The best gifts and souvenirs from Seville

It’s not unusual for us to try to preserve memories of when we travel. For this reason our camera ends up full of pictures. Another option is to buy all kinds of souvenirs. The collection of objects is an activity that humans have developed since ancient history. Also when we do this, we want to show our beloved ones that we remember them. We can buy these gifts around monuments or the historical district. In Seville there are many shops in the streets surrounding the cathedral and the Encarnación market. In fact, between these two locations is the commercial district. However, in the boulevards of Sierpes and Tetuan, the most famous ones to buy, you will only find big brands like Zara or El Corte Ingles. As always the best idea is wander around the city, hopefully you’ll discover some old shops. Also in Seville there are several markets like the one in Paseo de Nuestra Señora de la O, open on Saturday and Sunday mornings, one in the museum square and the souk in María Luisas park. You can acquire all sort of objects in a city like Seville, but here we bring you a review of the most original and authentic ones.


Flamenco is one of the most iconic signs of identity of the Andalusian region, but also in all Spain. All over the country you can purchase souvenirs of bullfighting, flamenco or with polka-dot print. Nevertheless this is where the essence of this music lives since it is their place of origin. Even more in Seville there is a local variety of songs called the sevillanas. This form of singing has a medieval origin and has evolved until the present to form one of the best types of flamenco. In addition, the Andalusian capital is known for the Feria de Abril, which should not be confused with music, but is obviously related to it.

You can get a ton of articles related to this music but they can have a very high price. For example if you want a guitar I only recommend you to buy it if you really have musical knowledge. It is easier to get a pair of castanets but if you really want to revive the magic of flamenco the best option is to buy a cd. You can apply the same logic to clothing. A flamenco dress is an haute couture item. It is better go shopping for a Manila shawl, that is a related with the old trade between China and Spain. Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was where the Spanish ships used to layover stopover on the route between the Asian and American continents, where they had their colonies. The hoop earrings or fans, which are very useful with the high temperatures of the south, are also very good options



If you want to make sure that what you are buying is an original product from the region, you should invest in handicrafts.In Seville there are craftsmen of everything (leather, embroidery, carpets and tapestries, etc.) although the wisest thing is to buy ceramics. Pottery production has been a historical activity in the city due to the proximity of the Guadalquivir. These manufactures were sold internationally, for example, the tiles of Portuguese houses are usually from here. The use of clay has a long tradition from the first Iberian settlement to the present. Some old factories are now places of interest such as the Triana pottery museum and the Cartuja monastery, also known as the Pickman pottery plant, which is a world heritage site. Perhaps the main reason for acquiring such objects is their adaptability. You can buy an ornament or a practical soap dish. There are still workshops near the Triana market or the ceramics museum. It is also advisable to visit the El Postigo craftwork market, open all week between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.



Sometimes the best option, even more so if it’s a present, is to pay for something fleeting. In that case you should shop around for food. The fridge may be full of magnets but it always has room for an Alpujarras’ cheese. You can also acquire prosciutto or a jar of olives, that is more typical of Andalusia. To drink, in the Feria without hesitation, wine of manzanilla, that with refreshment makes rebujito, or another alternative is must of the Aljarafe. Moreover some convents sell pastries made by the nuns.

Posters and postcards

It may not seem like the most original souvenir, but you can be buying a work of art. Among some current pictures on postcards you can see how the city was because sometimes they are copies of old photographs. It is also common for the posters to have reproductions of advertising works from the nineteenth century. It can be study the art of romanticism in Andalusia with the marketing campaigns of the Feria de Abril. They employed a great  number of amazing illustrators like José Lafita Blanco. If you go to Paris you buy a copy of Le Chat Noir, and here you can come into possession of a poster of the Feria de Abril.

postales y carteles

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