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Cadiz Guide

Cadiz is one of those excellent destinations to spend your holidays

Cádiz is one of those unbeatable holiday destinations in the most literal and honest sense possible, because it is one of those places with charm, permanent good vibes and many options in terms of comfort, enjoyment and fulfillment. From its fine golden sandy beaches to its excellent gastronomic offer. In the old town, besides delighting in its narrow streets and its singularity, it offers many bars and restaurants that mix the past with the present, tradition with modernity, he old bars with the most modern and avant-garde.

Where to buy in Cadiz

Shopping in Cadiz is a great experience: not only for the mere and strict fact of acquiring products, which can please more or less depending on the person, but it also means contemplating the atmosphere, the colorfulness of its street map, the aroma of its markets and above all the kindness and art of its people, especially those who are dedicated to treating and serving the public. In addition, the environment helps because Cadiz has charm everywhere you look. This city has exclusive fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, select tapas restaurants, glamorous wine shops, ham shops that remove the hiccups and, in short, a large number of services within the reach of the traveler. Get ready to eat up Cadiz and go from top to bottom. Absolutely everything is going to please you.

El Chicuco, the festival of ham and wine

This is a major establishment in Cadiz, located in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, where they sell typical products of the province and other delicacies for the palate. It has been updated and modernized due to the old aroma with the charm that it implies. In addition, El Chicuco has an attached bar where they serve the products on sale in the form of succulent tapas. The ham is the key product. You just only have to take a look at the place whose walls testify the love and devotion towards this wonder of our cuisine. They can serve it and pack it for you the way you want and even they offer a cutting service with a ham that you can bring them. The success of their sales and their excellent hams lies in the fact that they have their own brand of Iberian hams, owned by the Manrique family, who cure and pamper them in Extremadura. Another key product in El Chicuco are the wines with more than 200 references, most of them from Jerez or from Cadiz itself. Old and young wines, with more or less body, fruity, dry, brandies, fine in branch. All the varieties you can imagine will be at your fingertips.

Magerit, the wine’s house

Since this winery opened in 1999 in Fermín Salvochea Street, it has helped to spread the wine culture in Cadiz. this happened because of its good work, its criteria, its taste and its excellent variety in which you can find from sections dedicated to sherries, with a range of more than 100 references, to brandies, through label wines, from Jerez and from the Sierra de Cadiz. they also sell international wines and have launched a part that is dedicated to gins, the ones that are right now very fashionable. They are specialized in the wine of the gods from the kindness, the good treatment and the closeness.

Calles Columela y Compañía, the artery of the leisure

Columela Street is one of the most lively, dynamic and vibrant streets in Cadiz, and it is within what they call the golden mile of commerce, the one which also includes the Plaza del Palillero, Novena, Ancha, San Franscisco, Compañía and Pelota. Meters and meters of streets, of arteries in Cadiz, where you can walk, entertain and buy because you will find everything there. Whatever you can’t find in this area of leisure and amazing atmosphere you won’t probably find it anywhere in Cadiz. Shops, restaurants and tapas bars with excellent selections are part of the scene of the street with the most commercial tradition of the old town of Cadiz. Shops, restaurants and tapas bars with excellent choices are part of the street scene with more commercial tradition of the old town of Cadiz. brands of clothing, shoes, all kind of accessories, local of high tables and succulent tapas are hand in hand with balance, judgment and good taste. Your disconnection moment is called Calle Columela and Compañía.

Things to do in Cadiz

Cádiz deals with the possibilities of leisure from its simplicity, quality and good harmony. From discovering the Gadir site (the city’s latest archeological discovery) to seeing equestrian shows, including sightings of cetaceans. Do not forget the small details such as enjoying a sunset from the urban beach of the Caleta with privileged views, and walk and get lost in the Alameda or Celestino Mutis Park.

You will be amazed with the Tavira Tower and its giant lens to see the city in real time. You will be able to give yourself a complete walk through the neighborhood of La Viña or fill your belly in any place with charm of its old town. In fact, and regarding the views from the Tower, it is worth mentioning that Cadiz is known worldwide for its lookout towers. And, if you allow us the recommendation, don’t leave without digging your teeth into the “churros” of the Caseta de Manolo. It is the perfect sweet brooch of gold to a stay of 10.

