7 Most Beautiful Streets in Cordoba

When we refer to Cordoba, it is inevitable to fall prey of its charm and the different cultures that lived there. And having the opportunity to walk around its streets is a perfect way to enjoy the magic of this city. The simple fact of walking through its streets allows us to live a beautiful experience. That’s why today we show you some of the streets that are a must when visiting Cordoba:

Flower Street

Without a doubt, this is the first proposal, as it will make your jaw drop. The amount of flower pots that decorate the street, which gives it that name, generates a unique environment. Pleasant and warm are the words that come to mind when describing this street. And it is not only the pleasant surroundings generated by the flowers that make this street special. The views from the Cathedral tower create a beautiful background that all tourists keep as a souvenir by taking pictures. This street is so relevant in Cordoba that in most of the souvenir stands you can find souvenirs with this image.

You can also enjoy an incredible view of the city from the tower of the monument joining the guided visits to the Mosque of Cordoba. Thanks to this guide you will assure you won’t miss any of the numerous stories that hide in the most emblematic monument of the city.

Flowers Street

Cairuan Street

This street is better known among the people of Cordoba as Calle de la Muralla. Its name reminds us of the richness of the Arab style, of which Cordoba is fortunate. The combination of the crystalline water fountains and the green line of flowers and bushes make this image stand out at a glance. In addition, the wall that gives entrance to the Jewish quarter gives off the magic that makes it unique. You may wonder if you are in Cordoba or in Tunisia, the place that gives its name to this place.

If you choose to take a walk by the remains of this ancient wall, soon you will find  the historic Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, in which the best local guides will show you the most hidden secrets of the castle and they will guide you on a route through its beautiful gardens.

Cairuán Street

Bailiff’s Slope

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Cordoba. The contrast of the white walls with the pink bougainvilleas produces a picture of the city. In addition, the wide steps make it a characteristic place. From this street you can access the famous Capuchinos square, where the acclaimed Cristo de los Faroles is located. This slope is a cultural enclave during the Holy Week period, since a multitude of people meet on this slope to receive the Virgin of Hope, creating a typical Andalusian scenario to enjoy.

Bailiff's Slope

Street of the arches

This hidden and dark alley becomes a mysterious environment for those who love the legends that a city hides. In the case of Cordoba it not different at all, and the legend tells that in each of the seven arches that characterize this street hung the heads of the Seven Infants of Lara. Today, the Casa de las Cabezas, which is right next door, is open as a museum of tourist interest. The father of the seven unfortunates, Gonzalo Gustioz, was found there as a prisoner. Regardless of whether you like these stories or not, a visit to this street is a must for you to enjoy the symmetry of the arches.

Street of arches

Street of the Moon

This street is one of the most hidden corners during the walk around Cordoba. It was originally a dead end street. Today it connects the Jewish quarter with the western part of the wall. When you enter it, you will find a small, very pleasant square where you can find some restaurants. Walking along this street is synonymous with enjoying the silence generated by the absence of passers-by. In addition, in its vicinity you can enjoy the statue of Averroes, a great philosopher and doctor who lived in Andalusian Cordoba and today is an enclave in the culture of the city caliphate.

Street of the Moon

Salmorejo Street in Cordoba

There is no doubt that this street is one of the most characteristic of Cordoba. All the tourists want to know where it is in order to photograph the Salmorejo recipe, because the relevance of this recipe of Cordoba origin is such that they even have a street for it! What a good opportunity to get rid of the recipe of the original Cordovan salmorejo! Moreover, in this street it is also possible to enjoy the mythical narrow and fresh streets that characterize the Jewish quarter of Cordoba.

Salmorejo Street of Cordoba

Calleja del Pañuelo

This street is another example of the cultural charm that Cordoba exudes between its streets. In this case, it is a street as narrow as the width of a handkerchief. Tourists must go one by one because it is impossible to cross this street otherwise. It is considered one of the narrowest streets in Spain. It is a must for tourists. And finally, if this were not magical enough, at the end of the street there is a very small square which is considered by some to be the smallest square in the world.

Street of the scarf

Cordoba offers many reasons to visit it and one of them is the streets it is made up of. In this article we also recommend you to make the most of your stay in the city and enjoy guided visits such as the Free Walking Tour, the guided visit to the “patios” of Cordoba, and even the guided visits to Medina Azahara, monumental complex named the fourth World Heritage Site of the city in 2018. Don’t miss a single detail of these streets and visits and enjoy the Cordoba tourism from the hand of our experts.

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