Where to park to visit Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey is located about 60 km from Malaga, in the geographical center of the province. It is one of the most amazing landscapes of the mountains, with its gorges, its heights and its sharp walls. In the middle of the canyon passes the Guadalhorce river.

It is known by this name because it was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII to take advantage of the slope and turn the water channel into a hydroelectric plant, from the northern reservoirs to El Chorro.

The Caminito del Rey is linear, it has a single direction that descends from north to south. This means that, if you leave your car in the north area, once you finish the tour in the south area you will have to walk back to get it. The average walking time from one access to the other is about 20 minutes. If you prefer not to walk and give your feet a rest, you can take the shuttle bus that connects both entrances. The trip costs a little more than one euro per person.

Parking lots at the Caminito del Rey

North parking area

The most typical parking area, both paid and free, is located around the restaurant El Kiosko. In addition, a few meters away there is a recreational area with picnic areas, toilets and camping areas. A small path leads to the entrance to the Caminito. It is one of the ideal places to park as it is right next to the access, although once you finish the path you will have to go back in the opposite direction to pick up the vehicle.

South parking area

The southern parking area is usually less crowded and corresponds to El Chorro station. In this case, the vehicle will be waiting for you at the end of the route, but it is true that you will have to go to the north access on foot. This is perhaps the most recommended option, because at the beginning of the journey we will not be too tired to walk to the north access and then it will be more comfortable to have the car right at the exit. In addition, it is also usually the option that fewer people choose.

Dónde aparcar cerca del Caminito del Rey

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