Torre Tavira, the eye which sees everyhitng

From this tower you can enjoy the best views of Cadiz. It is the highest point and on the top there is a pioneering attraction in Spain: the dark camera. It is a giant lens that will show you in every detail everything that is happening in the city no matter how distant it may be. In order to examine the details, it can be seen over the horizon at a certain distance or beneath it. In Cadiz there are many lookout towers that were used in ancient times to spot travelers approaching from the sea. You will have to be aware of the reservations because the visits have limited capacity.

Yacimiento Gadir, the last discovery

In Calle San Miguel, beneath the Puppet Theatre, these Phoenician remains, considered to be the oldest in the West, have been found. The archaeological site is structured in different levels corresponding to the different stages of occupation. Eight houses and fossilized tracks of several bulls and goats of the time are preserved. In the epicentre of the archaeological site is the figure of Mattan, a Phoenician who died in a huge fire in the 6th century BC.

Real Escuela Arte Encuestre

This school is internationally known for its show “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” and it is located 40 kilometres away, in Jerez de la Frontera. Besides attending to this exhibition which shows all the power and strength of the Andalusian horse, you can visit the facilities, the training and museums of equestrian art. In addition, besides being a foundation that promotes shows, it also promotes and preserves this noble art in all its aspects.

Open country, nature, art and caste

Also to 40 kilometers, in the property of Los Alburejos, and with prior reservation in its web page (www.acampoabierto.com), emerges this bullfighting spectacle and a visit to the brave cattle of Torrestrella and the famous horses of Álvaro Domecq. n the freedom of the Andalusian countryside, you will also be able to see how wild bulls, mares, foals and riders working in cowboy dressage live.

Sighting of cetaceans from the Estrecho de Gibraltar

It is possible to sale in a responsible way through the Estrecho, which is an area that is declared as an International Biosphere Reserve, and it is also possible to live a very curious and rewarding experience as well. And why not: exciting. Watching whales and dolphins approaching to boats in order to show off is really a heart-wrenching situation. Moreover, there’s a probability of almost 100% of a sighting happening at every exit, with the guarantee of a second chance in the hypothetical case that does not happen.

Route of the white Pueblos

The abrupt Sierra de Cádiz is home to a group of small villages that are a sign of identity of our land. These towns maintain the typical features of the villages of Al Ándalus, whitewashed in a blinding white that makes them shine under the powerful Cadiz sun. Handicrafts and gastronomy come together in a network of small urban centres among which Roman roads survive; 19 villages that have been marked by the history of some of the conquerors of American lands, moments of Christian reconquest and the attack of the French. Arcos de la Frontera stands out, with a spectacular view because of its location on a cliff; Ubrique, for its legacy in leather handicrafts; and Setenil de las Bodegas, where you can be amazed at the structure of their houses, many of them embedded in the mountains. A splendid route to get lost in an environment full of history and environmental value in the heart of Sierra de Grazalema, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

What monuments to see in Cadiz

Cadiz is in style because of its climate, its privileged position, its monuments, its historical footprint, its cultural facilities, its beaches, its gastronomy and the warmth of its people. There are many places, of great and spectacular patrimony, that deserve to be visited in this wonderful city. From the Cathedral to the castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian, passing through the Roman Theatre or the Gran Teatro Falla, not forgetting other points of interest such as the Tavira Tower, the church of San Antonio de Padua or the Archaeological and Fine Arts Museum of Cadiz. This small town, where everything is relatively nearby, is home to many architectural and cultural treasures. From Oway we send you this order: how many of these treasures will you be able to visit? Each and every one of them has its own particularities, histories and precious artistic capital. Are you ready for the tour? Let’s get started.

It’s known by many names such as Santa Cruz over the sea, Santa Cruz over the Waters or also known as the New Cathedral although it is backed by 116 years. The construction began with a baroque style and ended up turning towards the neoclassical in its facade, towers and domes, as well as in most of the altarpieces and the main altar. Just looking at the Cathedral from the exterior is a delight. The reason why it is a delight is because its main facade is impressive and full of movement with its concave and convex shapes and because its three sober porches. Besides, In addition, one of its most distinctive exterior elements is the Clock Tower, from where you can appreciate a complete view of the entire city and its horizon mixed with the waters of the Atlantic. Inside, you can enjoy the majesty, religiosity and worship to his pictorial works, chapels and sanctuaries. It is an authentic joy.

