Cueva del Gato in Ronda: natural beauty

Monument created by nature

Located in the municipality of Benaoján, a few kilometers from the magnificent Ronda, the Cueva del gato is a must if you visit the land that saw the birth of bullfighting and flamenco…as well as a few famous bandits.

Considered to be of cultural interest, the Cueva del gato is a beautiful rock formation that is formed by the cavern and the cavity that leads to the waters of the river Guadares and Gaudares.

Do you want to spend an unforgettable day in the middle of nature in the Cueva del Gato? Today in Oway we tell you how to get there and, by the way, we take you on a tour through our post. Don’t miss it.  

A natural monument

In the middle of the Sierra de Grazalema, the Curva del Gato is a mandatory stop if you venture to visit Ronda. And you may wonder why we recommend a visit to this natural spot… the main reasons are the following:

  • It is an important speleological complex
  • It keeps a route of spring waters from its infiltration in the Garganta del Hundidero to the exit through the Cueva del Gato. With crystal clear water, it becomes the most important system of Andalusia, with chasms, lakes, siphons, canyons and rooms that reach up to 70 meters high.
  • It contains an important riverside flora and fauna where you can see herons, cormorants of different colors or nightingales, among other species.
  • But Cueva del Gato is not only about natural attractions, here you can also find important Neolithic cave paintings.
  • In the surroundings of the Cueva del Gato there are ethnographic elements of interest such as the Puente del Pontón, the Molino de las Cuatro Paradas and the medieval road, an ancient Roman road.
Did you know that…? This route was a key point among highwaymen and thieves thanks to its abrupt shapes. References are found in travel guides of English travelers in the 18th century.

Points of interest:

  • Medieval Road
  • La Pileta Cave
  • Mill of the Four Stops

How to get to the Cueva del Gato 


You can go by car, if you go from Ronda, follow the signs to Seville with exit in Benaoján/Monteque, about 5 kilometers from Ronda.

You can reach the old, in the railroad of Mr. Henderson a 9 km journey linking the station Benaoján with Jimera de Libar.

As you will see, whether for hiking or simply strolling in a unique environment, the Cueva del Gato is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime…not forgetting that it is located near Ronda, the town with a rugged profile with many stories of bandits, bullfighters and flamenco in its interior.

But not only the soul and indomitable presence of Ronda serves as an attraction for the traveler: here was forged the art of bullfighting and, according to the story, the very Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway had fun. With this letter of introduction…it would be -almost- a sin to miss a visit to one of the jewels of Andalusia. For all these reasons, it is one of -we confess- our favorite places in the world.  

Among cliffs, echoes of the birth of the bulls, vigilante bandits and flamenco quejíos you will spend your hours in Ronda.

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