Cliffs of Maro

If you are a nature lover or scuba diving, the Maro Cliffs is the best place to visit. These cliffs are located between the municipalities of Nerja, in the province of Malaga and Almuñecar, in the province of Granada.

These cliffs are a spectacle of nature in which you will be impressed. In addition, you can see species different from those seen in other places, such as white rosemary, among the seabed we can observe the oceanic posidonia. You can also see a wealth of marine fauna and even a great biodiversity of fish that exist in that habitat. 

Are you going to miss the impressive spectacle of nature?

What are the cliffs of Maro?

The cliffs of Maro are located on the East Coast of Malaga and belong to the municipality of Nerja and are a natural site of up to 75 meters of height difference. They were declared in 1989 as a Natural Site.

These cliffs present an abrupt landscape where small coves alternate with the cliffs and with cultivated areas that are distributed in terraces. This area is dominated by its enormous wealth of marine fauna. 

In these cliffs in the clearest days, leaning out of one of its spectacular viewpoints, you can see the coast of Africa and enjoy its breathtaking views.

In the Maro Cliffs you can also observe the tidal plain and the watchtower of the Marquesa (XVI century), this tower had the function of defending the pirates of the coast, so 4 more were created to increase their vigilance. 

In these cliffs you can find endangered species that are in the Andalusian Catalogue of Threatened Wild Flora, such as the white rosemary, the Malaga evergreen, the Balearic boxwood, and the hawthorn cambrón.

The Cliffs of Maro, a spectacle of Nature.

How to get there?

If we want to get to the cliffs, we must leave the N-340 towards Almuñecar and then go in the direction of the Torre de la Marquesa or Torre de Maro, to go on foot and take to see the impressive cliffs. 

If we take the road in the same direction, we can see the Sierra Almijara that goes into the sea. Here there are viewpoints where we can stop and look out and enjoy watching the incredible cliffs and the impressive coves that are what shape the entire landscape. The coves cannot be reached by car, or any other type of vehicle.

If you want to see the best views of the cliffs and the coast of Malaga, we must continue along the Cerro Gordo detour and we will reach our destination. 

From Nerja to the cliffs, if we go by car it is only 13 minutes away, so it is worth a visit. 

If you want to go to this area in summer, during this time there is a service of regulation of access to the beaches by shuttle vehicles that depart from parking areas enabled for the effect and thus minimize the impact caused by private vehicles and promote sustainable mobility.

What activities can be done?

In the Maro Cliffs you can perform various activities, but always bearing in mind that we are in a Special Protection Area of Mediterranean Importance, so we must take extreme precautions to preserve and conserve the natural environment of this area.

Water activities

You can enjoy its impressive beaches and coves, where you can do activities such as snorkeling, diving or kayaking and all this while enjoying the crystalline seabed that this area has. Also, you can go scuba diving and observe all the species that live in this area and on the seabed.

There are different routes, such as kayak route along the cliffs of Nerja-maro and the waterfall of Maro. Another one is a paddle surf route along the cliffs of Nerja-Maro waterfall.

If you want to know all the water routes that there are to do in the Maro cliffs, follow this link: https://educare-aventura.com/

Scuba Diving in the Maro Cliffs in Malaga


Another activity we can do is hiking on the path Torre de Cerro Gordo, in which we walk on the high cliffs and observe the stretch of the Mediterranean coast. 

Another hiking route if you are a nature lover is a 3-hour walk through the natural landscape. In this route we will cross all the tropical plantations, we will visit the watchtower, where we will be able to observe the incredible views of the Alborán Sea. We will also see steep cliffs and while we will know the richness of the local flora and fauna.

Cerro Gordo Tower Path

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