In Andalusia, birthplace of great artists, art is one of the most illustrious aspects. That is why, since the beginning of the 17th century, there is evidence of permanent premises in the city of Cadiz for the performance of plays.

Located in the historic center of Cadiz we find the Tavira Tower, which with 45 meters above sea level boasts of being the highest viewpoint of the city of Cadiz. The breathtaking views that it throws from the Costa de la Luz is something you can’t miss, dare you see Cadiz from above? Well, here you will find all the information about Tavira Tower.

This is one of the oldest theaters in the peninsula. This is one of the oldest theaters in the peninsula. It has very archaic features, with stairs embedded in the rock, with a parabolic profile, and with a surface that sits on an uneven ground. All of this gives a special appeal to this Roman Theatre which was built around 70 B.C. and the one which has gone through different stages of sacking, erosion and cultural shocks. A date with Roman history and architecture.

It was Built in the second decade of the twentieth century, and it is located in Plaza España. It aims to pay tribute to this crucial and culminating point in history in which a very important Constitution was adopted in 1812. To do so, they have raised a set of large dimensions in the shape of a hemicycle, a metaphor for the current Legislative Chamber. In addition, it is surrounded by gardens that end up staging an extremely attractive complex.

At the end of the 17th century, the master builder Blas Díaz created a prayer temple dedicated to San Felipe Neri. It is an environment of elliptical ground plan with baroque decoration of the highest level. Its spectacular altarpiece is only a sample of the careful work carried out by the architects, and it frames a magnificent image of the Immaculate Conception, work of Murillo, a master piece of the painter. However, besides being one of the best decorated buildings, it is a place that marked the recent history of Spain. On the outside, tombstones recall one of the most important events of the 19th century: on 19 March 1812 this was the place where the courts promulgated the Political Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy. A visit that mixes the taste for baroque art and the history of our nation.

In the past, it was built to defend one of the most vulnerable fronts of access to Cadiz: the maritime entry point of the Caleta beach. It is an example of military architecture that has survived to the present day without significant changes, practically unalterable. Today, the Santa Catalina Castle has become a great cultural space, very versatile, which includes workshops, exhibition halls and serves as a setting for concerts and summer activities in its weapons courtyard. It has tremendous views of the Caleta beach.

It is a real treasure perfectly preserved and a fortification that penetrates the sea, in the breakwater of the Caleta beach. It has been repaired and rehabilitated with the intention of turning it into an essential place for its visit for both locals and travelers. It is almost a type of walled subcity, inside the sea, totally mixed with its maritime contour, and that looks like it has been taken from a good Hollywood film. Seeing yourself walking into the sea and contemplating the city from the castle are experiences that you will undoubtedly have to try.

It is an element of great heritage and historical importance for Cadiz and it contains a central vault, its tower and the upper promenade. These are the pillars of this Earth Gate, which was built and enlarged in the 18th century. The impressive and majestic facade has an elegant marble portico like a triumphal arch that presides over the monument. And on the two sides, bastions of San Roque and Santa Elena. In addition to the mentioned areas fitted out for the visit, this monument also houses the premises of the Lithographic Workshop Museum and the Puppet Museum.

Setenil de las Bodegas is an Andalusian village, located in the province of Cadiz, also, is part of “La ruta de los pueblos blancos” (a route through beautiful and important villages) in Andalusia. Within the caves embedded in the municipality, there have been findings that indicate that the caves were inhabited more than 5,000 years ago. During the Reconquest in Spain, Setenil de las Bodegas was a very important strategic point. Part of the name of this municipality is due to the number of sieges (“sitio” in spaninsh) it suffered from the time of Juana II of Castile until the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs. The last recorded siege of this town was in 1484. During the Modern Age it continued to evolve due to its excellent geographical location in the mountains. In 1630 it gained independence from the city of Ronda. Since the beginning of the 20th century this village has continued to evolve, basing its financial activity on tourism and agriculture. It also has one of the most famous festivals in the province.

On the border between Europe and Africa we find this small town where a mixture of cultures converges that give rise to a charming town. Want to know more about Gibraltar and the possibilities it offers you? Here you will enjoy all the information.

