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Malaga Guide

A city with art and endless tourist possibilities

It is a city with art, with infinite tourist possibilities, and not only in its capital, but also in all its territory because its province is full of towns that make you fall in love just by placing a foot in them. Mijas, Estepona, Marbella, Nerja, Ronda, Antequera or Frigiliana have a unique and special charm. The Costa del Sol is one of the great treasures of Spain and it exudes small beaches and coves that are waiting to be discovered. Malaga is known for its idyllic beaches, its special light, its people, its amazing gastronomy and the amount of natural and architectural jewels with Arab influences. In fact, the route through these precious villages has a name: the route of the Pueblos Blancos, a declaration of intentions that has already fulfilled its aim and you can see it just by looking at its coastal enclaves.

Where to buy in Malaga

The best and most recommendable option to buy in Malaga is to go through the historical part of the city centre until you find Larios Street, the most emblematic, large, symbolic and colorful commercial artery of the city. The scenery is composed by great brands, restaurants, ice-cream parlors and establishments of all kinds in which there are always people wandering, watching, walking, contemplating and buying. It is a place of great tradition that, depending on the season and the festivity, changes its appearance and varies the theme of its setting. You will find also in the streets Especerías and Cisneros of Malaga traditional establishments that still survive due to the sale of pieces, suits and ornaments with charm, of dyes flamencos and specialized for festivities like the fair of Malaga. Oway recommends these main commercial arteries of a city full of possibilities and attractions.

Larios Street, the commercial heart

It is one of the main arteries of the city. It is an extremely emblematic street and a meeting point for many people under a large awning that extends in summer so that the sun is not an obstacle in the purchases of locals and travelers. At Christmas, on the other hand, it is a spectacle of lights and colors with a beautiful lighting. During the Fair of Malaga the lights are also exhibited with greatness and it has a beautiful decoration and a great revelry. Along this street are located exclusive brands and shops. With a long commercial tradition, Larios Street is an compulsory stop. Besides numerous fashion shops, there are bars, ice-cream parlors, terraces and a fabulous and festive atmosphere. It is an extensive street that connects the sea with the nerve centre of Malaga. In 2002, it became a pedestrian street and in this way revitalized commerce.

The shops of the “duende”

They are located in the streets Especerías and Cisneros, and we are referring to establishments that sell flamenco costumes and hats, pieces and ornaments very typical of the region. Especerías is a short street whose name dates back to the period of the Catholic Monarchs, who assigned streets to certain guilds. Originally, in Especerías, as its name indicates, spices were sold although there was also evidence of the sale of other products. One of the most iconic shops in this street is the Pedro Mira hat shop, inaugurated in 1880 and currently run by Francisco López, who has been in charge of this establishment for many generations. We can conclude that this hat shop has been protecting heads in Malaga for a century. It is a symbol of resistance to the modern industry of one of one of those traditional stores. It is also true that it has evolved and that it has been able to adapt to the new times also selling hats, belts, straps, canes, castanets and gloves. Diversify in order to live. It is a particularly good time when the Malaga fair or the pilgrimages are celebrated because it is when sales rebound, as well as when tourists come to let themselves be drunk by the products of a lifetime. In Cisneros you will also find shops selling flamenco dresses that will delight the traveller and those most interested in this typically Andalusian folklore.

Things to do in Malaga

You have a fascinating variety of activities and leisure in the city of Malaga. From taking a route through the museums to walking peacefully along Pier One to enjoy fried fish. This magical place also offers great views from privileged and very high places like the roof of the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio and the roofs of the Cathedral. In addition, its charms extend throughout the province with a large number of charming, white, unpolluted villages, set in valleys, coquettes and tremendously unique, where you can buy crafts typical of the region.

Malaga is a museum city: it has a great cultural density per square meter and this is a wonder for any tourist with worries. There are 4 large and up to 36 in the global computation. It’s one of the best hobbies that the city has to offer. It also offers walks through the old marine district of Pedregalejo, visits to its monuments; you can also eat on its terraces, bathe in its beaches and travel a charming city where all the main points are located in the historic center.

