The 7 most photogenic places in Cordoba

Cordoba, with centuries of history inside, is one of the favorite places (both on the national and international scene) when choosing holiday destination. A truly unique city, whose image leaves those who visit it breathless. Would you be able to pass through Cordoba and not take a photo report on your mobile? If you are one of those who love to keep all the memories of their trips in the form of an image, read on and you will discover the most beautiful places in Cordoba with which your photos will be worthy of being framed.

Roman Bridge

Located in the heart of the historic center, the Roman Bridge is one of the monuments that represent the main image of Cordoba. It is the ideal place to take a couple of really nice photos and during the sunset the sun reflects on the waters of the Guadalquivir river. You will look like a professional model!

Puente Romano

Viana Palace

If you visit Cordoba during the Patio´s fest, be sure to visit this beautiful palace located in the neighborhood of Santa Marina. Home to ancient Marquises and currently remodeled for tourist use, it enjoys being one of the most attractive courtyards of the city of Córdoba. With almost 4000 square meters of gardens and courtyards full of beautiful flowers and ancient fountains, your photos will look really beautiful.


The main symbol of our beloved Cordoba, the Mosque boasts millions of curious tourists at the end of the year, who come in wondering what they will find and marvel at before what they have just seen their eyes. However, none of them leave there without a couple of good panoramas in the famous arches.


Mezquita Córdoba

Gardens of the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Home to all the cultures that have inhabited history in the city, the Alcazar is another of the most important and representative monuments of Cordoba. This has a considerable extension, occupied in large part by manicured gardens full of flowers that provide a high quality print. The images of this place are really splendid, so much so, that many couples decide to be photographed in the gardens on their wedding day.

Jardines del Alcázar

Flowers Street

This small and narrow alleyway located next to the Cathedral Mosque, hides inside one of the most beautiful panoramas that you can get in Cordoba. Perfect for both taking photos and enjoying a moment of relaxation listening to the placid sound of the fountain that you will find in the tiny square.

And besides, if you want to take some night photos, this is the ideal place to do it, because from within you will have a very particular image of our most famous monument.

Calleja de las flores


Medina Azahara City

If you have a little more time on your trip, do not hesitate to dedicate it to visit the Archaeological Site of Medina Azahara. Located about 10 kilometers from Cordoba, we find these ancient ruins of a Muslim city of the first century, currently recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site. You won’t regret taking in your photos the incredible relics that this place awaits.

Medina Azahara

Popea Baths

And if you are one of those looking for the most original places for your photos, this waterfall surrounded by nature will bring to your images a natural and attractive touch. Put on your hiking boots, prepare a couple of sandwiches and get ready to enjoy this little corner that Cordoba hides inside.

Baños de Popea


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