6 plans to do a rainy day in Seville

Many times when we plan a trip or getaway we don’t have a surprise guest: the rain. And although at first sight it might seem a nuisance, in this article we tell you all the things you can do if it starts raining during your visit to Seville. You know what they say: “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”…

Visit the Cathedral

One of the greatest attractions of Seville is also one of the best places to take shelter from the rain because the building holds great jewels that we can contemplate without hurry while the rain passes. The second largest cathedral in Europe, only surpassed in size by St. Peter’s in the Vatican, is also the resting place of Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand III, the holy king who conquered the city and was named the patron saint of Seville.

The cathedral’s altar is simply impressive and the side chapels hold works of art with curious stories, such as the paintings stolen in the War of Independence that later returned to their original place. You can also go to the top of the Giralda by its ramps (not steps) to the bell tower. The whole route is covered, so there is no danger of getting wet and we will be enjoying one of the most beautiful buildings in Seville, which is already saying a lot.

catedral de sevilla


Museums are always a fantastic option for rainy days as they allow us to take shelter while enjoying the rich heritage of the cities we visit. In Seville there is no lack of museums and museum-houses to visit. Some of them are free of charge, such as the Archaeological Museum, which is located in the María Luisa Park and houses the treasure of the carambolo, of Tartessian origin, or the Fine Arts Museum, which occupies a beautiful building in the centre of the city, where we can see some of the masterpieces of Velázquez, Murillo, Goya or El Greco up close.

The Indian archive can also be visited free of charge and often organizes interesting exhibitions on trade with America and life in the golden century. Moreover, if you like to visit noble houses, we recommend the Palacio de Dueñas (where the writer Antonio Machado was born), the house of Pilatos or the palace of the Countess of Lebrija.

museo de bellas artes de sevilla

Enjoy a bath in Hammam

An original, special and romantic plan for a rainy day in Seville is to treat yourself to a visit to the Arabic baths. Relaxation is assured and when you go out you won’t even remember if it was raining or not. In Arab times, the baths were used for cleaning, but also as the centre of social life. There is no shortage of traditional baths in Seville. However, you can also spend a couple of hours bathing in their pools at different temperatures and get a refreshing massage.

baños hamman sevilla

Chocolate with churros

Snacking without hurry is a pleasure that we practice little, right? If it starts raining while you are visiting Seville, you can always look for a cafeteria where you can tone up your body with some delicious churros and hot chocolate while you wait for the rain to pass and continue walking around the city.

churros con chocolate

Going to a tea shop

These establishments are popular in cities with an Arab past, such as Seville, although on a normal journey from there to here we do not usually spend time in them. Visiting them may surprise you: in these spaces, decorated in the Moorish style with comfortable sofas and cushions, rich curtains and lacquered wooden furniture, alcohol is not usually served, but very delicious teas presented in silver teapots and carved trays that you can accompany with a traditional Arab sweet made from phyllo paste, nuts and honey.

teteria de sevilla

Take advantage of Seville’s cultural offerings

Rainy days offer us the possibility to make plans that we would not otherwise make when we travel. It is a good idea to find out about the cultural offerings of the theatres and venues in Seville to take advantage of the rainy afternoons and nights. Seville has a large network of theatres and concert halls and shows both privately and publicly managed, so it is very easy to find a show that we like.

Any day of the week it is possible to find tickets to see plays, monologues, some concerts in a style that satisfies us, and even musicals and operas. It is not in vain that Seville is the setting for some of the most famous operas and plays in history, such as Bizet’s Carmen, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville and Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro.

teatro lope de vega de sevilla


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