The Best Natural Swimming Pools in Granada

Granada is characterized by its rich cultural heritage, the beauty of its natural landscapes and an exciting culture. If you are interested in visiting Granada this summer, we bring you some different ideas with which you can also refresh yourself while spending an ideal day accompanied by family and friends in the best natural surroundings you can find. A plan that, without a doubt, you will not want to miss.


Dílar River

In the centre of the province of Granada we can find the village of Dílar, in the western part of Sierra Nevada. The river is located on the outskirts of Dílar, and thanks to it, natural pools of great beauty are formed. In this location a recreational area has also been created with benches and tables fitted out as a picnic area.

It is located in a place called Los Lagunillos de la Virgen, and is born at 3,000 meters above sea level. The waters of the Dílar River are rapid, and it is characterized by being narrow and not very abundant, so we will have to take extreme precautions when we bathe in it so as not to have any accident.

To get there from Granada, take the Otura exit on the A-44, the coastal motorway. Once in Otura, take the direction of Dílar, and from there follow the signs to the river, about 3 km away, where there is a parking area where you can leave your car.

Route along the Maitena River

You can take a route that runs through the area of Güejar-Sierra following the Maitena River. The route is 5.5 km long, of moderate difficulty and is suitable for electric and mechanical chairs. It is also suitable for taking the youngest members of the family, as it is possible to stop at the banks of the river and have a swim, a picnic and a pleasant day. At the end we find a natural pool that receives the waters of the river and is very close to the village Güejar-Sierra, ideal for swimming.

The path of the route is set on the old tram tracks that are about 40 years old, which served as a link between Granada and Sierra Nevada, and the old stations have been converted into restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Güejar, as is the case of Maitena Restaurant, which specializes in traditional food.

Los Bermejales Reservoir

Located southwest of Granada and in the upper course of the Cacín River, it is in the municipality of Arenas del Rey. It also receives water from the River Alhama, as it is a tributary of the Cacín, and the reservoir extends to the banks of the River Genil, so it replaced dry land with new irrigation.

That area is currently set up as a recreational area and bathing zone. It is the ideal place to spend a great day taking a dip or touring the natural area that surrounds it. The waters of this reservoir are very clear, and visitors usually practice fishing in this area. It also has many services such as picnic areas, beach bars, toilets and a pier.

Fuencaliente Spring

Located in Huéscar, a village in the province of Granada on the banks of the Barbatas River and which also has a great historical legacy from prehistoric times to the Modern and Contemporary Ages. In the outskirts of the town we can find this spring or natural swimming pool whose waters come from a thermal source with a constant temperature of 18º.

The water is constantly renewed in a natural way and, around the swimming pool, a lawn was set up to sunbathe or spend time under the shade of the trees that are located around the spring. A large recreational complex has also been created with basketball courts, parking, gardens and tennis courts, all free of charge.

Las Chorreras Río Verde Ravine

Located in the village of Otívar, specifically in its municipal district, the River Verde has its source. Its environment is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the province of Granada. Walking along the riverbank we can find a well-signposted path that enables us to go down the canyon.

With an environment populated by vast vegetation, the river makes numerous waterfalls that form crystalline, green and clean pools. It is an ideal place to practice trekking and make excursions, being possible to bathe in the pools to refresh us during the hot summer. Arriving does not present a great difficulty, but there is an access control since it crosses a private property, and therefore the Cooperative, Agricultural and Livestock Society of Campo de Cázulas charges an entrance fee of 5 euros per person.

Béznar Reservoir  

In the municipality of Lecrín, in Granada, we can find the village of Béznar and, on the river Ízbor we find the dam of Béznar, in the valley of Lecrín. Originally built to favor the irrigation of the farmers and to supply the population. At the moment it receives many visitors, mainly those who make aquatic sports like the surf, the sport fishing and the piragüismo. Moreover, being in a natural place of great beauty belonging to Sierra Nevada, its surroundings are perfect to practice canyoning, trekking or jumping.

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