School activities in Cadiz

In Cadiz you can enjoy an infinity of activities with children and do school activities. You can enjoy a day at the beach, take a walk around the capital, take a route through the white villages, visit the ruins of Baelo-Claudia or even surf lessons or enjoy the water parks. 

If you are looking for school activities in Cadiz, keep reading this guide in which you can find 6 different types of school activities, in which two of them have stay included and in addition, they can enjoy the stunning nature that has the city of Cadiz and perform water activities to cool off in summer. You can not miss it!


This excursion is suitable for kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school and university students. 

The excursion takes place in facilities of 3400 m2 that are completely covered. In addition, the facilities consist of a 7×7 soccer field, a 3×3 soccer field, a skating rink, a games room, a kids disco, 3 classrooms, a multipurpose room and a cafeteria bar with large terraces. 

In the facilities there will be a series of activities led by monitors and adapted. The objective of this excursion is to promote all the values of people in general, but emphasizing the values linked to education, coexistence, health, sport, and the use of free time. 

This excursion has a price of 5€ for everyone, so do not hesitate to come because you will spend an unforgettable and fun day. All activities will be led by monitors and will be at the service of students and teachers to contribute to the educational offer.

INDOOR Excursion in Jerez, in which they will perform various activities

Refresh your students with pedal boats.

To make the visit a success, reservations are required. This excursion has a cost of 4€ and is adapted for primary school students and ESO students. 

In this excursion they can enjoy a successful attraction for the school group or students to spend a fun day with friends and a refreshing dip to combat the summer heat. 

To access this attraction the recommended age for students is from 8 years old. 

This excursion accepts large groups and the capacity per pedalo is 4 people. Depending on the number of students attending, all of them can do it in different pedal boats or if they prefer to divide it in shifts. The duration of the pedalo ride is 1 hour. 

School visit to a different farm school

This excursion is priced at 8€ and is accessible to primary school and kindergarten students. 

They will love this excursion as they will be able to discover, experience and learn about the history and production of olive oil. 

In this farm they will be able to make the tour visiting the tasting room laboratory, which is the scientific laboratory where students will learn to discern and classify the samples of vegetable oils by applying one of the scientific steps. In addition, thanks to the laboratory instruments, they will learn how to classify the oil according to taste, smell, color, and quality. 

After visiting the first room, the tour continues with a visit to the innovation room. In this room, participants will learn about the oil extraction process from the time the olives are harvested until they are consumed. 

The last room is a didactic itinerary through the olive grove, where you can discover the ecosystem that includes the typical landscape of the Andalusian fields such as animals, plants and all the relationships that are established between them. With this last activity, the aim is to value the conservation of biodiversity in the olive grove to carry out a quality and sustainable management over time.

School trip to a different farm school in Cádiz

Stay of several days in Nature

This stay is programmed for primary, secondary, high school and vocational training students and has a price of 57€, although this varies depending on the number of days you want to stay in the area. 

This stay is located on the Carretera El Bosque-Ubrique, Benaocaz. This tour starts at 10.00h on the first day and ends at 18.00h on the last day. This tour includes full board and the activities to be performed. 

In this area you can do different activities depending on the time of the year. In autumn-winter you can enjoy a didactic unit dedicated to the fruits of the Mediterranean forest. 

This excursion is adapted to all ages. For the youngest children, they can enjoy a participatory animation montage in which they will not get bored. 

Students can learn about the study of the upper basin of the Mediterranean river, the mixed forest of Monte Higuerón, as well as perform various activities such as rappelling, zip line or orienteering games through the forest. You can also enjoy watching an aviary of birds of prey and various workshops on beekeeping, plants, cheese making, bread, and even the development of handmade candles and many more. 

If you choose to stay 5 days, one of those days we will organize a visit to a reserve area or a village in the famous Sierra de Grazalema. In this excursion you will not be bored and will always remain in your memory.

Several days stay at the Farm.

 This program is aimed at primary and secondary school students. This stay can only be visited from February to June and has a price of 59€. This price includes full board and the activities that will be carried out during the days of the stay.  

In this stay you can meet the farm animals such as chickens, cows, horses, sheep, goats … and give the opportunity to take care of one of them. Not only that, but you can also learn about and take care of the vegetable garden, a greenhouse and a nursery and pick fruit from the trees. 

In this stay you can enjoy educational itineraries through the environment by bike, on foot or by canoe, you can also jump on the zip line through the pine trees. 

One of the most interesting activities of this farm is the production and transformation of foods such as cheese, bread, jam, or pastries.

Other activities during the 5 days include horseback riding, mule cart rides, beekeeping, expression, and communication workshops, as well as recycling, handicraft, and astronomy workshops. 

This excursion is a unique and fun experience for the students. One of the characteristics of this stay is that the maximum number of places is 92 children, and the working groups will be from 14 to 17 children. 

Farm stay in Cadiz

Unforgettable day of nautical activities.

 This excursion can be done by primary school, high school, high school, and university students and has a price of 12€. 

In this excursion you can enjoy four different nautical activities in the reservoir of Arcos de la Frontera. This excursion is very fun, and all participants must perform the 4 nautical activities and all without waiting. 

The activities are visiting the reservoir by kayak, paddle surfing and pedal boats and finish the day in the water park, where you can enjoy climbing walls, slide, walkways, and a large trampoline. 

This excursion is perfect to do in the summer months, in which you will undoubtedly be refreshed throughout the day and you will not get bored.

Water activities at the Arcos de la Frontera Reservoir

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