Malaga, city of museums

How do you feel if we tell you that Malaga offers at least 36 museums? And the most remarkable thing is that most of them are located within its historic centre. It is undoubtedly one of the cities with the most culture per square metre on the international scene. Four stand out in terms of fame, exhibited works and capacity: Picasso, Pompidou, Russian and Thyssen. The first one is located in the beautiful Buenavista Palace and it has 232 works distributed in 11 rooms that will allow you to discover one of the best painters of contemporary art in history. The Pompidou is the first one outside French territory. It is located in the so-called “Malaga Cube” and you will find works by artists such as Bacon, Frida Khalo or Kandinsky. Furthermore, the Russian Museum is located in the old tobacco factory of the city and represents the artistic union between Russian and Andalusian art through works of five centuries. Lastly, we have the glamour of the Thyssen, with priceless jewels by artists such as Joaquín Sorolla or Ricard Canals.

Walk around Pier One

An elegant, dynamic and commercial entrance to the sea in the form of a dock with great views within the Port of Malaga, considered one of the oldest, with about 3,000 years old. In fact, it is the second terminal with more cruises in Spain. In this Pier One, which enters the sea surrounded by palm trees that walk side-by-side, apart from offering wonderful panoramic views of the beach, contains a mall. This shopping center has numerous bars and restaurants, as well as shops and boutiques to spend the day looking, buying, eating and seeing the sea as the main element of attraction and magnet. Opened in 2011, it has become one of the most lively and idiosyncratic parts of the city. Not only because of its commercial offer but also because it hosts events, concerts and handicraft markets.

The roof of the Cathedral and its views at dusk

It is possible to climb to the top of this monument and access to its vaults to contemplate the views of the city. The visit lasts half an hour, enough time to see, admire the panoramic view and take photos to remember. The best time is at dusk, when the sun goes down, and you can see how the city melts with orange tones. At night it’s not bad either, with everything illuminated. It is an independent route from the Cathedral, with different prices and access.

Market of Atarazanas, colorful, products and good atmosphere

It is a frenetic place full of dynamism and interesting stops where you can find very good local products and even taste tapas. It is a zone that begins to acquire much bustle and notoriety as far as gastronomic tasting is concerned. The Central Market of Malaga is also a point of tourist interest in itself, far beyond the products it offers. It is a building of metallic architecture with large, colourful windows in the interior that without doubt represent one of the great attractions. It was built in 1879 and it has an impressive main door in Arabic and marble style. The market is open from Monday to Saturday until 14:00 noon in the centre of Malaga.

“Pescaíto frito” in the Pedregalejo

This place is an old sailor’s quarter in the eastern part of the city. It is the perfect area to wander and get lost although you should always keep in your mind a destination and an objective: ending up trying the delicious sardines in the shore of the Pedregalejo‘s beach. It is interesting to get to know the sailor tradition of its streets and the architecture of a modest and simple fishermen’s quarter. Its long walks, full of “chiringuitos” with the best fish dishes are a mandatory visit when you come to Malaga.

A drink while watching the harbor

The AC Hotel Málaga Palacio offers, from its incredible roof, the possibility to have a drink in the evening with views of the Cathedral and the harbor. Or even at night with everything illuminated. The height of the roof of this hotel allows fantastic panoramic views to relax and let yourself be enchanted by the good atmosphere. It is one of the most fashionable places in Malaga. At the entrance of the hotel, you take out the tickets with the right to drink and then ascend to the top to spend a very good time relaxing.

A province to be gone all over

The province of Malaga is full of charming little villages with a great number of singularities. To begin with, it is interesting to trace the route of almost 8 kilometers of “Caminito del Rey”, a rehabilitated gorge in which you walk along footbridges at 100 meters high. It is not suitable for people with a lot of vertigo but the visual snapshots that you can store on your mental and physical hard drive will be incredible. It is definitely a unique experience. Nerja, another small town, also offers attractions in the form of caves. This rocky place where cave paintings were found more than 40,000 years old is one of the great wonders of the peninsula. This town has been declared of cultural interest since it is a treasure for archaeology. However, Nerja is also a beautiful municipality, where the famous “Verano Azul” series was recorded, with a great coastal charm, ideal for spending the day. To this list of treasures we can also add Frigiliana, a beautiful village of white houses adorned with flowerpots and geraniums, with paved pavement and where you are able to notice a clear past Muslim trace. It is a small, charming and special place. Finally, we recommend Ronda, which is for a lot of people the sweetest and most attractive town in the province of Malaga. Not only for its imposing gorge but also for its two souls: the Arab and the most modern. Monuments, a great natural waterfall and an imperial bridge complete the beautiful picture of this town.

