What to see in Seville in three days

If you’re planning to spend three days in the main city of Andalusia, you will definitely need to organise yourself properly in order to get to know Seville in-depth. It’s a city with so much charm and detail that three days won’t be long enough. Here you will find all the information you need to know about the places you can’t miss.

A complete experience in Seville needs both its great monuments and emblems of the city, as well as the closeness of its people. The Andalusian population is characterized by a welcoming character that will make you feel at home.


What to see in Seville on the first day of the itinerary

Before starting the route, the day could begin with a breakfast of the typical churros with chocolate in one of the traditional churrerías. Such as the Churrería San Pablo or the Calentería. After getting your strength back, you can start your visit.

On the first day, the best idea is to take a walk through the historic centre of the city. There you will find the Real Alcázar, the Cathedral of Seville with its imposing tower, the Giralda.  It can be accessed as part of the visit and from there you will be able to enjoy wonderful views of the city. It is advisable to visit the Real Alcázar first and then the Cathedral, as the Alcázar opens earlier and there are long queues to enter both places. If you are going to spend a few days in Seville and want to get to know these enclaves in depth, Oway Tours offers you a guided tour of Monumental Seville in which, accompanied by specialists, you will get to know the city in depth.

Giralda Tower of the Cathedral of Seville

What to see on the first day at evening

After an intense morning getting to know part of the city’s history and allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the fusion of cultures, we can finish our walk in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, a traditional Sevillian neighbourhood where we can find numerous tapas bars and recharge our batteries to continue our tour of the city. It is a good way to take shelter from the heat of Seville in its narrow streets where there is a pleasant breeze. If you want to enjoy a beer with wonderful views of the Giralda, you can opt for the Bar Giralda or the Bar Catedral.

If you want to breathe the essence of Seville 100%, we recommend Bar Estrella, next to the Flamenco Museum, where you can enjoy a performance while you sample the different tapas on offer.

After a well-deserved rest, a good option would be to visit the Archivo de Indias, which houses numerous documents from the administration of the territories that belonged to Spain in the 18th century. After our visit, we can take a stroll towards the riverbank to find ourselves in front of the Torre del Oro, a defensive tower that dates back to the Almohad invasion in the 13th century.

The day can be rounded off with a drink by the emblematic Guadalquivir River. While watching the sun set over the city, as the breeze from the river gives a respite from the city’s characteristic heat.


What to see in Seville on the second day of the itinerary

The second day of our tour of the city can begin by relaxing in the Maria Luisa Park. It is advisable not to go during the hot hours of the day. The walk is much more pleasant going in the morning to start the tour. In the park we can find the Plaza de España and ride on one of the boats on the pond. The Park also has many charming corners, with ponds and fountains in different parts of the garden. You can take your time to discover the park, which is an oasis of tranquillity in the city.

Fountain in Maria Luisa Park

What to see on the second day at evening

Once you have visited the park, inside the park you will find the Archaeological Museum of Seville, which can be very attractive for those interested in history, as its different rooms cover different periods and house numerous treasures left by the passage of time in the Peninsula.

Now the body needs a break and what better than a refreshing drink and a delicious fried fish or pescaito frito typical of Andalusia. All over the city you will find restaurants that offer this possibility such as the Freiduría Puerta de la Carne or the Cervecería Mezquita, both next to the Murillo gardens.

In the afternoon, you can go into the Triana neighbourhood, passing by the Teatro de la Maestranza, the Plaza del Cabildo or the Iglesia de la Caridad. Seville is full of beautiful places that, as you walk, you will find at every corner. Finally, you can enjoy a typical Andalusian evening, going from bar to bar for tapas.

If you still have some energy left, you can finish off the day with a panoramic tour of Seville by night. OWAY Tours has a Night Guided Tour through Seville that will show you a different side of the city.


What to see in Seville on the third day of the itinerary

Once you have immersed yourself in Seville’s history and cultural visits, you can spend the last day shopping in the most commercial area of the city, Calle Sierpes, and visit the shopping centre Corte Ingles Duque. On the top floor of the shopping centre, there is a viewpoint with a restaurant. There you can have a relaxing drink while enjoying the views of the city.

You can also take a walk around Las Setas, the largest wooden structure in the world and a fantastic viewpoint from which you can see the whole city as a way of farewell. This is the end of a very complete visit to the city, ending with a relaxing day after all the walking of the previous days.

Las Setas wood structure in Seville


Itinerary map

  • First day:

First day map

  • Second day:

Second day map

  • Third day:

Third day map


Our Top Tips for visiting Seville

There are certain recommendations to bear in mind if you plan to visit Seville:

  • If you want to visit the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar, it is best to book tickets in advance, as there are long queues.
  • Beware of the excessive heat in the city, try to find shade and take this into account when planning your trip. The best time to visit Seville without being too hot would be in between seasons.
  • Seville is a city with such a vast historical background that to really understand the places you are in front of, it is advisable to have a tour guide to understand the magnitude of the site.
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) has a special meaning in Seville, it is lived very intensely so it would be a good time to visit the city and get to know the tradition.

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