In the north of Morocco, the city of Tangier is a city that invites you to visit. On its shores, where the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic converge, you will discover an authentic city influenced by all the cultures that have trodden its soil. A city that is bigger than it seems, with almost a million inhabitants. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, it is one of the largest cities in Morocco and has the largest port in the country. Due to its connections with Europe, mainly through Spain, it is a very cosmopolitan city, where you can find plans and people for all tastes. Although it can be a bit more expensive than other parts of Morocco, due to the exchange rate it is a very economical destination. We bring you all the information you need to know and plan your visit to the city. So you will enjoy it even more.

Cadiz, not only surprises for its incredible beaches, but it also has an important history in which you will fall in love completely. Besides going to the beach, you can enjoy its incredible monuments, such as the cathedral, the breathtaking views from the Torre de Tavira, get lost in the narrow streets of the Pópulo neighborhood, take a free tour, enjoy the incredible sunsets of Cadiz, stroll along the promenade and enjoy the best beach bars where you will experience the gastronomy of Cadiz. In Cadiz, you will enjoy the thousands of plans to do, but do not forget to visit the Plaza de las Flores, where you will end up completely in love and you will not get bored, are you going to miss it? Keep reading to learn more information about this Plaza.

Where to stay in Cadiz

Staying in Cadiz is easy and everything is so close that it won’t be a headache. There are really amazing places where you can stay in and where you’ll have an incredible stay. Those places are the crown jewels of the city and OWAY will introduce them to you, but there are also other options which are more economic for everyone. Cadiz has National paradors, hotels that are close to the Victoria beach, 18 th century ramshackle houses, old convents and 19 th century buildings. There are many amazing options which are full of serenity, history and comfort. It has great views, great location and excellent features. Get ready to enjoy.

Hotel Atlántico, an spectacular national parador | 4 stars

It is a modern, minimalist and amazing hotel which is very well situated and it is surrounded by bars, restaurants and places of interest. You can wake up while looking at the Atlantic Ocean or you can admire from the swimming pool of the parador how the sea and the horizon become one. It is the jewel of the crown for all the senses.

Address: Av. Duque de Nájera, 9

Telephone: 956 22 69 05

Website: https://www.booking.com/hotel/es/parador-atlantico.es.html

Hotel Playa Victoria | 4 stars

It is an urban hotel just in the Victoria beach. It is located next to the sea, so it has incredible views and a direct access to the golden sand of Cadiz. This hotel has a good location, comfort, good service and an exclusive style. It also contains an exterior swimming pool and a solarium also next to the beach. ¿What else can you ask for? It is difficult to make equal the features that this hotel presents. It is a window open to the pleasure.

Address: Glorieta Ing. la Cierva, 4

Telephone: 956 20 51 00

Website: https://www.palafoxhoteles.com/es/hoteles-en-cadiz/hotel-playa-victoria

Hotel Argantonio, the importance of details

It is a very warm hotel from Cadiz that has been reinvented after being a 18 th century small ramshackle house. It mixes three different styles which are the Moorish, the classic and the colonial. This hotel is a very charming place that takes care of all the details and that stands out due to its originality and personality. There’s a very important thing: there’s no architectural barriers.

Address: Calle Argantonio, 3

Telephone: 956 21 16 40

Website: https://www.hotelargantonio.com/es/index.php

Hospedería de Las Cortes, history and modernity

This is another wonder. Each room of this Hospedería is dedicated to an event or relevant personage of the stage of the Cortes de Cadiz of 1812. This charming hotel is situated in an elegant 19th century building, and in the heart of the historic quarter. They have a terrace on the roof that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of the city as if you were in the garden of your house. This hotel has an outstanding location, it pays attention to detail and it has that point of history that every traveler likes to know.

Address: Calle San Francisco, 9

Telephone: 956 22 04 89

Website: https://www.hotellascortes.com/

Convent of Santo Domingo, unique and with an ancient air

This is an old convent from the 17th century which belongs to the Order of the Dominicans. This convent is situated in the heart of the historic centre and it offers a unique accommodation that is very well located, just a few meters from the beach of Santa María del Mar. It also offers a large number of Baroque marble works that will make you stay quite special. It has an interior courtyard in an incredible monastery style, with lots of white, beautiful arches dominating the columns and red combinations that offer a great view. This convent is comfortable, you can breathe history and you will find serenity everywhere you look. In addition, they have a library with copies of the 17th and 18th century.

