What to do for free in Cadiz

Sometimes we think that the only nice plans to enjoy cost money. And, in the case of Cadiz, we are lucky to discover magical places. In this post we show you some of the free plans that will make you live an enriching experience:

Discovering the neighbourhoods of Cadiz

Andalusia has a special essence that is revealed by each of its cities. In the case of Cadiz, the simple fact of walking through its neighbourhoods is a plan that you will enjoy for sure. And as we said before: totally free! The neighbourhoods that we find in this city that walk through the sea make a walk through its streets a perfect plan. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Cadiz are the Barrio del Pópulo, the Barrio de los Pescadores (Fishermen Neighbourhood) or the Barrio de Santa María (Santa María Neighbourhood). As well as having a good day, you will have fun climbing the slopes that lead up to it.

Discover the neighbourhoods of Cadiz

Walking on the beach

As expected, the sea that bathes Cadiz offers us free plans with no waste. For example, enjoying the beach with your loved ones or even enjoying the sunset with the sound of the waves. This moment will leave you wanting to repeat. The good news is that the beautiful photographs taken at this time will leave you great memories of this natural print.

A walk on the beach

Visit to the Gadir site

If you want to make plans to enjoy the cultural heritage of the city, you will find the archaeological site of Gadir. This site contains Phoenician remains that can be enjoyed without paying an euro. You will be able to enjoy in first person the remains of the old Puppet Theatre. The different streets and houses that have survived date from century IX a.C. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent plan to enjoy with a low budget.

Gadir archaeological site


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To take a walk by the Park of Astilleros

If you are looking for a place to relax and take a break, we recommend a quiet walk in the Park of Astilleros. You can also enjoy the picnic areas installed nearby, where you can stop to rest and have a drink. Moreover, if you are looking for a little change of scenery, the guided tour to the White Villages of Cadiz is perfect for you!

A walk by the Park of Astilleros

The Cathedral

Visiting Cadiz and not having your photo taken in front of the Cathedral is like going to Paris without the mythical photo with the Eiffel Tour. This cathedral is located in the centre of the city. With three large doors on the façade, this first image shows us the cultural value it holds inside. Its construction dates from the 18th century, although it was not finished until the 19th century, specifically in 1838. It is mainly a Baroque style building of worship, although inside you can enjoy its neoclassical style altar. We also recommend you to join the guided visits to the Cathedral and the Roman Theatre of the city to enjoy your visit to the fullest by the hands of the best local guides.

The Cathedral

Go to museums

Although museums are always a good option, in this case we will be able to enjoy the wonderful cultural offerings that Cadiz museums provide. To do this, we have to take advantage of the free time slots. Some of the ones we recommend are:

Go to Museums

Museum of Cadiz 

This museum offers a wide variety of themes related to the history of the city of Cadiz. This is a highly recommended visit if you want to know more about the origins of the city. From the different conquests that have taken place in this seafaring city to interesting information about the culture and society of today. All this and more awaits you in the Museum of Cadiz. As with other cultural buildings, entrance is free for European Union citizens

Museum of the Cortes of Cádiz 

Without a doubt, this museum houses an important part, not only of the history of Spain, but also of the history of Cadiz. Inside you can go back in time and experience the 19th century first hand. Perhaps if we name “La Pepa” or the year 1812 you will quickly get an idea. In this museum you will find figures of soldiers, weapons and portraits of important personalities in the historical milestone of the proclamation of the Constitution of 1812. 

Visit the oratories of Cadiz

These are beautiful buildings to enjoy their cultural value. This is the example of the oratory of San Felipe Neri. The façade alone gives an idea of the wonder that awaits us inside. The decorations on the ceilings, the pigmented columns and the refinement of the place show a totally recommended place to visit in Cadiz. On Sundays entrance is free.

San Felipe Neri Oratory

These are some examples of plans to enjoy in Cadiz for free, without forgetting about the exclusive Free Tour in cadiz that stops by many of the most important and touristic areas of the city. Enjoy each and every one of these plans and live an unforgettable experience in this Andalusian city, don’t miss it!

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