Free parking in Cádiz

Parking for free in Cadiz can seem almost an impossible mission, due to the progressive loss of free parking spaces. Something that becomes even more difficult in the summer season, as it is a city that receives many visitors. However, we bring you some possibilities so that you can park for free in the city of Cadiz, without having to worry about payments or rotating changes.

Free parking spaces

What we want most when we visit a city is not to have to pay for parking. This can become a mission of great difficulty that ends with our patience and our energy, turning a pleasure trip into a real hell. However, there are some spaces in Cadiz where it is still possible to park without having to spend money or worry about time slots and rotational changes.

In the Carretera Industrial we can find a parking space that has been enabled to compensate for the absence of parking spaces that have been replaced by the works of the bike lane. Specifically, there are 304 parking spaces. On the other hand, although further away from the center, we can also find the Punta de San Felipe, on Paseo Pascual Pery.

In front of Parque Genovés, on Avenida Dr. Gómez Ulla, as well as in the streets near the Monument of Simón Bolívar we can still find free parking areas. However, we must add that you have to be very lucky to be able to find parking in these areas, as they tend to be very busy.

In Puertatierra we can find free parking areas in Avenida de Andalucía, Bahía Blanca, San Severiano, as well as in the streets behind the Ciudad de Cádiz sports complex.

Aparcar gratis en Cádiz, es posible

Blue Zone

The blue zone is free of charge as long as the parking time does not exceed three hours. The intention of these zones is to promote an equal distribution for all, since the parking space on public roads is too limited, and thus can optimize its use by a large number of citizens, as noted by the Municipal Mobility and Parking Company of Cadiz (Emasa).

However, the measure is difficult to assume by those who have to park their vehicle to be able to go to work, since they must move the car every three hours, and normally these offices or places of employment are located within the regulated areas.

During the summer season the blue zone is extended, and the same formula is implemented in the Paseo Marítimo, being possible to park from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00. In addition, this year the area of Avenida Cayetano del Toro, located between the Glorieta Ingeniero de la Cierva and Cortadura, which was a free parking area, becomes regulated.

In the area of the beach of Cádiz have also been established numerous spaces that are now part of the blue zone: Avenida Fernández Ladreda, Av. Amílcar Barca, Callejón del Blanco, Calle San Juan Bautista, Paseo Marítimo, Av. Cayetano del Toro, Av. José León de Carranza and Glorieta Cortadura.

Zona azul de Cádiz

 Orange Zone

In case we have not been able to find any available parking in the blue zone. We can opt for the orange zone, which are mainly intended for residents, and have also been expanding for the summer months.

From July 1 the affected areas are Plaza Santo Angel de la Guarda, Spanish Red Cross, Almirante Vierna, Muñoz Arenillas, Marianista Cubillo, Cielo, Dorotea, Pereira, Fernández Ballesteros, Doctor Fleming, Brasil, Arcángel San Miguel, San Bartolomé, Marqués de Copranis. If you want to enjoy an experience with our best guides, you can book our Free Tours.

In addition to all these new areas we have to add the ones that were already working as usual, such as Plaza Tres Carabelas, Calle Méjico and Av. del Descubrimiento, Antigua Estación de Autobuses in Plaza de Sevilla, and Glorieta Ingeniero la Cierva.


Paid parking lots

All the difficulties that we have already explained make it very difficult to find free parking in Cadiz, so many people choose to use the paid parking lots, which are often also full due to the high demand.

This situation has been aggravated since the changes to the blue zone and the obligatory rotation of vehicles after three hours of parking. For those people who have to park their cars to go to work the car parks have become the only possible option.

The prices of the parking lots are variable, being, within the historical center, some zones more economic than others. For example, the Muelle Reina Sofía, the Muelle Pesquero, Valcárcel and Campo de las Balas car parks are the best options.

There are also underground car parks in the centre: Santa Bárbara, Canalejas, San Antonio, Campo del Sur and El Tenis, although these are more expensive options than those already mentioned.The most expensive car parks are Puerta del Mar, Ciudad de Cádiz, Ingeniero la Cierva, Nino, Rebollo, San José, Carranza Stadium, Telegrafía sin Hilos, Plaza de Loreto and Varela.

Parking de pago en Cádiz

Green zone

The City Council is in the process of providing 1,254 parking spaces in the historic centre, of which 879 will be reserved for residents, and 375 will be mixed. This regulation will make it possible for the residents of the old town, who have lost a great deal of parking space due to the work on the bicycle lane and the pedestrianisation of the Plaza de España, to find it less difficult to park their vehicles.

However, this policy will be negative for visitors, as there will be less supply to park. The spaces that will be enabled as a green area are the park of the Wall, the Plaza de las Tres Carabelas and the streets of San Carlos, Mentidero, el Balón, la Viña and San Juan.

Zona verde de Cadiz

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