Address: Calle Santo Domingo, 2

Telephone: 956 20 07 38

Website: https://www.hotelconventocadiz.com/

Casa Caracol, where you will feel like home

This is more than a place to sleep. That’s how they define themselves. They organize getaways to fantastic beaches, they prepare international dinners every night, the promote yoga classes, open-air movie nights, surf lessons with local schools or barbecues In their attic with terrace which is probably the most beautiful and attractive part of the hostel. Regarding the rooms, they have private and shred rooms.

Address: Calle Suárez de Salazar, 4

Telephone: 956 26 11 66

Website: https://casacaracolcadiz.com/en/

Where to eat in Cadiz

 Cadiz is deliriously good to eat. Its nearness to the sea gives a different air to its rich gastronomic offer because fish sustains its pyramid of pleasure, and is the most and best used raw material for its heavenly preparations. But also the culinary side of Cadiz is nourished and is full of retinal meat of products from the garden. Besides, everything is close and the possibilities of tapas are infinite, although from Oway we want to take care of you and make easy the complex mission of finding the best place, so that your stay in Cadiz gets closer to the 10. Sublimate your holidays from the palate and the good taste. That’s how we are.

Cumbres Mayores, the taste of Sierra de Aracena

This is the ideal place for tapas, with all the flavor of the Sierra de Aracena Park. Hams, sausages and the best Iberian meats will welcome you in a rustic place full of charm. All marinated with a good wine. You will also have the chance to taste the lamb chops, the “guarrito chico” and the great barbecue that they prepare. It is a pleasure of high flights.

Address: Calle Zorrilla, 4

Schedule: everyday from 12:30 to 16:30 and from 20:00 to 23:30

Telephone and website: 856 07 22 42 | https://www.mesoncumbresmayores.com/page/bienvenido

Ultramarinos Calle San José, a classic for snacks and snacks

It is a reference in the city and a place that will force you to grab a bite and ring so good that it will be all. You will have to come back. The dishes and portions combine tradition with touches of more original flavor, and with a more than interesting quality- price ratio. The menu is not very extensive, which favors that, with what there is, there is always a touch of excellence. Best place to recover after kicking the whole city, impossible.

Address: Calle Enrique de las Marinas, 2D

Schedule: everyday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:00. Closed on Tuesday.

Telephone and website: 856 07 69 46 | https://www.ultramarynos.com

Casa Manteca, the temple of Cadiz tapas

It is one of the indispensable ones in our route of the tapeo and the pleasure. Located in the heart of the Barrio de La Viña, an authentic tavern emerges with strong Cadiz roots, ancient air with its decoration of the 50s, typical tapas and chacinas. One of its main dishes is chicharrones en lámina with lemon and salt, a very idiosyncratic delicacy from Cádiz. In Casa Manteca you will enjoy the essence of the local gastronomy.

Address: Calle Corralón de los Carros, 66

Schedule:everyday from 12 to 16h and from 20:30 to 0:30

Telephone and website:956 21 36 03 | https://www.facebook.com/tabernamanteca/

Excellent combination of stops, flavors, leisure and dishes.

Among the most outstanding points, this is the one dedicated to the meat of retinto, to the red tuna of season, and in general to the varied fish and seafood. It is a gastronomic spot that contains stalls that go from sushi to Argentine empanadas. Also, for lovers of different types of beer, there is a dedicated stand.

Address: Plaza de la Libertad

Horario: de 9 a 15:30h todos los días, salvo el domingo que tienen cerrado

Schedule: 956 21 41 91 | https://www.facebook.com/mercadocentradecadiz.decadiz

Mesón Criollo, Cadiz environment 100%

It is a very interesting place for the high concentration of locals and rarely frequented by tourists. It is a dynamic establishment, with art and an elaborated gastronomy that will delight your stay. In Mesón Criollo you will be able to taste a wide variety of fish and typical dishes from the bay of Cadiz, such as the shrimp omelet, which is particularly delicious.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Palma, 20

Schedule: from 12h to 16:00, and from 20:00 to 00:00 everyday (from July to September). Rest of the year closed on nights from Sunday to Wednesday.