What monuments to see in Malaga

It is a city originally founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C. and therefore it retains that footprint in its list of monumental attractions. In fact, Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The most reliable proof of this is its set of fortifications, walls, towers and archaeological remains of the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle and the Roman Theatre. A monumental conglomerate that will transport you to another era and allow you to have a sensational view of the city.

You should also contemplate the Cathedral and its roofs for an extensive visit, as well as its historic Central Market of Atarazanas and its unique and renowned bullring of La Malagueta, today converted into a symbol of leisure and gastronomy in this city full of charms, monuments and points of interest.

Palatial fortification, imposing and stately, that rests on the foot of Mount Gibralfaro whose castle culminates in the picture. Despite its immensity, it is seen that in its origins even the surface was doubled. From this palace, one of the most attractive monuments of Malaga, you can see one of the best views of the city, a complete panoramic view of the port and the Cathedral. Inside, it goes up as we stop contemplating its beautiful Nasrid gardens and its taifa. This magnificent and huge work culminates as we said with the Gibralfaro Castle that presides over the mountain.

It forms with the Alcazaba a fortified and walled complex that descends down the hillside that is named Gibralfaro. Of Phoenician origin and currently not connected to the Alcazaba palace, so you have to trace the route on foot or by car to the top, if desired. Representations of the time of the Catholic Monarchs are promoted above. From the top of the Castle there are great views, the best in the city. In the visit you make, you will find a museum to know the history of the fortification, as well as you can visit its walls and towers.

Popularly known as La Manquita and also as the Cathedral of the Incarnation, it is a majestic building with a rather unique exterior image as if it were wonderfully unfinished. In fact, it is also literally and not metaphorically because some parts were left unfinished due to lack of budget. It combines different styles and is a reference site of Malaga. Inside, different artistic recesses of different backgrounds and influences cohabit. It is one of the most important and symbolic monuments of the city, those that you have to visit yes or yes during your stay in the City of the Sun.

Located in the south of the Mediterranean coast, Malaga is known to be one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations. The charm of its historic centre, its gastronomy, its history and its incredible beaches with a coastline of 160 kilometres, make this city a tourist attraction. But if you want to know more about the city and live a different experience, you should know that Malaga, under the motto City of Museums, is one of the cities with more museums in its historic centre, being a cultural reference not only in Andalusia, but throughout Spain and is on its way to open a gap in the European panorama. Specifically, we can find 40 authentic museums, among them the Museum of Russian Art which will introduce you to another reality full of a magnificent and different culture and extensive history. In this article you will find all the relevant information for your visit to the museum.

It is one of the most renowned places in the world of bullfighting. There also the future bullfighting figures are forged in its Bullfighting School. It imposes nothing more to see it and it is an attractive place to visit, you like this tradition more or less. And in addition, another reason to drop by the bullring of La Malagueta is the amount of high standard gastronomic sites around its round surface. In this way, gastronomy and culture embrace in a special place, a new leisure space very suitable and oriented for the most gourmets. In summer, many shows are held taking advantage of its dimensions and its symbology in the city. An epicentre of culture and leisure without a doubt.

Malaga has its most significant exponent of the Roman city of Malaga in its theatre. It is a playful and political building, ideal for the staging of power and social hierarchy. Built next to the port and at the foot of the hill, which has made it of mixed construction. It takes advantage of part of the slope and an artificial harrow is erected which allows the installation of bleachers. Its dimensions and characteristics are very similar to those proposed by Vitrubio, a classic model very similar to those Betica. It was built by Augustus and used as a theatre until the 3rd century. It was used for cemetery in the 5th and 6th century, and later supplied with its materials for the restructuring of the Alcazaba. After remaining hidden for a century, the theatre was discovered in 1951 and complements the cultural offer of Malaga.

In the westernmost part of the Axarquia of Malaga, we find a village more than 42,000 years old. Its name comes from the Arabic Narixa, which means abandoned fountain. This area stands out for being the second residence of many British people who are looking to spend their retirement on the Costa del Sol, where they live the best summers and enjoy an overwhelming tranquility. But, apart from the sun and the beach, very close to the historic center of this town we find the ideal place for speleologists and nature lovers, the caves of Nerja. Here, paintings that could constitute the oldest images of cave art in the history of mankind appeared. Read on to find out more about this fantastic discovery that took place in the middle of the 20th century.

