enjoy them, you will not be disappointed.

If in your case you travel with a pet, you have several beaches where animals are accepted, and you can enjoy together in Camposoto beach, in San Fernando, in the season from June 1 to September 30. The rest of the year you are allowed to go with them to other beaches, such as San Fernando, Sanlucar de Barrameda or Chipiona.

Enjoy the best beaches

 The essence of Cadiz through its neighborhoods

Among its neighborhoods and alleys is where you can enjoy the true essence of the city. Some of the neighborhoods that we recommend you to visit are La Viña neighborhood, the most popular and oldest in the historic center, the Mentidero neighborhood, important because it is home to the Gran Teatro Falla, if you like carnivals, the Barrio de Santa Maria, where flamenco is very present, where great artists like La Perla de Cadiz or Chano Lobato came from.

If you want something more romantic to enjoy as a couple, in the Barrio de San Juan you will find a special enclave of the city, La Plaza de las Flores, where you can enjoy a flower market and a large commercial area to enjoy a day of shopping.

At OwayTours we offer a free tour through the most outstanding neighborhoods of Cadiz, a very good option to get to know the essence of the city.

The essence of Cadiz through its neighborhoods

Delicacies of Cadiz gastronomy

If you visit Cadiz is almost an obligation to eat fish in the best restaurants in the city, El Faro de Cádiz has a bar and tapas area that will steal your heart, its shrimp omelettes (2.40 euros) or a variety of tapas for less than 4 euros.

La punta del sur, has a perfect atmosphere to enjoy a great variety of tapas between 10/15 euros per person.

The most famous fried food restaurant in Cadiz is undoubtedly Las Flores, where bar service can get you each tapa for less than 2 euros.

The central market is a great place to go if you are not sure where you want to eat, as they have a wide variety of options, both to go shopping and to have some tapas, with a fairly affordable price.

Delicacies of Cadiz gastronomy

The Cathedral of Cadiz

Something you can not miss if you are going to spend a few days in Cadiz, is its cathedral. Built in the sixteenth century on top of the old Gothic Cathedral of Alfonso X the Wise. In it we can see 116 years of art, as it is reflected from the baroque style in its plant contrasting with its Rococo style interior, being finished in the neoclassical style in its towers, dome and facade.

It can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 16:30, for a fairly cheap price of 6 euros, but if you are a pensioner, the price drops to 5 euros. If you are a student or a group of friends, the price per person is 4 euros.

Within this price is included the visit to the Clock Tower, where you can see stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cathedral of Cadiz

Monuments and Museums to visit for free

Oratorio de San Felipe, which was started in 1688 and was finally inaugurated in 1719, is a perfect visit for a very good price of 4 euros per person, except for pensioners or minors, which is 2 euros.

In the same area of the historic center, we find the Genoese Park, with the largest green area in the center. It highlights La Gruta, a lake area with a waterfall where you can see a variety of birds, perfect to visit after a long walk and free of charge.

If you like the Roman period, you can visit the Roman Theater, considered the oldest and best preserved of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Its entrance is also completely free.

If you are in San Fernando, you can visit the Municipal Historical Museum of San Fernando, it is perfect if you want to discover much more about Cadiz, this is the ideal place. Inside this museum we can find some Roman sarcophagi and statues, developed in six rooms with a main courtyard for temporary exhibitions.

Its entrance is totally free, so there is no excuse to visit it.

Monuments and Museums to visit for free

In OwayTours we offer you these proposals to see Cadiz that may interest you:

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