6 Activities to do with children in Granada

Sometimes traveling with children and finding activities and places they enjoy is not easy. However, if you are going to visit Granada with the little ones you are in luck, because Granada offers many plans to do with children. Read on to see the best ones.

Science Park

The Science Park of Granada is one of the best options to visit in Granada with children. The museum has rooms dedicated exclusively to them, where it is “forbidden not to touch”, they also have guided tours focused on children and workshops where they can play and discover science through simple experiments. The space also has a butterfly farm and a planetarium that is a delight for the little ones, a place to keep in mind if you visit Granada with children.

visita al parque de las ciencias

García Lorca Park

The Federico García Lorca park is one of the most beautiful and spacious in Granada. Besides being able to walk and run freely among its trees, it has one of the largest swing areas and another one that is also quite spacious for activities. In the park there are drinking fountains and two kiosks where you can have a snack but it is a good idea to organize a picnic to spend the day while the children play and watch the ducks that live in the river.

The park is named after the brilliant poet from Granada because it is built on the land where the Lorca family had their summer home, which is still preserved today: the Huerta de San Vicente. In the house, through the Lorca foundation, visits to the interior and various workshops are also organized especially for children. 


parque infantil para niños


If your visit to Granada with children coincides with the month of December, do not miss the opportunity to go with them to Juveándalus, the young leisure fair that has become an essential date for children and not so children for decades.

By paying a small entrance fee (children under 3 years old enter for free) you can spend a full day of family fun: activities, workshops of all kinds, storytelling, sports, scape rooms, video games, bouncy castles, Excalextric, paintball fields, as well as attractions (bumper cars, castle of terror, pirate ship, etc) all come together in Armilla, just a few minutes drive from Granada. A great plan for children and for many adults with a young spirit.

atraccion juveandalus

Chocolate with churros

When you travel with children you have to adapt to their schedules and the snack is sacred, so why not take advantage of it to have some delicious churros with chocolate as a family? Plaza Bib Rambla is a great area to do so. In any of the cafeterias in the square you can have a snack at any time of the year, as the terraces are conditioned both to the cold of winter with stoves and to the summer heat, and it is also one of the most picturesque squares in the centre of Granada.

plaza de bib rambla

Botanical Garden of the University of Granada

If your little ones like trees and nature, this little known corner located in the heart of Granada is the ideal place to have a good time because access is free. It is located in C/ Escuelas and is managed by the University of Granada. A small jewel that goes unnoticed by most people.

Sierra Nevada

If you go with children to Granada, it is well worth the 35 km that separate the city from Sierra Nevada. The kids will love it for sure. Not only can you practice snow sports. Obviously it is a perfect setting for skiing or snowboarding, both to practice and to learn, but you can also do many activities without wearing your skis. In the area known as Mirlo Blanco there is a roller coaster with sleds, slides and a magic carpet…

A whole park of activities designed to be enjoyed by the family. The children love the chairlift ride and enjoy the experience very much. And, if not, there is always the fun and free option of sliding down the gentle snowy slopes of Pradollano sitting on a plastic bag.

sierra nevada

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