Telephone and website: 956 22 71 27 | https://www.mesoncriollo.com/

DirtyBone, thought in order to live a doube life

It is an establishment with two opposing environments ideal for living that double life of which the title speaks. On the one hand, its beautiful and inviting terrace, a window open to the Bay, presided over by a fountain; and on the other, its interior with a more intimate atmosphere to dine in good company, with a more different and groundbreaking style. One of its main attractions in the form of a powerful dish is the veal rib “smoked style” roasted for 12 hours at low temperature. Also watch out for its lightly smoked scallops with tiger’s milk and tapioca pearls. How wonderful!

Address: Paseo Alameda Marqués de Comillas, 5

Schedule:Monday to Friday from 20.00pm to 00.00pm. Saturday and Sunday from 13.30pm to 16.30pm and from 20.00pm to 00.00am

Telephone and website: 856 07 08 94 | dirtybonealameda.com

El Aljibe, traditional and modern Cadiz cuisine

It offers the best rice in town. Pure and simple. With a rustic air and classic furniture, this place appears in the heart of Cadiz with a distinctly Cadiz proposal combined in terms of tradition and creativity. Also it stands out the grouper puff pastry and the scrambled eggs of cod and potatoes from Sanlúcar. They also have an extensive wine cellar with more than 400 references.

Address: Calle Plocia, 25

Schedule: 11h to 00:00 every day with no interruption

Telephone and website: 956 26 66 56 | https://grupogrosso.wixsite.com/elaljibe

El Sonámbulo, spontaneity and freshness

It is a restaurant with a bohemian atmosphere and excellent food. It has a diaphanous space and freshness in its food. It is committed to local and seasonal products, its service ranges from vermouth time to dinners that are lengthened tasting their specialties molon or raw.

Address: Plaza Candelaria, 12

Schedule: from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., except on Fridays and Saturdays when the service is extended until midnight.

Telephone and website: 661 77 07 90 | https://www.sonambulocadiz.com/

El Faro, excellent in every way

It is an exclusive restaurant and one of the most prestigious in Cadiz. It has a good raw material, excellent cuisine and impeccable ambience. Tradition, territory and family come together in the Faro de Cádiz, an establishment that stands for its gastronomy, with up to three generations reinventing the meaning of tradition.

Address: Calle San Félix, 15

Schedule: everyday from 1pm to 4pm and from 8pm to 11pm.

Telephone and website: 956 21 10 68 | https://www.elfarodecadiz.com/

El Casino, simplicity and exclusivity in the same dish

It is a magnificent restaurant that combines many elements that will make your dining experience special: an exquisite interior courtyard in the neo-Mudejar style, a sophisticated atmosphere, excellent service and an original and innovative food that will delight your palate. A trip for your senses. It is the perfect place, a restaurant with a Michelin cherry, which also offers wines from its winery. Menu elaborated with a lot of care.

Address: Plaza de San Antonio, 15

Schedule: everyday from 1pm to 4pm. From Thursday to Fridays from 8pm to 11:30pm. Closed on Mondays.

Telephone and website: 856 076 928 | https://www.casinogrupovelez.com/restaurante/

Activities in Cadiz

Discover all the activities to do in Cadiz in the following link.

Everything coexists in Cadiz with ease, serenity, tranquility and a large amount of art. Its people and its settings full of magic. Another great advantage is the proximity to the sea and, therefore, this results in the freshness and quality of the fish. They also have the Cathedral, the Gadir archaeological site, the Gran Teatro Falla, where carnivals are celebrated, the Tavira Tower or the monument to the Cortes de Cadiz. The city also offers a party and a vibrant nightlife to complete the variety of possibilities that the traveler can find is he or she wants.

To keep adding attractions that enchant the tourist, add that it is not a crowded place where it is impossible to enjoy without hurry. Cadiz is calm, splendid climate, family atmosphere and proximity to everything. In one hour we can walk through Cadiz from end to end. Its gastronomic markets are another one of the highlights of a place of 10 and that can perfectly fulfill everything the world understands by holidays. Cadiz wins everyone heart with fidelity and simplicity.

Tours at Cadiz

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