Must-see Malaga

Malaga is a city open to the sea, cheerful, artistic and cosmopolitan. It is always a good time to visit Malaga, as it has 300 days of sunshine a year and has an enviable cultural offer and not only that, if not its famous cuisine and beach bars.

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and is one of the cities that attracts more tourists a year and one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Spain. No matter with whom you visit this city, you will always have a great time and you will have thousands of plans to do and see. 

This city has a lot of historical heritage thanks to the civilizations that have passed through the Bay, so you can make thousands of plans such as a free tour of the city, stroll through the Alcazaba, visit the famous Calle Larios or even sit in one of the best beach bars in Malaga to enjoy its gastronomy and espetos. You can also stroll along the Muelle Uno or visit its famous Cathedral and of course, enjoy the endless beaches of Malaga. Are you going to miss it? Read on to know the 6 must-see places in Malaga that you must visit once in your life.

Larios Street

All the important cities of the world have a very famous avenue and it is an emblematic place to visit. Malaga has its famous Larios street, which is an elegant street that will not fail to surprise you. One of the best plans to visit this famous street is taking a walk under the awnings and, touring the endless number of stores that flood this fabulous street of the city. So, if you are one of those who love shopping, you are in the right street. 

This street is one of the most important and outstanding areas of the city and if you come to Malaga you have to visit it. This street starts from the Plaza de la Constitución to the famous Alameda Park. 

In Calle Larios you will not only find stores, but you can also enjoy its famous gastronomy as it has bars, ice cream parlors and a myriad of restaurants with fabulous terraces and an atmosphere in which you will not want to leave. 

If you visit Malaga at Christmas, you cannot miss the light show of Calle Larios, as the lighting and decoration with the pleasant atmosphere is a luxury for tourists in every way.

The famous Calle Larios in Malaga

Muslim Alcazaba

The Muslim Alcazaba, is another of the most emblematic sites of the city so you cannot miss it. 

This Alcazaba is located at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro and is one of the largest Muslim military constructions. To learn more about the Alcazaba it is best to visit it and observe every corner and let yourself be carried away and surprised. 

It is formed by small palaces, patios and fountains that take you to another completely different era, also by defensive towers, and a double wall. In addition, from the Alcazaba you can see the best views of the city of Malaga. 

The Alcazaba is a Nasrid-style fortress that was built in the eleventh century by King Badis Ben Habus and is in the historic center of the city. 

If you are a lover of greenery, visiting the Alcazaba is the right place as it is surrounded by countless gardens and vegetation.

Alcazaba Musulmana of Málaga

Pier 1 and the Palmeral de las Sorpresas (Palm Grove of Surprises)

If you want to enjoy one of the most relaxing walks in Malaga, you can do it in the Muelle 1. This pier is next to the port where the most important and famous commercial and leisure areas of the city are located. 

In 2011 the promenade was inaugurated, after many years working to make it a meeting point for locals and tourists. In this promenade we can enjoy and take long walks along the pier, we can rent bikes or simply for families to enjoy with the children around the shores of the Mediterranean. In addition, you can also spend an afternoon shopping as it has an endless number of stores of the best brands. And not only that, but it also has an infinity of bars and restaurants suitable for all budgets. 

In this dock and the port can reach more than 700,000 cruise passengers a year, making it one of the most famous and important ports in Spain.

Muelle Uno in Malaga

Espetos in Pedregalejo.

Of course, traveling to Malaga is to enjoy the gastronomy of the city and its delicious and famous espetos. If you want to eat espetos, one of the places to eat them is the seaside neighborhood of Pedregalejo. 

If you visit Malaga, but do not visit this neighborhood, the visit will not be complete because, if you do not go to one of the restaurants of the promenade and enjoy the gastronomy in front of the sea of the typical Malaga dish with some good sardines, you are missing one of the best traditions of Malaga. 

This neighborhood is an old fishing, mountain and coastal district, but also formerly it was also a summer residence for the bourgeoisie. If you walk through the neighboring neighborhood called El Palo, you can find beautiful houses and villas. So, Pedregalejo is a neighborhood of many contrasts and where you can also enjoy its small coves between the beaches of El Palo and Baños del Carmen. If you like tranquility, you cannot miss these beaches, as they are beaches with hardly no waves.

Espetos in the neighborhood of Pedregalejo in Malaga

Birthplace & Picasso Museum

Malaga is the city where this universally known painter was born. If you go to the old town, you can visit the house where the artist was born and lived his childhood. In addition, a few meters from the house you can visit the famous Picasso Museum. 

If you are an art lover, in the house where he was born and in the museum, you can discover his life and the works of one of the most important artists of the country. 

In 1983, the building where Pablo Picasso lived was declared a National Historic Monument and today houses one of the largest collections of the artist and you can also see objects of the painter, his childhood memories and learn about his daily life. 

The collection that we can see in the house where he was born is a collection in which he has different techniques and shows a general plan of the different periods, styles and techniques used by this artist who is proud of his city.

Picasso Museum in Malaga

Wine cellar dinner at El Pimpi

This winery is one of the most famous in Malaga. Thousands of artists and celebrities have passed through here. 

This winery is one of the most famous and emblematic places in the city of Malaga, where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Malaga. This place is very Andalusian, with different patios and rooms where celebrities such as Antonio Banderas or the Duchess of Alba have passed. 

This place was founded in 1971, and where you can see the tradition and culture of southern Spain and where you can enjoy the local cuisine and the famous wines of the land. 

The name of this place is due to a popular character of the city of Malaga in which he helped the crews and passengers of the ships arriving at the port. 

Today, it is a meeting point for celebrities, locals and visitors so you cannot miss it.

El Pimpi Winery in Malaga

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