Information about the Port of Malaga

The Port of Malaga, located in a natural bay in front of the city of Malaga, on the Costa del Sol of Andalusia, is one of the main ports of the Mediterranean due to its volume of passenger and goods traffic. It is 3,000 years old and has been a meeting point for the most diverse civilisations. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Catholics came to the capital, in addition to the importance of its strategic location, which serves as a link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, not forgetting North Africa. The technological changes that have taken place in the last decade have revolutionised the transport industry and the Port of Malaga, this process has been materialised in the construction of a closing dock that provides berthing for the largest cruise ships in the world, cruise terminals and the creation of a new quay.

Malaga Port Terminal

Terminals A and B are located in the Levante area, with two levels and two berths: one to the north and the other to the south. Their main activity consists of providing service to passengers and/or ships, as well as commercial services and commercial activities related to their main activity. In the terminals, special attention has been paid to facilitating the supply and transit of passengers and luggage. To reach them, access is via Paseo de la Farola and Paseo de Levante. For its part, Muelle Uno offers two underground public car parks. You should also know that a public bus line is available to connect the Levante terminals with the pedestrian entrance to Plaza de la Marina, whenever a cruise ship is docked at Levante.

Terminales Puerto de Málaga

Muelle 1 and Muelle 2

Muelle Uno was inaugurated at the end of 2011, this has 14,000 m2 of shopping area and restaurants, as well as the most modern underground car park to date, with a thousand parking spaces. In the most exclusive area of Muelle Uno is the restaurant of Michelin-starred chef Jose Carlos García, next to the port chapel. It also has a marina for pleasure boats known as “Ricardo Gross.”  Despite its exclusivity, there are numerous restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets.

Muelle Dos is ideal for families with children. This place has gardens, several children’s areas, fun fountains and activities to keep the kids entertained for hours. As the promenade is long, older children can take a break on any of the benches along the promenade.

The whole place is quite modern and elegantly designed. The green area is made up of 420 palm trees, which give the Palm Grove its name, and 7400 tropical trees and plants.

The whole area contributes to the modernisation of the capital of Malaga, and to the Malagueños’ feeling of love for their city. There is no better place to enjoy than a stroll through the port.

Muelle 1 Puerto de Málaga

Services in Puerto de Málaga

The city has a wide range of hotels, a lot of history and an infinite number of tourist attractions. If you want to know much more about the city, here you can find the tickets for our guided tour of Malaga.

Effective communications with the airport, car parks in the port facilities, etc., are some of the characteristics that make its port the second most important cruise port on the peninsula. This is not only a place to make a stop on your cruise experience, but even if you are from Malaga or are visiting the city, this is a place full of services such as banks, ice cream parlours, shops, restaurants and even just for a walk with your family or partner as the views are very beautiful, especially to see the sunset and at night with everything illuminated. You can also visit the Pompidou Art Centre which is a must during your stay in the port. Even for those visitors who feel like it, you can enjoy a sailboat ride, a service that you can hire on the spot. In short, the port of Malaga represents the concept of using a port for the recreation of visitors and locals and not just for its main activity.

Restaurante en el Puerto de Málaga

Excursions from Malaga Port

Taking a cruise has many benefits as well as being a very different experience to a traditional trip. Some of these benefits are not having to worry about looking for restaurants to eat, hotels, means of transport… as you have it all in one. All this while visiting many places without wasting time at airports. Nowadays, there are routes for all tastes so you won’t have any problem when choosing a cruise trip. Specifically from Malaga we have the following excursions.

Mediterranean cruises, this is the most popular and dreamed of, travelling around the Greek Islands, France, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Corsica. We can also find cruises through the Norwegian fjords with stopovers in Copenhagen, Stavanger, Bergen, Flam, Hellesylt, Geiranger, Alesund, Trondheim, cruises through the Adriatic Sea visiting Venice, Corfu, Bari, Katakolon, Dubrovnik or Ancona and transatlantic cruises combining Tangier, Lisbon, Funchal, Tenerife, Recife, Salvador De Bahia, Ilheus, Rio De Janeiro, Santos, Casablanca, Maceio, etc… Another excursion that you should not miss is our Guided Visit to Caminito del Rey, here you can find the schedules!

Crucero Islas Griegas

How to get to Malaga Ferry Port

In this section we will show you how to get from Malaga airport to the port by car, train and bus.

Access to the port from the airport by car can be done by a fairly linear route, from the airport exit on the MA-21 towards Malaga city, and then take the exit to the MA-22, or motorway access to the port of Malaga. This motorway runs alongside the sea and enters the city as far as the entrance to the port of Malaga. It is a distance of approximately 15 km.

To get to the port by train you should take the Renfe suburban line C1, which has a stop at the airport, it also stops relatively close to the port of Malaga.

The direction of the line is “Málaga Centro Almeda”, and the closest station or stop to the port is the last one on this route “Málaga-Centro-Alameda”, approximately 1.5 km away.

However, if your final destination is the cruise pier, we advise you to take a taxi from this station, or select another means of transport from the airport, as for access to the pier you will have to add approximately 3 km to this distance.

Access to the port of Malaga from the airport by city bus can be made by means of the A Express line. The closest stop to the port is Héroe de Sostoa, approximately 1.3 km away. However, if your final destination is the cruise ship pier, we also recommend taking a taxi, as mentioned above.


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