Located about 9 kilometers from Benalmadena, in the province of Malaga, we find this original and beautiful construction, today not well known to tourists, but that gradually became one of the biggest tourist attractions of Malaga. Want to know more about Colomares Castle? Well, read on.

Malaga has always been characterized by being the capital of the sun and the square, the center of the Costa del Sol which receives millions of visitors every year and leaves the best taste in your mouth for a spectacular holiday. But does Malaga only offer this type of activity? The answer is a resounding no. Less than an hour’s drive from the city of Malaga we find an impressive natural setting. El Caminito del Rey (The trail of the King) has become one of the greatest attractions for outdoor sports lovers in recent decades. Join us to get to know this unique place in Spain in the best way possible through our guide to the Caminito del Rey.

The Montes de Málaga Natural Park is the closest protected area to the capital of the Costa del Sol. This park has almost 5,000 hectares and is in the hills 5 km north of Malaga. This park belongs to the capital of the Costa del Sol and to the towns of Casabermeja and Colmenar. This park is the green lung of the city and is surrounded by the Guadalmedia river basin and its tributaries and streams. The hills of the park have a height of 80-100 meters above sea level. In this park you can find many species of mammals, birds, and plants. So, if you want to spend a day enjoying nature, this is the best place.

The CAC Malaga, a historic building declared of cultural interest, located in the old Wholesale Market of Malaga. It is located on the left side of the mouth of the Guadalmedina River. It is an initiative of the city council with the aim of disseminating and reflecting on the plastic arts and contemporary art. Its main activities include exhibitions, conferences, publications, workshops and seminars. A centre open to all kinds of artistic and cultural proposals. The exhibition hall is one of the largest in Spain, with more than 2,400 square metres. It has more than 400 of its own pieces and those on loan from institutions. Some 130 exhibitions have been held with great names such as Tony Cragg, Alex Katz, Roni Horn, Art & Language, Jaume Plensa, among many others.

The Alcazaba of the city of Antequera is located on the top of the Malaga hill of the medina of Islamic origin in the area. Although believed to be of Roman and Visigothic origin, the Alcazaba is first documented in the 11th century by Semuel ibn Nagrella, a Jew dedicated to poetry during the Almohad reign. During the 8th century, the Islamists occupied this low-protection building in the area until the beginning of the Caliphate between 912 and 1016, when these fortresses were reinforced as a defence and the enclosure that surrounds it was created.

This is a building of great importance located in the upper area of Antequera, next to the Alcazaba, which makes it one of the most beautiful corners of the town and a must-see if you are visiting this city in the province of Malaga. It is considered to be the first Renaissance church in Andalusia, standing out for its proportions and the quality of its design. To learn more about the churches and monuments that surround the city; from OwayTours we recommend you to visit our Free Tour about Malaga; which will make you fall in love with the capital of the Costa del Sol. In the Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor there are both Gothic and Renaissance elements, which makes for a magnificent example of a mixture of styles that will transport you to another century. Its large façade, characteristic for being made of ashlar stone, reflects this church as one of the key pieces of Andalusian architecture.

The Picasso Foundation was created in honor of the great artist Pablo Picasso on February 26, 1988, thanks to the work of the City Council of Malaga. The headquarters of the foundation is the artist’s birth house, where he lived his childhood and part of his adolescence. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest on March 25, 1983. This place houses many of the artist’s works and some of his personal and family objects. It has a library where temporary exhibitions and cultural activities are held. The first major addition was made in 1989, bringing together in the museum the important folder of engravings “Dream and lie of Franco”, as well as some important books illustrated by Picasso that were donated by his family.  

The famous Laguna Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve is located in the province of Malaga, specifically in the northeast, on the shores of the Torcal de Antequera Natural Park. This reserve is the largest in Andalusia having up to 1,400 hectares that constitute a magical and unique enclave located within the wetlands of the Western Mediterranean. It is the second most important lagoon of the European continent after the already existing Camargue, in France. It belongs to the well-known set of lagoons of the Antequera area, which has some other natural reserves of interest, having a total of 3,000 hectares of wetland. This lagoon is known worldwide as it hosts a large colony of common flamingos of the Iberian Peninsula, has saline and shallow waters. It is the second most important lagoon in Europe.

