Where to eat the best espetos in Malaga?

Malaga is not only famous for its wonderful beaches where you can find a place of peace and relaxation coupled with continuous enjoyment.

This province has much more to offer you at an experiential level than a swim at the beach, as it has culinary qualities that not all places have.

It has great traditions in terms of its gastronomy in the summer season, since, with the passing of time, the technique of making certain dishes has been perfected.

The summer season opens in June and with it begin to stroll along the beaches and beach bars of Malaga countless tourists who only seek enjoyment on a personal level and find flavors that not everyone has the pleasure of trying.

Malaga has a great dish with a great tradition that has endured over time in which the development of this is considered by many an art.

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Relax, we are going to tell you what dishes we are talking about.

The famous espetos.

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What are espetos?

This famous dish, called espetos, is very typical of Malaga’s cuisine and its preparation is simple, but for an espeto to be good and its tasting to be an experience that you want to repeat, you must know the perfect technique to make it.

It consists of espetar, which means stringing fish, specifically sardines in long thin rods with the intention of roasting it with firewood and this procedure is usually done in a boat that is placed next to the beach bars and placed right on the sand of the beach.

This technique of the espeto, is to insert the sardines through the back of these. It is to take care that all are at the same level in the cane and the fire.

After this procedure, the sardines will begin to cook on the embers, while the cane is turned so that it is done on all sides in the same way.

There are many chiringuitos in Malaga that are traditional and you will be able to taste some good espetos.

Here are some things you should know about this popular dish from Malaga.

Image of some espetos

What is the best season for espetos in Malaga?

Before we tell you which is the best time to try espetos, we will give you a clue. Tradition has it that the months that do not contain an “r” are the perfect months to make this dish and eat it with good taste. They are the perfect months to make this dish and eat it with good taste.

This curiosity may seem unimportant, but it is true that the months of May, June, July and August are the best months to eat sardines.

Many people travel to Malaga in other months than the ones I mentioned before and try to find this dish, but many times they encounter problems with the size of the sardines, lack of them, etc.

It should also be borne in mind that fish, like everything else, have their own biological cycle and it is true that in the months mentioned above is when their consumption is optimal and quality.

So, we advise you to visit Malaga in its special time, in its high season if you want to try these espetos, because we assure you that wherever you go you can find a little boat in every beach bar you visit.

Do not miss this gastronomic wonder that Malaga gives you.

Many people say that it should be a World Heritage Site, and we assure you that once you try it, you will think the same.

Where to eat the best espetos in Malaga?

Well, you already know many curiosities that we have told you about the espetos, but you still have to know the best of all, where you can try the best espetos in beach bars in Malaga.

Although in every corner of the beaches of Malaga you will find a beach bar, not all of them offer the product in the same way and with the same quality.

Since you are going to visit Malaga, we want you to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible and taste quality espetos.

In the center you can also find places to try the sardines, but we can assure you that on the coast it is much more worth it.

The Palo beach

The coastal area of El Palo is very popular among the younger people because of the beauty that floods its beaches and the large number of beach bars that you can find while strolling. You will be impressed with the multitude of people who enjoy a good time in this area.

We encourage you to walk along the beaches and visit each place, look at the dishes on the menu, the prices, and most importantly, get to know the technique and tactics of the espeteros of each place.

This area is very economical and there is a lot of atmosphere in good weather.

The atmosphere of Malaga is very characteristic and known worldwide, as well as the tradition of sardines, so you should be encouraged to travel to this area because you will be very satisfied.

Image of a boat

Pedregalejo Beach

This area is known because in ancient times it was a small and humble fishermen’s neighborhood. Nowadays it is known for being one of the busiest and most popular areas of Malaga.

In addition to the beauty of the area you should know that it has a peculiarity that will make you want to come back here, and is that the beaches of this area are formed by small and numerous coves, which will give you spectacular views.

It has an area where there are many beach bars and restaurants for you to try their famous espetos.

Famous for the espetos and for the price of these as the area of Pedregalejo and Palo are the places that have the most affordable prices for the espetos.

Some beach bars have prices around 2.50 euros to attract tourists and customers.

We encourage you to sit in one of these beach bars in the area to get to know this tradition.

Image of a restaurant

Huelin Beach

It is located next to the famous promenade named after a very relevant person in the world of cinema and born in Malaga. Antonio Banderas.

We must tell you that this beach does not have as many chiringuitos as the two that we have told you previously, but, the truth is that, the quality that have the espetos of this area have nothing to envy them to the part of the beaches of the Palo and Pedregalejo.

In addition to the espetos you should know that it has an extensive menu of fish, prepared in the purest Malaga style and with a freshness that few have.

We recommend that if you visit this place in summer arrive at an early hour to choose the best table in the area, between sun and shade, where you can enjoy the sea breeze while you eat some espetos.

You will be amazed with the friendliness of the waiters and the good atmosphere.

Imagen de una barca

La Misericordia Beach

Finally, we will tell you that this last beach, Playa de la Misericordia is one of the most famous beaches for tourists and residents of Malaga.

In this area you can taste a delicious espeto while the sound of the waves transmits peace and tranquility after a good dip in the waters of Malaga.

In addition, you should know that this area has a varied cultural offer and we recommend you to visit the Russian museum or the Automobile museum.

This place is perfect to taste the espetos and then take a nice walk through the cultural area and soak up knowledge.

This place is perfect for young people, adults and seniors alike.

There is no specific age to enjoy or taste a delicious espeto while your feet sink into the wonderful fresh sand of Malaga.

Image of Motril beach

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