Horseback Routes in Seville

The passion in Seville for everything that involves horses’ world is undeniable. There is a long equestrian tradition in the Andalusian capital, which is also booming. Who has not seen pictures of beautiful horse-drawn carriages next to the most famous monuments of the city? Here we will go a little further to discover the best routes riding these horses ourselves. 

About a hundred equestrian centers are established in the province of Seville. Many of them offer routes through different municipalities and natural landscapes. Cazalla de la Sierra, Morón de la Frontera, San Juan de Aznalfarache or Carmona are some of the villages at the top of this list, but there are many other options to discover and enjoy.

What are the best areas for horseback riding in Seville?

The supply of horseback riding routes is very assorted, you can choose between rural areas such as Cazalla de la Sierra or Doñana, where you can see spectacular natural landscapes, and urban areas such as the city of Seville itself, where after your route you can enjoy one of our Guided Tours in Seville, for example the Night Tour Seville, the icing on the cake of a perfect day.

Doñana Environment

These routes usually leave from the Pinares de Aznalcázar and La Pueblo del Río. The Doñana National and Natural Park is unique in Europe due to its mosaic of ecosystems and biodiversity. Horseback riding near the Guadalquivir marshes and through the green landscape is a unique experience.

Parque Natural de Doñana

Cazalla de la Sierra

The Sierra Norte de Sevilla is one of the favorite destinations for campers and nature lovers. There are many natural attractions in this landscape: the river Huéznar, the Puente del Ferrocarril, from which you can see the entire mountain range, or the herds of fighting cattle that decorate the landscape with bulls and cows. Can you imagine contemplating all this on the back of a horse?

Sierra Norte de Sevilla


The Andalusian capital is another option for a horseback riding route. Its monuments and historical buildings, as well as its folkloric spirit, attract millions of tourists every year. Our tours through the city will be the perfect accessory for the horseback route, you can chooose between the Guided tour of the Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral, or in case you have less time the Seville Cathedral Guided Tour or the Guided Tour to the Alcazar of Seville. The nearest equestrian center is located in San Juan de Aznalfarache, a few minutes from the Guadalquivir River, and through this river you can reach the city, which can be explored from another perspective on a horse.


Morón de la Frontera

In the vicinity of Morón de la Frontera there are several riding stables. This area is known for being the best place to disconnect while riding a horse. A completely natural area where the only noise will be ours and that of our horse, apart from the animals that live there. Nothing better to get lost and disconnect for a while from worries and technology.

Morón de la Frontera

How much does it cost to do horseback riding in Seville?

Los precios varían bastante según el tipo de ruta y la duración, por lo que tenemos opciones para todos los bolsillos. Las más económicas cuestan alrededor de 15€ y suelen tener una duración de poco más de una hora. Si preferimos algo más largo e individualizado, encontramos rutas de hasta 75€, donde podemos estar hasta 4 horas montando a caballo. No olvides que en nuestro Free Tour Sevilla no hay que preocuparse del dinero, ¡solo de disfrutar!

Prices vary greatly depending on the type of route and length, so we have options for all budgets. The cheapest ones cost around 15€ and they usually last just over an hour. If you prefer something longer and individualized, we find routes up to 75 €, where we can spend up to 4 hours riding. Do not forget that in our Seville Free Tour you don’t have to worry about money, just enjoy!

Precio de las rutas

All the equestian centers in Seville

Arte Andaluz Rutas a Caballo

This company organizes routes through Doñana National Park. You have the option to do an itinerary accompanied by an expert guide who not only helps with any mishap, but also tells information about the park. Although there are classes for all ages and levels, it is very useful for beginners as it includes a theoretical class at the beginning about basic notions. For directions click here

Contact information: 626022055

Centro Hípico Doble M

Located in San Juan de Aznalfarache, a village a few minutes from the city of Seville, this center offers routes through Seville and its surroundings, following the course of the Guadalquivir River. It offers routes for those who are starting from scratch, for those who already have some experience and also for amateurs. For directions click here.

Contact information: 654110038

Centro Hípico Dos Santos

The horseback rides offered are along the Vereda Real, a quiet area near Valencina de la Concepción, where different practices with the horses are performed during the route. All audiences are suitable for the classes, as there are horses and teachers for both novices and experts. For directions click here.

Contact information: 610729048

Cortijo El Berrocal

In the privileged environment of Cazalla de la Sierra we find this farmhouse, which in addition to horseback riding routes in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, also offers apartments to enjoy the experience in the middle of nature to the fullest. It has equipped horses and guides that adapt the routes to all ages and levels. For directions click here.

Contact information: 661475377

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