The best gifts and souvenirs from Cordoba

We all like to take home some souvenirs of all our trips, and I assure you that you will want to remember the city of Córdoba, as it enchants all who visit it. 

We always leave the souvenirs for the last moments of the trip, but they are something very important. We should think about it more when buying a souvenir or even think about it before going to the city or to the store. In the end, it’s something we take home with us and, when we see it, it should bring back good memories. There are people who prefer a magnet collection which is no less special, but there are many more different and original options. 

Here we are going to help you a little and we are going to recommend you some objects that will remind you of your trip to Córdoba. But one thing is certain: the most beautiful souvenir you can have, are the memories you keep in your mind.  

Handmade ceramic from Córdoba

This is possibly the most original type of souvenir you can take from Córdoba. It combines tradition and originality in handmade products. Moreover, the best artisan ceramic artists are in charge of making sure that you take home the most beautiful souvenirs. These artisans pay special attention to correctly finishing their work, taking care of all the details and painting everything by hand. They use top quality products to create these unique souvenirs. 

These souvenirs are highly demanded by all visitors and the vendors are aware of this, which is why you will find them in many shops in the city, for example, the gift shop El Candil, at number 19 in Buen Pastor street.

Cerámica artesana cordobesa


Along with ceramics, Córdoba’s filigree is one of the best products you can take with you from the city. They are small handmade jewels combining silver and alpaca and you can buy them in the small shops of the city for a very affordable price. 

It is something very typical and representative of Córdoba, and you can wear it in your daily life or give it to someone special. In the shops of the Jewish quarter or Judería, this is the most sought-after handmade product.  

Filigrana cordobesa. Ejemplo de pendientes de filigrana

Decorative dishes

The decorative plates are a very nice element to decorate the walls of your house. They combine the colours of the city and the most characteristic landscapes.  Normally, the manufacture of these dishes combines modern and traditional craft skills to offer you wonderful and unique memories. You can find them at the market; there are all kinds and colours. 

Platos decorativos

Cordobanes: the art of leather in Córdoba

The term “cordobán” has a Mozarabic origin and, as we can see, refers directly to the Andalusian city. Córdoba is well known for the art of leather, as this is where the cordobán is produced most: a type of tanned goat or billy-goat skin. What makes cordobán of great quality is that it is tanned with sumach; this gives the skin a great flexibility and durability, so it can be used in many objects. 

The technique of production of the cordobán was developed in the Muslim Córdoba in the 8th century. In ancient times, it was used to decorate chests, trunks, cases, shoes, among others, but today we can find this art applied also in belts, ornaments and many other products. The city usually offers cordobanes to the great personalities that visit Córdoba, such as the Spanish Royal House. What do you think? It is a perfect souvenir that you can take with you from this unique city. You can also buy them in one of the most special streets of Córdoba, Calleja de las Flores, in the Meryan workshop, where you can also see the work of the leather craftsmen in person.

Cordobanes: el arte del cuero en Córdoba. Cordobán realizado en el taller de Meryan en la Calleja de las Flores en Córdoba


Surely you have already taken many keyrings from many cities, because you want to collect them or because it is the souvenir that is never missing. You can carry in your pocket the memories of your trip to Córdoba. Moreover, it is the perfect gift for your friends or family, who will surely want you to bring them something from one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. On the corner of Romero street, number 2, you will find a small shop that sells a large quantity of these souvenirs every day. 


City magnets

As we have already told you, if you are one of those who like to have your fridge full of memories, don’t worry; there will be no lack of places in Cordoba where you can buy a magnet for yourself or as a gift for someone. Many tourists look for this type of souvenir, as they are also very cheap and are a star gift. In the small Artesanía Lili shop, on Deanes street, you will find a great variety of magnets.

Imanes de la ciudad. Escaparate de tienda de souvenirs

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