The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Granada

Granada is a city with a lot of diversity, as a result of the very different cultures that came to this city throughout its history, and this is, of course, reflected in its cuisine. The variety of restaurants, bars and types of food in this city is infinite and of course, with the international influence and the arrival of a young university audience, there are more and more offers for vegan and vegetarian diners. Today it has a wide range of places to enjoy exquisite vegetarian and vegan food. If you are in Granada and want to take a vegetarian route through the city, here we bring you our five favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants!

Raíces Restaurant

The Raíces Restaurant was the beginning of vegetarian food in Granada. This restaurant was opened in 1982 and since then, it has continued showing the richness of vegetarian food to an ever wider and more loyal clientele. At first it was a very small place, less than half of what it is today, but its incredible reception, especially by the young public, has made it a reference point today with many daily customers. It is located at number 30 of the Via Pablo Picasso. If you like traditional Andalusian food, go for the homemade croquettes, but if you are more innovative, ask for a garlic seitan. You won’t regret it!

Los mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en Granada

Hicuri Art Vegan

At Hicuri Art Vegan you can go for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they serve absolutely everything! It opened three years ago to reinvent vegan food and attract more people to this way of life. Today things are going great for them and they have a constant clientele. It is located in the Realejo neighborhood, on the corner of Plaza Girones and Calle Escolástica. You will be surprised by its decoration with street paintings from the city. Try the oriental seitan, the tofu with teriyaki sauce, the spinach, oat, pineapple and raisin croquettes and the lasagna and vegetable pizzas. The list of delicious dishes is endless!

Los mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en Granada

El Ojú

If you’re in the mood for some vegan tapas, El Ojú is the perfect place to go for some! They’ve always kept that philosophy alive, but with the novelties of veganism. At their place, located on General Narvaez Street, they let artists exhibit their work and have a shelf full of books so you can take one and sit down to read. However, the best thing of this place, with no doubts, are the vegan tapas. The founders wanted to create a more elaborate vegan tapa tasting experience than usual, and they succeeded! Some of their best known dishes are “choripán” (vegan sausage) and barbecue chicken (made with cauliflower). In addition to the tapas, they have a completely homemade dessert menu.

Los mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en Granada

El Piano

El Piano Restaurant is located at 2 Santiago Street. With their motto “offering food from the world and for everyone” they serve Spanish recipes, but also international flavours and everything at a very affordable price. They have traditional dishes such as the typical potato omelette (without eggs, of course) and more elaborate dishes such as Indian lentils or hummus. Every day, they have a menu of 15 homemade dishes that change and you can choose to try them in smaller portions, so it is also a perfect place for tapas.

Los mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en Granada

Almalibre Açai House Restaurant

Whether you want a drink, a shake, a bowl of cereal or a vegan burger, the Almalibre Açai House Restaurant is the perfect vegan dinner. It is located next to the university area, behind the Gran Via de Colón and this is one of those Instagram worthy places where you can’t help uploading a picture of their dishes. Try the fruit smoothies, the hummus breakfasts, the vegan burgers and their specialty: the Açai bowls, a fruit from the Brazilian Amazon that they combine with vegan yogurt, fruits, chocolate and seeds. If you are a sweet tooth lover, this is your place!

Los mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en Granada

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