La Concepción is located in Malaga, it is considered one of the most important gardens at national level for its tropical and subtropical characteristics. In addition, its importance is known in Europe for the beauty of the corners of this site. Its origin dates back to 1850 and was carried out by the Marquises Amalia Heredia Livermore and Jorge Loring Oyarzábal, known as the Marquises of Casa Loring. It was catalogued as historical-artistic garden a little later, concretely in the year 1943. It can be visited by the public thanks to the work of the City Council of Malaga that conditioned this space so that it could be enjoyed by all people in 1994.

Where to stay in Malaga

Malaga is a wonderful and very touristic city that year after year attracts thousands of travelers. Its accommodation offer is growing and becoming more and more sophisticated. It has more than 2,000 accommodation regulated but from Oway we filter them to ensure that your experience is correct and do not miss the opportunity to find the highest degree of comfort possible.

The best areas to stay are the historic center and also close to the Bay. The common denominator, in any case, is that the views you will have from their rooms and rooftops, they are amazing. There are dynamic zones, well communicated, with hotels of great comfort and elegance, with outdoor swimming pools and their proximity is great to complete your cultural and gastronomic route map. Relax and choose the best option within the range of high quality that we propose to you.

Vincci Posada del Patio, experience the luxuxry | 5 stars

Hotel with the avant-garde stamp of the Vincci Hoteles. It is located in the historic center, so it has a quick access to all the points of interest of the city. It has a beautiful outdoor terrace from which you can admire the beauty of the ancient Roman wall of Malaga. In fact, the section of the wall overlooking the hotel can be visited directly.

Address: Calle Pasillo de Santa Isabel, 7

Telephone: 951 00 10 20


Grab Hotel Miramar, stay below the sun of the Bay | 5 stars

It is located in the best of Malaga: its bay and beach of La Caleta. You can walk through the entire bay and then rest and let yourself be amazed by the views of its hotel, both when you go to sleep and when you wake up. It is also a privileged environment due to the proximity and variety of the restaurants, entertainment and cultural activities in the area. 190 rooms will enchant you with the magic of their details and with the sounds of the sea almost on the seafront.

Address: Calle Paseo Reding, 22-24

Telephone: 952 60 30 00

Website: https://www.granhotelmiramarmalaga.com/

Hotel AC Málaga Palacio, bastion of style and class | 4 stars

What define the AC Malaga Hotel are its wooden floors, earthy tones, palatial air and a modern and classic mix. From the 15th floor, there are wonderful views of Malaga’s marina and the Mediterranean ocean. There you can have one of the best drinks of your life in the Attic Bar. In addition, they have a swimming pool on the roof and also a gym, a great restaurant and all kinds of amenities to make your stay a 10.

Address: Calle Cortina del Muelle, 1 

Telephone: 952 21 51 85


Hotel Molina Lario, the charm of the center | 4 stars

It has a privileged location in the heart of Malaga right in front of the Cathedral. It is a charming hotel in the centre formed by two restored buildings with an original facade dating from the nineteenth century. It has 103 stylish rooms, with lots of light, and designed to make you feel like home. The Hotel Molina Lario completes its offer with a great service in its restaurant Matiz and its pleasant patio, where you can try high quality products, seasonal and Malaga stamp.

Address: Calle Molina Lario, 20

Telephone: 952 06 20 02

Website: https://www.hotelmolinalario.com/

Hotel Room Mate Valeria, with a sea view from the center | 4 stars

It is located by the Noria del Puerto, the Palmeral de las Sorpresas and the Muelle Uno. In all the rooms of Room Mate Valeria you can feel the good vibes of the people of Malaga, with their colour, their shapes and their comfort. From the terrace, bar service and swimming pool you can admire Malaga illuminated at night. Take a bath, a drink, and rest in a very comfortable hotel with all the features necessary for your stay to be excellent.

Address: Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales, 5

Telephone: 952 06 04 01

Website: https://room-matehotels.com/es/valeria/

Exe Malaga Museos, a privileged rooftop | 3 stars

From the top of this charming, clean and charming hotel, you have a sensational view of Malaga, with its Cathedral in the background and its string of white and pastel houses. The Malaga Exe is located in the historic centre, just a few metres from many museums. Successful decoration, spacious rooms and an outdoor swimming pool on the roof that take away the hiccups. Breakfast is free.

