What to do on a weekend in Cordoba?

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and a must-see city in any tourist program. All the history that has passed through it has left its mark on the corners of its streets. While walking around Cordoba you will think you are went back to the old past.

If you want to know all the secrets this thousand-year-old city has to offer, here are the best plans for a weekend in Cordoba. 

What to do?

The main places, which must be visited, are the Catedral-Mezquita (Mosque–Cathedral) of Cordoba, the Alcázar, la judería (the Jewish Quarter) and the shiny city: Medina Azahara. We will be really grateful if you allow us to show you the city. We will show you with authentic professionals the best explanations to know the cultural and historical legacy of the city.

But we don’t only offer you a visit to the monuments! Below we tell you all the possible plans to have such a good time in Cordoba on a weekend.

What to do on a Friday in Cordoba?

One of the first stops that are obligatory is the Roman bridge or also known as the “old bridge”. It is located near the Mosque and has been standing for more than 20 centuries. You can walk along while thinking that you are one of the famous actors  of the famous TV-Serie “Game of Thrones”.

For the first day we also recommend you to have a night in the Arab baths. You will be able to relax like a real character of the time and smell the most ancient scents and essences.

What to do on a Friday in Cordoba?. Roman Bridge in Cordoba

What to do on a Saturday in Cordoba?

You can start having a walk through the old town of Cordoba to notice that characteristic smell of jasmine and orange blossom that emanates from the south. Enjoy la judería (the Jewish quarter) where you will find the Tiberias Square decorated with statues, the municipal souk or the synagogue, and let me give you some advice! Take your time and prepare yourself to fall in love with this part of Cordoba.

You can enjoy your lunch in this neighbourhood. La judería has many taverns where you can taste our famous Andalusian tapas and its main dish: salmorejo. Going to Córdoba and not tasting the salmorejo or the flamenquines is something that you will probably regret. They are unique!

Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

In the evening, what could be better than a flamenco show? You can sign up for some of our flamenco shows and see the most characteristic art of our land.

Flamenco Show in Cordoba

What to do on a Sunday in Cordoba?

We continue with these ideas so that you know all things you can do on a weekend in Cordoba. Visiting los patios (Cordoba courtyards) is another must during your trip. And allow yourself a break for a snack at the Mercado de la Victoria (Victoria’s Market).

Patios of Córdoba

And if you keep having with desire to know more history of this city, visit the Capitulars and Claudio Marcelo streets. There you will see the remains of an ancient Roman temple that preserves a row of columns from the time of Emperor Claudius

ancient Roman temple of Cordoba

What to visit?

In Cordoba there are some monuments and spaces which are a must see. So, if you are planning to go to the city for a weekend, we really recommend you not to miss the following places:

Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque-Cathedral): the first and obligatory stop must be the monument per excellence: the Mosque. World Heritage Site since 1984. You can visit the forest of columns as soon as you enter and you will be amazed by all the art and history hidden in this jewel in the crown of the city.

MOsque Cathedral of Cordoba

Medina Azahara: visit one of the most beautiful places in Cordoba with us. This complex was built by Abd al-Rahman III “The Victorious”: the first Caliph of Cordoba.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs): located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, you can enjoy the old Alcazar with its gardens and Mudejar patios.

Alcazar of Cordoba

Museo de bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts): enjoy the medieval Cordovan art of 1236 to the contemporary one, passing through exhibition halls with different kinds of drawings.

Museo de Julio Romeo de Torres (Julio Romero’s Museum): it is one of the emblematic museums of the city in honour of the most famous painter of Cordoba: Julio Romero de Torres. You will surely enjoy his wonderful works, among all the exhibitions you will find “La chiquita Piconera”, one of the most recognized.

Museo aqueológico (Archaeological Museum): know the oldest pieces of the city that date from the Prehistory to the Low Middle Ages.

Where to eat?

There are many places in Cordoba where you can eat. Any of its terraces, bars or if you prefer restaurants, offer succulent tapas and dishes to enjoy. In general, these are places which, for so little money, have high quality and abundant menus.

Salmorejo cordobes

Where to stay?

Cordoba is not such a large city. However, we recommend you to choose your accommodation in the centre or as close to it as possible. Look for places that are in the judería or in the most modern centre of Córdoba: plaza de Tendillas and plaza de la Corredera. This is an excellent area to stay in Cordoba as you are still very close to all the places to visit.

Plaza Tendillas in Cordoba

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