Where to eat Oxtail Stew in Cordoba?

As usual when we mention “oxtail” the first thing that comes to mind is “Cordoba” and this delicious delicacy is strongly associated with the city of the three cultures.

This famous dish originated in Roman times, but the recipe we know today and which is used in Spanish cuisine originated in Cordoba in the 16th century. The Cordovan origin of the dish comes from the need to reinvent itself when preparing new dishes for the great festivities, so the cooks were allowed to use the tails of the dead bulls after the bullfights to prepare it. This stew quickly gained a lot of popularity and went from being considered a dish for the “poor” to one for the “rich”, especially in the 19th century, the golden age of bullfighting in Cordoba.

Now that you know the theory, it is time to put it into practice and try this wonderful dish. Therefore, we offer you a list of the favorite places to try the best oxtail in Cordoba.

To start, we want to recommend you the 3 restaurants awarded for the “best classic oxtail stew” in the Cordoban Oxtail Week, in 2015.

Mesón San Basilio

As first choice we have the winner of that award. Mesón San Basilio is considered by many the best place to eat oxtail, being this stew its specialty since its opening. Both the location and the decor already put you in the mood to try their famous oxtail, and is that besides being delicious, they also serve it in generous proportions.

mesón san basilio Córdoba


Restaurante El Burlaero

This restaurant was also one of the most voted for its tasty oxtail. Located in the Jewish quarter, this establishment is ideal not only for its incredible dishes, but also for its location. The decoration of the place is bullfighting-inspired: both the tablecloths and the decorated walls; everything so that eating oxtail there takes you to the very origins of the dish.

rabo de toro el burlaero córdoba


Taberna El Abanico

Located in a privileged place in Cordoba and one of the most popular among tourists, the Calleja de las Flores, next to the Mosque, El Abanico offers the best products of Cordoba in its traditional plans. That’s right, in an innovative way and within everyone’s reach. Enjoy its tasty oxtail both in sauce, for the price of 9 ’95 euros, or in the form of homemade croquettes with potatoes as a garnish, at 6′ 95 euros. Both dishes are highly recommended. 

rabo de toto El Abanico


Taberna San Cristóbal

The food at this tavern could be described as “de la toda la vida”. Their dishes are full of that Cordovan tradition that makes their meals a delicacy; in addition to varied options, they not only offer you typical Cordovan dishes but also unique creations. Good service and good food go hand in hand with a decoration that will make you take a walk through the bullfighting tradition of Cordoba.

rabo de toro san cristobal córdoba


Bar Moriles Ribera

One of the most famous bars in Cordoba in general. Since its opening in Cordoba, this bar has not stopped making customers fall in love with its great atmosphere and best dishes, which include the oxtail. Reasonable prices, a large terrace, the good treatment of the waiters and a wide menu, make Bar Moriles a perfect place to meet to enjoy a good meal. 


rabo de toro bar moriles Córdoba

Bodegas Campos

Bodegas Campos could be considered an emblematic place in Cordoba. The different rooms, patios and private areas of the restaurant, as well as the collection of barrels signed by celebrities, make being there already a pleasure. The oxtail rice of Bodegas Campos is exquisite and although it is true that it can be overpriced, all those who try it agree that it is worth it because of the quality-price ratio. Also, do not forget that this restaurant started as a winery, so in addition to good food they have even better wines. A noteworthy fact is that they have their own parking, a detail to be taken into account for the location in which it is located.

bodegas campos córdoba


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