Address: Calle Compañía, 29

Telephone: 952 21 08 44

Website: https://www.exehotels.com/exe-malaga-museos.html

Málaga Premium Hotel, a taste of an unforgettable stay | 3 stars

It is a boutique hotel with a contemporary design in the city centre. It has been designed with enthusiasm and turned into a sophisticated, elegant and discreet hotel. It is also is highlighted for being the first gastronomic hotel in Malaga, based on creative cuisine and aturo. Modern, with charm, good location and a differential gastronomic touch that will delight and fill you.

Address: Calle San Juan, 11

Telephone: 952 63 47 41

Website: https://www.hotelmalagapremium.com/

Alcazaba Premium Hostel

This is a hotel with a lot of charm and style and it is located in a privileged place next to the castle of Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba. It also has one of the most popular restaurants in the city: Batik. This low-cost hostel has nothing to envy of boutique hotels. Enjoy the terrace with incredible views

Address:Calle Alcazabilla, 12

Telephone: 952 22 96 41

Website: https://www.alcazabapremiumhostel.com/

Malaga City Hostel, comfort and tranquility

This hostel is perfect for a comfortable holiday in Malaga, is in the center and a few steps from the places of interest. You can choose between private or shared rooms, some have a balcony. The best thing about this place is the attention, there will always be someone willing to help you and give you information. Take the opportunity to cycle through Malaga with the bicycles borrowed from the hostel.

Address: Calle Álamos, 14

Telephone: 744 46 32 51

Website: https://www.hostelmalagacity.com/

Where to eat in Malaga

Just like in most Andalusian cities, eating well and at a good price is very easy. And it will be easier if we, Oway, propose you a long list of recommendations so that you don’t have to turn around and you can get straight to the point within your gastronomic and cultural journey. Different kitchens go hand in hand in Malaga: Mediterranean, others with international touches, those that bet on toasts, others on montaditos, other bars that are stronger with pescaíto, and others that are very traditional and good at tapas. There is everything, at a good price and always a good environment. And finally, the most sophisticated and innovative for the most demanding palates. Devour Malaga.

Mediterráneto, tapas related to Malaga

It is located in square of Uncibay, in the heart of the historical center. This place offers a traditional cuisine of really good quality and it is affordable for everyone. They are very careful with appearance and they add an international touch and a rustic touch which is mixed with a modern one. It is a very versatile place. it can be used for lunch, to have a drink in the afternoon, have some tapas or just a whole dinner.

Address: Plaza de Uncibay, 3

Schedule: everyday from 12h to 02:00h

Telephone and website: 951 13 85 38 | https://restaurante.madeinterranea.es/

Casa Lola, a home-made offer and with irresistible “montaditos”

They have home-made recipes, some of them seasonal, “montaditos”, “pinchos” Iberian and cold meat. It is also offer rations from the market such as prawns from Huelva, Galician-style octopues or “melva canutera”. This is the wide variety that this temple from Malaga offers. In this place stands out their “flamenquín made of ham”, their “montadito pringao” and their vermut of barrel. This classic tavern has duplicated the offer by adding another local in the Street Strachan 11, Lola Strachan.

Address: Calle Granada, 46

Schedule: everyday from 12:30 to 0:00h

Telephone and website: 952 22 38 14 | https://tabernacasalola.com/

Casa Pimpi, a historic tavern from the city

It is one of the most famous places in the city. It is so famous that the actor Antonio Banderas has purchased part of the property of this tapas and wine tavern founded in 1971. This restaurant is located in an old house from the 18th century and has one of the most vintage wineries in the city. This special place of Malaga contains in its gastronomic route wines, an excellent and extensive menu, a lot of variety and a it has a really high quality.

Address: Calle Granada, 62

Schedule: everyday from 12h to 02:00

Telephone and website:952 22 54 03 | https://www.elpimpi.com/

Las Merchanas, a journey to the Holly Week

It is another interesting option for tapas. The local is always full and the recipe for success is simple: good prices and good food. Besides, it has a very specific thematic charm: it is a bar for the members of a brotherhood and its decoration is linked to Easter. It rules the good vibes and the food is traditional and close: croquettes, “flamenquines”, aubergines with honey, fried octopus or a wide variety of “montaditos”

Address: Calle Mosquera, 5

Schedule: from 12h to 0:00h

Telephone and website: 654 74 42 57 | Taberna-las-merchanas

Refectorium del Campanario, the delight of the 5 senses

One of the most wonderful places to enjoy an excellent evening. Its terraces overlooking the bay of Malaga, illuminated at night, in all its glory, are out of this world. Tradition and innovation, as well as sophistication, are combined in a restaurant that respects the flavour of the raw material but invests in a great presentation of its creations. The setting is unbeatable.

