6 Ronda’s Main Traditions, Festivities and Customs

If Ronda is already an incredible place to visit, imagine if you go on a holiday where you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and thousands of people visit it every day. It is a perfect place with a lot of culture and where you can eat wonderfully. Moreover, it is only one hour and 45 minutes away from Seville and one hour and a half from Malaga.

Anyone who has visited Ronda knows that what we say is true, as all the people who visit the town are speechless because of how beautiful it is, especially the landscape of its famous Puente Nuevo, which is 100 metres deep. The bridge links the two parts of Ronda, the old neighbourhood(barrio antiguo) and the new neighbourhood (barrio nuevo), and we can see it from different perspectives. We will introduce you to six outstanding festivities of Ronda so that, besides visiting the town itself, you can enjoy its atmosphere, its people and its culture.

Main Traditions of Ronda

Holy Week

As in all of Andalusia, Holy Week is a very important religious tradition. The one in Ronda in particular is considered to be of Andalusian Tourist Interest. It lasts from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and you can see up to 15 processions of all the brotherhoods representing the Passion of Christ through the streets of the town, some accompanied by music bands.

Holy Week Ronda

Ronda Romántica

If you go to Ronda Romántica you will have the opportunity to travel back in time, as it is a historical recreation of the Royal May Fair (Real Feria de Mayo), founded in 1509. For five days, Ronda residents and visitors will experience moments from the first editions of the Royal May Fair. Equestrian exhibitions, livestock, typical products, the market, parades and many other activities are all you can enjoy at this fair, and I assure you that it will take you back to the past. In addition, to achieve a “romantic” effect of the past, the streets and establishments are decorated so that you can walk through the history of the city.

Ronda Romántica

Main Festivities of Ronda

Feria de Pedro Romero

This is the most important festivity in Ronda. During the whole week a typical Andalusian fair is held at the fairgrounds. And who doesn’t like a good fair? There will be booths, attractions for the little ones, music and much more. In addition, in the streets of Ronda you can enjoy the Fair in the Centre (Feria en el Centro), while in the fairground there is the Night Fair (Feria de Noche), where you can experience the nightlife atmosphere. The famous Goyesca Bullfight takes place in the Plaza de Toros during this fair and it’s the main attraction, where the most prominent figures of bullfighting go.

Pedro Romero’s Fair in Ronda

Carnival of Ronda

Every year, this town in Malaga dresses up with color and joy to celebrate carnival. There will be performances by carnival groups, parades with their carnival queens and you will be able to taste the typical migas in Los Descalzos square. On the last day, the saddest day for all participants, the Quema del Muñeco takes place, saying goodbye to this festival until the following year.

Carnival of Ronda

Main Customs of Ronda

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Cabeza

If you visit Ronda at the beginning of May, you can experience the pilgrimage dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city. The people of Ronda accompany the Virgen de la Cabeza on her journey from the church of Santa María de la Encarnación to her hermitage on the outskirts of the city. When they get there, a traditional and typical Andalusian celebration is held, where there is no lack of singing, dancing, good food and lots of volantes.

Virgen de la Cabeza in Ronda

Corpus Christi

Every year, on Corpus Christi Sunday, the body of Christ goes on procession through the streets of Ronda, visiting all the altars scattered around the city and accompanied by all the people of Ronda, as it is a festivity that is very much felt by the entire population. Moreover, as a curiosity, in the town they call this day “Corpus Chiquito”.

Corpus Christi in Ronda

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