Address: Paseo de la Sierra, 36

Schedule: from 13:30 to 16:30h, and from 20:30 to 23:30, excluding Mondays and Tuesdays when they are closed. It is essential to call in advance in order to book. From the 1st of July, they are already open on Tuesday evenings, taking advantage of their fascinating terrace.

Telephone and website: 952 20 39 35 | https://elrefectorium.es/

Batik, affection and care in the stove

This is an original concept of restaurant and club, almost unique in Malaga. It is located on the fourth floor of the Alcazaba Premium Hostel. The name Batik obeys an ancestral dyeing technique in which a great variety of shapes and colors are used. This concept acquires body and meaning when seeing the living room, the decoration and the appearance of the main room of the restaurant, with its modern chairs and its innovative bet. They have a powerful motto and phrase that becomes almost a declaration of intentions: Batik, where the affection in the stoves turns to colours. A journey of sensations through flavours and aromas.

Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 12

Hours: from 8 to 12h. from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:30. It has three shifts per day.

Telephone and website: 952 22 10 45 | https://www.batikmalaga.com/

La Reserva del Olivo, a restaurant with its own hallmark

An elegant and welcoming restaurant, located in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga, in the Plaza del Carbón, which has its own hallmark that characterises the “La Reserva” group. Andalusian market cuisine, where the scrambled eggs of broad beans with Iberian pork and rice with lobster stand out. It has several areas, a terrace, a perfect and modern bar for eating and in general it has a modern, pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere to satisfy your expectations.

Address: Plaza del Carbón, 2

Opening hours: from 12h to 00:00h every day

Telephone and website: 952 60 23 21 | https://lareservadelolivo.com/restaurante/

The courtyard of beatas, exceptional wine and food

Just a few metres from the Picasso Museum, this restaurant-wine bar offers distinguished Andalusian and Spanish cuisine and a selection of more than 600 wines, both national and international. Market menu and 100% homemade, fresh products and heavenly tasty morsels. Red tuna tataki, foie pie, baked hake, beef tenderloin, special risottos. Let yourself be delighted.

Address: Calle Beatas, 43
Opening hours: from 1pm to 4pm, and from 8pm to midnight every day, except on Sundays when there is no service in the evening.
Telephone and website: 952 21 03 50 | https://lospatiosdebeatas.com/


José Carlos García, la evolución de la gastronomía malagueña

Experiencia onírica la que supone viajar a través del sabor y los aromas del chef José Carlos García y su restaurante Michelín. Elegante y exclusivo, de estilo minimalista, con cocina vista y platos de autor. Fusión de tradición y técnica definen la evolución de este restaurador malagueño cuya elaboración entrelaza mar y tierra; tradición y creatividad. Hay guiños especiales hacia productos de la zona como los boquerones, espetos, chivo lechal, aceite de oliva y sopas frías por ejemplo. Todo bien presentado y armonizado.

Dirección: Puerto de Málaga, Plaza de la Capilla, 1. Muelle Uno
Horario: de 13h a 15h, y de 20 a 22h todos los días, salvo domingo y lunes que cierran
Teléfono y sitio web: 952 00 35 88 | https://www.restaurantejcg.com/menu.php

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Malaga is bathed by the sun, the sea and the mountains and it is two-dimensional regarding the pleasure. You can find beauty and happiness along the coast, with the sea breeze and white sand and in its mountain ranges which are perfect for hiking and contemplating the views of an amazing province where you don’t finish.

Malaga exudes the desire to visit it through all its pores, and it can be highlighted for its itineraries and tourist attractions the Gibralfaro Castle, the Alcazaba Palace, the Cathedral, its Roman Theater and the Bull ring of La Malagueta. However, in spite of its basilicas, churches, gardens, fountains and squares with charm and romanticism, it is the city of museums. There are four of them that stand out that has fame, but it accumulates many more per square meter. It is a city that combines absolutely everything: leisure, gastronomy, beaches, mountains, fairytale villages, monument tourism and a tremendously rich cultural proposal. What are you waiting for? Malaga awaits you with a smile, the smile of its people, and a pleasant breeze that will remind you of that wonderful feeling for a long time.

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